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Summer vacation: This is where the Danes go

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Danes will spend their summer holidays here in 2023. Also find 10 unusual travel destinations for your next trip.
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Summer holiday 2023: This is where the Danes are going is written by The editors.

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Big survey in our travel community: Here we go on summer vacation

The Danes' summer holiday is fast approaching for many, and like the travel-curious people we are, we have set out to investigate where the trip is going this year for our readers.

As many as 1600 people have told where the summer holidays are going, and you can see the results below. Follow the links and learn more about what you can experience in the various destinations.

  • Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • France - Nantes, Winery - Travel
  • Italy Tuscany Carducci olive oil table food travel
  • USA - New York, Times Square - travel
  • Austria, Salzburgerland, Wagrain-Kleinarl, hiking, traveling

Here are the top 10 summer holiday destinations

There may not be any big surprises, because the classic destinations offer a great many exciting experiences. Although we are a large travel community, there are still most who have chosen to spend their summer holiday in Denmark this time.

  1. Denmark
  2. Greece
  3. Spain
  4. Italy
  5. Germany
  6. Sweden
  7. France
  8. Turkey
  9. Portugal
  10. Austria

Right at the end of Austria lies USA as the only country outside Europe. You can see the complete list of the Danes summer holiday destinations here.

There are a total of 75 different travel destinations on the final list of places that Danes must visit this year.

That is why we have also compiled a top 10 list of completely different places that you can be inspired by for your next summer holiday.

  • Peru - Machu Picchu - Lama - South America
  • Havana - Cuba - cars - travel
  • Gambia - West Africa - Women - Market
  • Tokyo, Japan

Top 10 different summer holiday destinations

It can be difficult to make the big decision about which travel destinations to visit next - especially when there are so many to choose from.

For many of us, the budget also plays a big role in where the trip can go. If you need an overview, you can find them here cheapest travel countries – and also the most expensive. If you are looking for great travel experiences, there is good inspiration here: The world's best travel countries.

Really good summer.

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