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All about the trip to Cuba

In Caribbean Cuba you will find a wealth of experiences. Located off the Gulf of Mexico, the beautiful island is surrounded by azure seas and white sandy beaches that offer relaxation and a dip. The capital Havana is unusually brightly colored with old cars and buildings that most of all make the city look like one big rainbow. Here you can learn to dance salsa to soft rhythms, taste a sea of ​​local dishes and puff on one of the well-known Cuban cigars. 

The country's lush nature is spectacular. Among other things, you can experience the emerald green Viñales Valley on horseback, watch the rushing waterfalls of the jungle or bathe in underground caves. It almost doesn't matter what you're into - there's something for you travelers of all sizes.

We have collected a whole lot of travel tips on this page. Go exploring and get inspired for your next trip to Cuba. ¡Entertainer!