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Egholm: In the countryside in the middle of the city

Egholm is a small island in the Limfjord, where there is really island life just 10 minutes drive from Aalborg. Follow Discover Islands on island visits and read more about Egholm and its 50 inhabitants here.

Af Tine Tolstrup

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From big city to small island in 10 minutes

After spending a night in Øjvind in a parking lot in the middle of Aalborg we quickly agreed that it is more fun to spend the night on the islands. The previous nights we had slept sweetly in total darkness and silence Fur and Venø, so that the sound of passing cars and drunk people and the sharp glow of the streetlights suddenly seemed violent.

However, it did not take us long to find the island atmosphere again, when after just 10 minutes drive and 5 minutes ferry ride from downtown Aalborg we stood on the small island, Egholm. With Aalborg's chimneys in the background and several planes in the air from the nearby airport, we had apparently not moved far from the city. And yet it was quite clear to feel that we had hit an island again.

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Commuter to Aalborg

With the relatively simple road system, we quickly found the newcomers Johan and Sigrid and their 3 boys. The family makes up 10% of Egholm's 50 residents, and already after 2 years on Egholm, it was quite clear that the family had not regretted the leap to island life for a moment.

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In fact, Johan and Sigrid were already considering how to grow old on the island and proclaimed that they "... would never have to live anywhere else again ”. Both Johan and Sigrid work and study in Aalborg, and the children go to an institution on the other side of the water. But as they say "we still commute shorter than many of our friends who live in the suburbs to Aalborg".

When the family with children had moved to the island, it had not been long before their new neighbors had taken action. One knew a sign painter, and another had a pole drill, and together they had decided to put up hand-painted "Beware of playing children" signs along the road.

All without invitation or discussion. While that kind of belongs when a new family with children came to the island. It is shown what can be called a warm reception.

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About the author

Tine Tolstrup

Tine has a degree in geography from the University of Copenhagen with a focus on environmental management and has a solid knowledge of the Danish natural and cultural landscape, urban development and settlement patterns.
From March to September 2018, she and Sarah Steinitz will explore the island kingdom and travel around to 37 islands in Denmark. It's going to be an adventure. An adventure they call The Odyssey. They are part of a generation that flies around the world after the book "1000 places you must see before you die", but still have never been to Avernakø or driven over Storstrømsbroen. They will seek out the adventures that await around the corner - on Fejø, Fanø, Fur and the 34 other islands that they travel around on their Ødyssé.



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