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Islands in Denmark: 10 cool islands for your island holiday

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Denmark is a paradise for island jumpers. But where to start? This guide will help you get started.
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Islands in Denmark: 10 cool islands for your island holiday is written by Jens Skovgaard Andersen.

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Happiness is a desert island in Denmark

Denmark is full of Islands. About 400, in fact. The 100 are inhabited, and they each provide a very special travel experience for you who come to visit. And then you can even get stamps in island pass on your island holiday in Denmark.

Every island community has its own traditions and small peculiarities, and there is nothing as beautiful as an almost deserted island when you need to relax and recharge your batteries.

Fresh sea air, beautiful nature, cozy island life, local specialties and lots of fun stories - then it does not get much better.

Many Danish islands are at the very top of the list when the trip goes around in Denmark - from Christiansø in the east to Fanoe in West, Læsø in the north to Ærø in the south and Samsø in the middle of it all. And then there are all the others. Bring along island hop on lovely islands in Denmark.

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Denmark - Lolland, harbor, boats - travel - Islands in Denmark

Lolland - right down to earth

Just south of Zealand is Lolland and Falster. The two islands in Denmark are often referred to as a unit, but there are differences. While Falster is cottages and access road to Germany, Lolland is a world unto itself.

Lolland is down to earth – even so much so that large parts of the island lie beneath havets surface. Lolland is a village idyll, local beer and wine, angling paradise and delicious beach. And Lalandia for the water dogs all year round, of course. Knuthenborg Safari Park on the north coast is a sure hit with the whole family - there is nothing like experiencing the great safari animals up close.

Lolland are also sugar beets, Maribo Cathedral and small ferries to even more smaller islands and to Fehmarn and Langeland, so there is no way around; an island holiday in Denmark is not complete without a trip south of Zealand.

Fejø - apples - Lolland - Smålandshavet - Kernegaarden - islands in Denmark

Fejø - Æbleøen in the South Sea Islands

Fejø is the epitome of Danish idyll and hospitality. Here, everyone greets each other - regardless of whether you are a guest or among the 450 Fejø residents. The strong unity can be felt, and in recent years, the island has experienced a major relocation and was named Village of the Year in 2018.

Fejø is located in Smålandshavet next to it Lolland north coast close to Femø and Askø and from the ferry from Crow's nose you have a nice view The Dodecalite, which stands majestically in a circle.

The small houses, street ponds, cozy eateries, street sales by the roadside, the small harbor in Dybvig, Sletteren Strand and the café in the old mill help to form the framework for a wonderful visit that can take place on foot, by bike and by car .

Fejø is in strong competition for Bornholm in relation to the islands in Denmark with the most hours of sunshine. The weather conditions make it ideal for the many apple orchards around the island that are capable of delivering apples, pears and ciders to the rest of the country. The apples are the epitome of Fejø, which is why Apple Day is of course also celebrated - and a sea are cultural events during the summer.

If you are into apples, sunshine and island life, then do not cheat for a visit to 'Apple Island'.


Nekselø - a small piece of Greenland

The country's largest island is Zealand, and around Zealand are a lot of lovely smaller islands. Agersø in the Great Belt, Orø in the Isefjord and Nekselø in Sejerøbugten is all worth a visit.

Nekselø is located right next to the slightly larger Sejerø, which has given the bay its name, and both islands can be reached by ferry from the small port town Havnsø, which is located between Kalundborg and Dragsholm Castle.

Nekselø is unspoilt nature in the Danish way, and the slightly wild slopes lead especially to the winter to the more raw Arctic regions.

Denmark Tunø Visitodder Travel - Islands in Denmark

Peace and festival on the car-free island, Tunø

Squeezed in between Jutland og Samsø is small Tunø. The island is car free, and you can get there by ferry from Hou, which is in The coastal country South of Aarhus.

Tunø is perhaps best known for its music festival, which every summer draws thousands of guests to the otherwise peaceful island. The festival often has big Danish concert names on the poster, and especially from Kystlandet and Aarhus, many come to enjoy island life, music and everything other than everyday life for a few days.

When there is no music festival, Tunø is the perfect place to relax and enjoy summer life. The cosiness barometer is top notch.

Beer, glass, draft beer - travel

Fur - the island of creativity

Up north in the Limfjord, which cuts North Jutland above, you will find a collection of obvious holiday islands. Mors is clearly the largest Limfjord lake, and at the other end of the scale we have Livo, Egholm and especially Fur.

Fur has become a haunt for artists and creative souls, and it's just about exploring the many galleries, studios and shops. Or at the museum, where you can really be allowed to go in depth - literally - with Fur's story.

When you have had enough culture, take a dip on the beach and take a dip in the warm Limfjord water, before rounding off the day at Fur Bryghus with food and a concert.

This is how a summer on islands in Denmark should be.

Take a trip in the desert on a very special Danish island

Was it something with a walk in the desert? Then you need to Anholt. In the Kattegat halfway between Jutland og Sweden is located one of the most isolated and different islands in the country.

The most of Anholt is a desert where you can release your inner self Lawrence of Arabian loose. You won't find any camels on Anholt, but part of the island is instead devoted to seals, who enjoy the peace in style.

You don't have to be a nature geek to like Anholt. You can also visit Denmark's oldest lighthouse, which played an important role in the Napoleonic Wars. There is enough to throw yourself over.

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Mandø - beach damage - Waddenhavet - black black - islands in Denmark

Mandø - seal safari, black sun and oysters

The small tidal lake in Vadehavet lies between romø in the south and Fanø in the north. Mandø consists of marshland and is surrounded by dikes and among the few islands in Denmark you can drive to.

To get there, one has to wait for it to be low tide. The gravel road there is flooded twice a day. Otherwise, it is also an experience to drive the tractor bus on Låningsvejen.

Mandø is an international bird protection area and occupied on UNESCO World Heritage List. The flat island makes it ideal for cyclists and pedestrians to move around in nature and experience the island's rich bird life. In spring and autumn you can experience the phenomenon 'black Sun', where millions of migratory birds pass by and make beautiful formations in the sky.

Among Mandø's other residents are the seals. The soft animals live on a sandbank and can be experienced from the tour boat Mandøpigen, but sometimes also get lost on land. Do you like to rummage in the sand, there is both the opportunity to find amber and oysters.

Denmark - Als, Nordborg, castle - travel

Als - the island of history and stories

With 50.000 inhabitants is As the not as desolate and untouched as several of the other islands on this list. The many inhabitants on As the lives right in the middle of Danish history - both the old and the newer history.

Sønderborg has been at the center of history on several occasions with the Battle of Dybbøl as the most striking example. On the whole, the border country is incredibly exciting to visit, and it is clear to feel the common culture, Danes and Germans along the border in the old Schleswig parts.

Of more modern attractions we can not miss'Universe'at Danfoss, where science is both fun and educational. A sure hit with school-age kids.

Skarø - The South Funen Archipelago - Skarø Festival - Skarøis - island holiday in Denmark

Skarø - music festival and luxury ice cream in beautiful nature

Skarø is the first island you pass by ferry from Svendborg i The South Funen Archipelago. Despite its only 2 km2 and about 30 islanders house the island both an ice cream parlor, a festival and several cozy eateries - and more than 50 bird species frolicking in the beaches, dikes and sand reefs.

A day trip on foot or by bike around the island's trails and footpaths offers many fine nature experiences through fields and forests. If you want to extend your stay, it is possible to pitch a tent, sleep in an architect's sign shelter or cottage.

Skarø has especially come on the map due to the Skarø ice, which in addition to being enjoyed on the island can be eaten on board Singapore Airlines. In addition, the island houses the Skarø Festival, which multiplies the number of islanders every year and offers good music and happy guests. What more could you want on your island holiday in Denmark?

From Skarø you can sail on to Drejo og Ærø - and with other ferries come to Bjørnø, Lyø, Avernakø, Hjortø, Birkholm and Strynø.  

Denmark - Bornholm, beach, blue sky - travel - Islands in Denmark

Experience timeless Bornholm and have a world-class Danish island holiday

No island vacation without the island above them all: Bornholm.

Sunshine Lake attracts tourists from all corners of the world, and its location in the middle of the Baltic Sea makes the island popular with all the peoples of the Baltic Sea.

The unique geography, the lovely beaches, the dramatic cliffs and the many cultural and family-oriented experiences make Bornholm the obvious summer holiday island for the whole family. If you want to get moving, the possibilities are right outside the door, and if you would rather just relax, you will not find a better place for a Danish day holiday.

Bornholm is a hit - a timeless hit that never goes out of fashion.

Denmark is a paradise of islands, so just look to get packed for the summer holidays and get going on island hopping.

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Islands in Denmark you must visit:

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