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Cafés in Copenhagen: 6 coffee shops to visit

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Copenhagen is teeming with insanely good coffee experiences that you mustn't fool yourself about. Here are the editors' 6 favorite coffee places.
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Cafés in Copenhagen: 6 coffee shops to visit is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs.

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Where can you find the best coffee shops in Copenhagen?

København has to that extent become a coffee town. There are cafes and coffee shops in almost every street in the city, and Copenhageners have an apparently unquenchable thirst for coffee. Even record stores, shoe retailers and bookstores are opening a coffee corner in the store to get Copenhageners - and tourists for that matter - inside.

The supply is huge and it is impossible to know all the coffee shops in the city. That's why you get them here, which you should at least start with. The top six.

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The Coffee Collective

The original The Coffee Collective helped start the specialty coffee wave in Denmark and is where the current Danish champion in barista art is located. You may be lucky enough to meet him in their coffee bar in Torvehallerne, where he brews coffee for visitors. If you pay a visit to the place in the summer, we recommend trying their homemade coffee software that tastes like the birds are singing. 

In addition to Torvehallerne, you will find The Coffee Collective in several places around København. Here at the editorial office, our personal favorite is the coffee bar in Kristen Bernikowsgade. Here, the old Bernikows Vinstue, which was the first place in Denmark to pour draft beer, has been transformed into a modern coffee bar with great respect for the place's history.

In the old premises, the skilled baristas serve, for example, coffee beer, coffee kombucha and cold coffee from kegs, as well as the entire Coffee Collective's range of hot drinks and the delicious coffee software during the summer months. If you are looking for a quiet breathing space in the center that oozes cosiness, then Coffee Collective Bernikow is the place to visit. 

You will also find Coffee Collective on Nørrebro - Jægersborggade and Sankt Hans Torv - Telefonkiosken at Nørreport Station and on Godthåbsvej in Frederiksberg, where the New Yorker atmosphere and unobstructed view of the roastery has been judged. They are certainly all worth a visit.

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Prolog is started by Sebastian Quistorff and former Danish champion in barista art Jonas Gehl. Here you will find in our opinion the city's most uniquely tasting coffee as well as classic espresso roasts. So here's something for both the purist and the adventurous coffee drinker. We recommend trying their anaerobically fermented coffee if you are looking for a taste experience you will not find at any coffee shop.

Prolog is located in Kødbyen, which houses a sea of ​​delicious eateries in the old industrial buildings. Especially in the summer, there is plenty of life, and the area's unique atmosphere can be experienced to the fullest when Copenhageners gather to enjoy brunch, Italian pizza, greasy burger and of course Prolog's formidable coffee. 

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Roast Coffee

With a coffee shop on Islands Brygge and one in Studiestræde in Copenhagen K, the micro roastery Roast Coffee well on his way to taking his bite of the coffee lovers' hearts. Roast was started by coffee enthusiast Andreas Astrup, who wanted to follow the passion for the brown beans.

At Islands Brygge you can experience the large roasting mill in full swing and participate in weekly coffee tastings, where baristas teach you to spot the coffee's many interesting flavor nuances. 

The entire menu is highly recommended, and not least their iced coffee made from cold brewed coffee with homemade vanilla syrup has won a special place in our hearts here at the editorial office. If you are curious to taste a certain kind of their beans, just ask at the bar. The friendly baristas are happy to accommodate special requests. 

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Alice Cpl

Although Alice actually started as an ice cream parlor, then there are just as many who visit the place because of their coffee. Delicious beans from Swedish Koppi Roasters are carefully prepared and served in newly renovated premises at the start of Amager, where you can also enjoy delicious baked goods, delicacies from local producers and of course Alice's formidable ice cream.

Try a combo of their cappucino and a scoop of pistachio sorbet. You will not regret it. 

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Democratic Coffee

At Copenhagen's Main Library in Krystalgade is located Democratic Coffee, and we almost dare to guarantee that you you will not get better coffee in a library than here. Here, the skilled baristas toss coffee made on home-roasted beans over the counter, and the craftsmanship is top notch. Our personal favorite is their cappuccino, which always sits right in the cupboard. As a bonus, Democratic also serves homemade croissants that have been voted the best in town. 

Take a seat by the window and watch the passers-by while you enjoy your coffee, or find a table at the Main Library's entrance among students and freelancers who frequently visit the place. It can be busy on the weekends, so feel free to come in everyday life, or grab your coffee and croissant and more on exploration around the city.

You can also find Democratic Coffee at the Copenhagen Museum.

Andersen & Maillard

A stone's throw from Assistens Kirkegaard in the heart of Nørrebro is the combined coffee roastery and bakery Andersen & Maillard. As you may have figured out, the place offers equal parts fantastic self-imported and home-roasted coffee and impressive baked goods, which the award-winning dessert chef Milton Abel is behind. Everything is served in a beautiful setting that makes you want to hang out all day. 

We recommend trying their version of Kouign-amann, which is a form of further development of a croissant with salt and sugar in each layer. It tastes hammering good, and so does the coffee, of course. 

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Coffee experiences out of the ordinary

Common to all these coffee shops is a huge pride and passion for the craft of coffee, so you certainly will not go wrong in the city if you visit one of these six coffee shops. And if you are curious to know a little more about coffee on your visit, just ask the baristas. Our experience tells us that they would rather than like to share their enormous knowledge about coffee drinks, beans, flavor nuances and everything else needed to ensure that you get the very best coffee experience possible in Copenhagen. 

Good luck Copenhagen coffee hunt!

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