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Wine bars in Copenhagen: Here are the best

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Here you get an overview of the best wine bars in Copenhagen. You will find them both in Indre By, in the bridge districts and in Frederiksberg.

Wine bars in Copenhagen: Here are the best is written by Marcus Dalhauge

Denmark - Copenhagen - wine bar - wine bars in copenhagen

Copenhagen is a wine city

I even love a good glass of wine. That is why I have written in this article about the editors' bid for the best wine bars in Copenhagen. They can do something different in their own way, so it's up to you to decide what you are most into. Therefore, I do not divide them in order of priority.

Copenhagen offers really good places to go in and have a glass of wine. There are the slightly more expensive places, but there are also places that are excellent if you are on a budget or just not the type who spends a lot of money on wine. They are scattered around our lovely capital, so there should be something for everyone. So get ready to get a lot of good knowledge about wine bars in Copenhagen.

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Beviamo Wine Bar (private photo) - travel

Wine bars in Copenhagen Ø

Beviamo Winebar

Beviamo Winebar is located on Nordre Frihavnsgade in Østerbro, but gives you a feeling of Italy all the way to the leg. It is a place that buzzes with life and is extremely well visited especially in the evenings. You can get both good food and good wine at a price where most people can join.

You are always greeted with a smile by sweet waiters who advise you to perfection in relation to your desire for wine and food. They have a cozy room where there is plenty of space to frolic. If you want to sit outdoors, it is also an option - even with heat lamps that keep you from freezing.

Beviamo can also offer live music twice a month. If you want the program and the exact dates, you can find it on their website.

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Denmark - wine bars - wine bars in Copenhagen - travel

La Esquina

La Esquina exudes Spanish atmosphere and good wines. They are known for their good tapas, but also have a really good selection of wines, especially red wine. You would think you were in Spain, but the place is located on Ryesgade 76 close to the lakes. A wonderful location.

At La Esquina you can have a good dining experience in Spanish while staying in a good mood by enjoying a nice glass of Rioja. It is an essential place if you want to sit and enjoy yourself while eating some food and afterwards can sit back and stay in a slightly lush mood. It is clearly a place I would recommend.

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Denmark - Nørrebro - wine bars in Copenhagen - travel

Wine bars in Copenhagen N


Tipsy, which is located on the hip inner Nørrebro, is a place you have to try when talking wine bars in Copenhagen. They serve excellent small dishes that you can enjoy alongside a good glass of natural wine. The prices are definitely on the low end when we talk wine bar, so there is a good opportunity to enjoy more than a single glass.

You will be greeted by a good atmosphere and cozy rooms where there is room to be some people gathered around the table. It is a popular place, so you have to arrive well in advance, as it is unfortunately not possible to reserve a table. Pompette is located on Møllegade 3 in Nørrebro, and it is definitely a hit if you love good natural wine and delicious small dishes.

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Terrorists is a different and very exciting wine bar and shop. They have wines primarily from Europe, and among them from the traditional wine countries such as Italy, France og Spain to the somewhat more unknown wine countries such as Bulgaria, Slovenia og Czech Republicm.fl. All imported by their own import, Winewise. That is what makes the Terrorist so exciting and different.

They usually run with a 10-20 open bottles on the card every day, but do not have a fixed wine card. In addition to a lot of good and exciting wine, they also serve various small dishes in the cold section for larger dishes in the hot. The terroirist is definitely worth exploring if you want to be challenged a bit in relation to your acquaintances within wines. You can visit the bar and shop at Jægersborggade 52.

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Denmark - Nørrebro - wine bars in Copenhagen - travel

The wine tap

The wine tap, which on a daily basis both in Nørrebro and in Kødbyen, is a very popular place. With their fine minimalist decor, they attract people from most of Copenhagen.

They import selected wines from most of the world. But the cool thing is that they import them directly from the manufacturers. The wine is stored in large tanks, from where they then pour it themselves into their own bottles or 5-liter cans. It makes the experience a little more exciting and fun as it is a very different way of doing it.

In addition to their amazing wines, you can also enjoy a good bite to eat. The wine tap is definitely worth a visit.

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Denmark - wine bars in Copenhagen - travel

Wine bars in Copenhagen V

Vesterbro Wine Room

Vesterbro Wine Room is an obvious place if you want some good wine, but at the same time also hungry for a really good bite to eat. The name clearly indicates wine, but their food is also in the forefront. That's not to say you can't have good wine because you can.

This place is on the list because I think they manage to create a good balance between wine bar and restaurant. It's a really nice place with nice waiters who have everything under control and in general it's just a good food and wine experience.

I definitely recommend this place if you want to combine good wines with a restaurant experience beyond the usual.

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Pio Wine Bar

On Pio Wine Bar you go well enough not wrong in the city. With a good location right next to the New Theater, Pio Vinbar opens its doors for an excellent wine experience. You get the whole southern experience with live music in the background and good tapas.

Many believe that they have the best selection of wines in Copenhagen, and here I must be inclined to give people the right. It's really nice on Pio and definitely a place I would like to recommend spending his hard earned money. Nothing short of amazing.

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Wine bars in Copenhagen K

R wine bar

R wine bar - what a lovely place. Here you can be absolutely sure that you are not going down on service. Service is their specialty and what is at the forefront of this bar - in addition to their wonderfully lovely changing wine list.

Down in their basement, which I have most often used, there is set up lovely Danish furniture, so you also sit as in a dream. What I like about R wine bar is their changing wine list. They have around 35 wines ready to be served every day, and they easily change it according to what the guests want and what they themselves want to try. Truly a lovely place.

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Villa Vino, private photo - travel

Villa Vino

Here you have to go if you just want to give the evening a little more spice. Villa Vino offers both glasses, whole bottles and cellar wines, as we call it. And by cellar wines I mean crème de la crème.

If you intend to give it a little extra gas and try Puligny-Montrachet 2014 or other fabulous wines, then Villa Vino is the place. In addition to their good and partly expensive wines, Villa Vino also offers a good restaurant experience. In my eyes, this place is a must visit when we talk wine bars in Copenhagen.

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Wine bars in Frederiksberg

Cork wine bar

Do you and your friends need a place to go and have fun? Then I would definitely recommend Cork Wine Bar. Everyone is welcome and it does not matter if you are a beginner or not connoisseur. Here, good mood and unity are paramount, and you certainly do not go wrong in the city with their wines.

Cork Vinbar has made a fun detail with their wine list: It is set up on a cork wall, so you can sit and look and choose exactly the bottle that appeals to you the most. In my eyes a fun detail and that also makes the wine bar extremely Instagram friendly.

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Falernum Wine Bar (Private photo) - travel

Failure number

Failure number is a bit of a mix of a bistro and a wine bar. But I have taken it with me anyway, as I myself think it is a really nice place. Their wine list is very 'basic' and there is something everyone would like.

In addition to their wine list, they also make cocktails, which is why I would like to highlight this place. There is something for everyone, so if you are going out with some friends who are not the biggest wine lovers, then Falernum is definitely a good bet.

There is always a good atmosphere and the sweetest waiters are ready to give you a wonderful evening. You can also enjoy a good dish if that is what you want. A place that can do a bit of everything.

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Now you have become a little wiser at wine bars in Copenhagen. I hope you have got some inspiration and want to explore the beautiful Copenhagen wine city life. Enjoy!

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Marcus Dalhauge

At a young age, Marcus Dalhauge has already traveled in about 20 countries. It's right from the US to Asia. He loves to experience different cultures, and explore places ranging from forest to beach. I have most recently been to France, Brittany to be exact. France is generally a favorite destination both in summer and in winter. However, I would add that the coolest place I have visited has without a doubt been Vietnam.

When I travel, I also love exploring the food culture of the different countries. I find eating food at restaurants / kitchens that you would not normally do, very interesting.



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