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Wellness hike on Bornholm

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Come to Bornholm, and see how a walking holiday in Denmark can also be a luxury experience.
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Wellness hiking on Bornholm is a sponsored post. This article is written in collaboration with Helle Mogensen from Destination Bornholm, who is an expert in Bornholm. Some pictures are provided by Destination Bornholm.

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Denmark - Bornholm - Højlyngsstien - map - hiking - Travel

Active relaxed holiday: Hiking on Bornholm

On Bornholm you will find an amazing nature.

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The island is the perfect destination for an active holiday, as there are plenty of opportunities for hiking on Bornholm - both around the island or across. The coastal path is 120 km long, and follows the coast around Bornholm.

There is also the newly opened Højlyngssti of 67 km. It runs across Bornholm.

If you are not going to be on Bornholm for a long time, it is clearly recommended to make do with parts of the routes. That way you get both time for hiking and relaxation in a single weekend.

After you have been active in Bornholm's unique nature, you have deserved a little extra luxury, and we can recommend pampering yourself at one of the fantastic accommodations on the island. Many people associate hiking with sleeping in shelters in nature, or camping, but a hiking holiday can easily be combined with more luxurious accommodation. Bornholm is no bigger than you are always close to small towns with lovely hotels. We call it wellness hiking, and you get excited about it.

You also do not have to go down on quality when you go on your hiking holiday, because Bornholm is world famous for good local ingredients. In other words, a hike does not have to mean boring packed lunches and lukewarm water.

In the restaurants, it is clear that the quality is top notch, and to that extent it is also in the farm shops and at the local food producers. So take advantage of the time on the island and taste what Bornholm has to offer in terms of local delicacies.

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You can find cozy places to stay overnight on Bornholm here

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The coastal path takes you around

The coastal path follows the coast all the way around Bornholm. The 120 km long hike goes through many both small and large towns on the island, and if you walk the entire trip, you will also come past 30 ports and fishing villages. In other words, there is a full blast of views and cosiness on this hike on Bornholm.

Since most people arrive in Rønne, it is an obvious idea to start or end the trip there. You can choose whether you take the route right or left around the island. It can be an advantage to look past Bornholm's Welcome Center at Rønne harbor, where they are happy to give good local advice for the trip. In Rønne, it is also possible to rent a car, so you can drive to your hotel somewhere else on the island where you can then make day trips.

If you want even more knowledge about the area, it is possible to buy a guide to the Coastal Path. You can also download an app made for the Coastal Path, where you can find information about the places you pass on the hike. That's smart.

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Well deserved stop along the way

It may be necessary to divide the long path into smaller stages. If you start in Rønne, you will come to Gudhjem when you are about halfway. Here you can, for example, take an overnight stay in the beautiful Stammershalle Badehotel. The hotel is open part of the year.

If you walk on the Coastal Path 'clockwise', you will walk the last stretch of approximately 19 kilometers from Boderne Harbor before you return to Rønne. On the final part of the hiking route you walk along the beach and cliffs, and you come through both forest and cottage areas. The trip takes about 4 hours.

On the way you will pass Arnager, where the local restaurant Arnager Røgeri is waiting for you. The restaurant opens already at 12 o'clock and is therefore a perfect place to enjoy a delicious lunch.

After an active day, you can, for example, well-deservedly pamper yourself Griffen Spa Hotel in Rønne, which is open all year round.

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Newly opened route takes you across Bornholm

On 1 September, the brand new hiking route Højlyngsstien opened. The 67 km long route goes across Bornholm. The path goes from Hammerknuden over Slotslyngen, Rutsker Højlyng, Rø Plantage, Almindingen, Ølene and ends in Paradisbakkerne.

When you go on the trip, you pass many of Bornholm's biggest attractions such as Opalsøen, Hammershus, Rokkestenen, Rytterknægten, Ekkodalen and Bisonskoven.

This new route gives the island's hiking guests a ride with high cliffs, beautiful forest nature while you can see the popular attractions. The trail starts and ends at the Coastal Path, which provides a good opportunity to combine his trip with both trails.

Find ferry tickets to Bornholm here

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Cozy ending on Bornholm

You can also start the hike on Højlyngsstien near Sandvig, then end the route between Svaneke and Nexø.

If you want to spend the night close to Sandvig before the hike starts, then we can recommend the beautiful Hotel Nordlandet, which is open much of the year.

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Combine your active holiday with the opportunity to relax before heading home. You can, for example, end up in Svaneke, where it is possible to spend the night Hotel Siemsens Gaard. The editors also recommend that you take a stroll past Svaneke Bryghus, where you can enjoy a local meal with a generous draft beer. You deserve it after a lot of hiking on Bornholm.

If you would like to split the hike, we can recommend taking a break in Aakirkeby. Here you will find the resurgent michelin restaurant Kadeau, which can be recommended if you like to treat yourself to food of the highest quality.

It is a good idea to check opening hours at both hotels and restaurants. Much is open much of the year. When you visit Bornholm outside the high season, you also have the advantage that there is plenty of space. And autumn is a pretty nice time for hiking.

Good wellness hiking on Bornholm.

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