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Bornholm Denmark

Culture on Bornholm: This is what you must experience

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The culture lets you experience Bornholm in a different and exciting way. To that extent, Klippeøen is also a cultural island.

Culture on Bornholm: This is what you must experience is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs

Sponsored post. This article is written in collaboration with Helle Mogensen from Destination Bornholm, who is an expert in Bornholm. Some pictures are provided by Destination Bornholm.

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Culture on Bornholm - another reason to visit Solskinsøen

Bornholm is something very special. Everyone knows the island, and it has a special place both on the map of Denmark and in the hearts of Danes. Sunshine Island draws in us, and many end up living on the beautiful rocky island in the Baltic Sea. It has created a very special culture on Bornholm, and both artistically, historically and gastronomically, the island stands out.

Especially during the summer, it is in full swing on the island, but you can feel the special Bornholm atmosphere and culture all year round - and perhaps even best when the summer is over and the tourists go home full of fresh energy.

In the autumn of each year, Bornholm's Culture Week takes place, and here there is a special focus on all kinds of culture on Bornholm and the neighboring Christiansø. But the culture is alive and well all year round. It's just about throwing yourself into it with the curious nose in front.

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Kulturugen on Kulturøen

When late summer is upon us, it's time to experience something a little different Bornholm with cultural glasses on.

Since 2001, the rocky island has welcomed locals and visitors alike for a full week filled with events. In week 38, Bornholm offers 10 intense days filled with versatile cultural experiences for young and old on the whole island, and even all the way to the 'little brother island' Christiansø

Bornholm Culture Week shows Bornholm from its best side, where you can meet the locals and where there is better space than in the summer.

During the culture week, you can participate in guided tours and exciting city walks, visit famous artisans and explore the culture week's many artistic features in everything from visual arts to music and a lot more in between. Come and enjoy the varied nature and meet the locals who know the exciting places on the island. 

The culture week makes it really easy for you who are looking for culture on Bornholm. The large number of events of all kinds of culture on Bornholm makes it easy to get around and experience as much as possible and follow in the footsteps of just your particular interests. It's actually quite smart, and it makes it easy to get more experiences in a short amount of time.

Read more about Bornholm's Culture Week in 2020 and the type of cultural experiences you can expect on Bornholm below.

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Pilgrimage in Bornholm's special history

History and culture are of course closely linked, and the culture provides a great opportunity to learn more about the unique island. Due to Bornholm's location in the middle of the Baltic Sea, the island has always been an important piece for trade across the water, and had close contact with the whole world in that way.

The special network with the countries around has shaped the culture on Bornholm. During the culture week, you can feel the history of exciting walks through the cozy cities of Bornholm. The culture is actually also found out in nature, where you can get really close to the area's past.

The pilgrimage opens in 2021, and here you meet many of the churches that Bornholm is so famous for, and hear the story behind it.

If you want to get your fingers right into the history, you can also experience special archaeological finds from Bornholms Museum and become wiser about the island's past in that way.

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Jazz - Music - Travel Culture Week Bornholm

Where the genres meet - musical culture on Bornholm

On the music front, the 2020 edition of the culture week has aimed to bring together different artists and put together a terrific and different program with mixed genres; both classical, pop and jazz. The artists have challenged each other with familiar songs in new interpretations.

During the culture week, concerts were held in several different places on the island, where concerts are not usually held. For example, in private homes, where local people from Bornholm were visited by musicians in their own living rooms and gardens.

Several of the beautiful Bornholm church rooms will also be enveloped in music when this year's culture week rolls over the island. There are almost no limits to the musical ingenuity when Bornholm rolls out the culture.

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Let the carpet go - theater culture on Bornholm

Bornholm has a rich theater life. Bornholm's oldest functioning theater is located in Rønne and the experimental theater workshop “Undreværket” in Gudhjem. Guided tours in Rønne Teater give you a look into how theater magic is created. The circus also comes past Bornholm, and it will definitely bring out the smiles in young and old.

When there is a culture week, Bornholm opens up for theater performances with something to think about. Several theater directors take the trip to Bornholm and put on their performances. The program ranges widely from country theater concert in the open air to cozy adventures for the whole family told with kitchen utensils.

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Nature is also culture

This is for you who can not get enough wind in your hair. Bornholm's nature is very special and saves on a lot of wonderful experiences. It is largely nature that makes Bornholm Bornholm and the island Denmark's favorite island.

The nature on Bornholm is, as I said, completely unique and magnificent, and on guided tours around the island, guides tell myths and stories about the various localities. Learn why some areas on Bornholm are very important for life on the island.

Take on the storytelling nature experts around and feel everything between heaven and earth from insects, geology, nature conservation and bird life to all the tracks that human activity has left in nature.

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Eat your way through Bornholm - gastronomic culture on Bornholm

Food is a big part of Bornholm's culture, and Bornholm's cuisine is constantly evolving in new exciting directions. Bornholm has for many years made a name for itself on the food scene with a sense of delicacies, and the island's many gourmands are therefore in complete control of the gourmet cuisine.

On Bornholm, chefs and food producers work together to ensure products of the highest quality. To get a gastronomic cultural experience, you can visit Denmark's first regional Madkulturhus 'Gaarden'.

If you are generally interested in food, you have certainly also heard of Denmark's largest cooking competition 'Sol over Gudhjem', which is held on Bornholm in the summer. You can visit the many top class restaurants where the local products are always on the menu. You can, for example, eat at the restaurant Det Røde Pakhus in Rønne, which in 2020 received a Michelin Plate Award, or at Kadeau in Åkirkeby, which since 2016 has had one of the distinguished Michelin stars. And there is also a sea of ​​smaller eateries where the herring is fresh and the atmosphere is good.

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Bornholm is not just a rocky island and a sunny island; it is also very much a cultural island. Have fun in the hunt for culture on Bornholm.

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