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City guide: Copenhagen - this is what you must experience

Denmark Copenhagen
There is always something going on in Copenhagen - the city has it all. From fantastic food markets to art exhibitions. Visit fantastic Copenhagen - which the Lonely Planet named best city to visit in 2019 and which the New York Times recommended as a destination in 2020.

Af Jens Skovgaard Andersen

A tribute to Copenhagen

The New York Times has København as one of their recommended destinations in 2020, and Lonely Planet named our capital as best cities to visit 2019. In their justification, culinary experiences such as 'new nordic' in Jægersborggade and Noma are of course highlighted. In addition, the Copenhagen architecture is celebrated in the form of the iconic Round Tower and the colorful Nyhavn - and not least the Meat City, which according to the description is both cool og indie. In continuation of the nice words and the warm recommendations from Lonely Planet, we offer a number of alternative suggestions on how to explore our incredibly lovely Copenhagen.

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CPH: DOX-Normann-charlottenborg-kunsthal-København

Art Gallery Charlottenborg

A stone's throw from the colorful buildings in Nyhavn is Kunsthal Charlottenborg - an exhibition space for contemporary art. Here, a house is added to a strip of events and festivals all year round, which in their own way make use of the building and of the urban space. Here are both free and paid events, and over the course of a calendar year, anyone should be able to find something that is just the thing.

In late summer, the Copenhagen Summer Festival presents classical chamber music from home and abroad - where both budding talents and seasoned prize winners give samples of their art. The art festival Chart Art Fair also invites Nordic galleries to present their most sublime in contemporary art.

In the spring, Kunsthal Charlottenborg will, among other things, be the headquarters for the documentary film festival CPH: DOX, which offers a sea of ​​political, philosophical and experimental documentaries supplemented by debates, talks and various events. Kunsthal Charlottenborg functions as one of the most prominent flagships for cultural life in Copenhagen.

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Vegetarian food, nightclub, greengrocer, café and bars. The street scene is very much occupied by the local business people, and it can be an art to navigate around vegetable boxes, trinkets, potted plants, cyclists and café guests. At the bars in Blågårdsgade, the bartenders give themselves plenty of time, and the slow indoor pace is in noisy contrast to the otherwise busy and chaotic pedestrian street.

Approximately in the middle of the street is the gallery and art shop Limited Works, where vernissages are held, while works are exhibited and sold. It is also one of the galleries in Copenhagen where visitors do not need extensive professional artistic knowledge to feel welcome.

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Denmark - Copenhagen - library

Copenhagen's main library in Krystalgade

As a library, the main library in Krystalgade does not work optimally - the lending facilities are challenging, the indoor climate is poor, there is a lack of table space, and the amount of self-service has exceeded what is good - but as a guest in the city it is fortunately not something to worry about. Instead, one should take a seat - if one can find one - and enjoy the building for what it is; a hub of activity that tends to observe people on a par with what can be done on Queen Louise's bridge.

At the Main Library, it abounds with stressed single-subject students, job seekers, university students, pensioners, hobbyists and reading enthusiasts. It is a quiet and noisy oasis, where you can seek shelter from the Danish weather, and where you can get a cup of tea and a croissant at Democratic Coffee on the ground floor.

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Denmark - Copenhagen - glyptoteket

The Glyptotheque

The Glyptoteket is a collection of marble bodies and paintings, mummies and Mediterranean atmosphere. Here is room for immersion surrounded by culture and civilization seen through 6.000 years of art. Cartoons often sit here and draw sculptures that run around primary school students, and there is generally a high level of activity. Still, one can easily feel alone with the majestic sculptures, aesthetic surroundings, and archeological objects in the pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. There is a sea of ​​diverse events such as. Slow, which are recurring Thursday events with changing themes, and where everyday hectic is replaced by art's own slow pace.

On Tuesdays, Glyptoteket is the dating center for students in Copenhagen, as there is free admission to the permanent exhibition. Whether you want to navigate around free Tuesday or take advantage of the excellent Tuesday offer is up to you. Just avoid the Glyptoteket at Kulturnatten, where the place is overrun.

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Denmark - Copenhagen - Refshaleøen

Refshale Island

Refshale Island genius loci is without a doubt the many clear relics from the time as a shipyard. Everything exudes industry and poisonous grounds, but if you get carried away, there are plenty of opportunities to explore disused bunkers, find good angling facilities and secret bathing places.

The fish, seafood and vegetarian restaurant La Banchina offers the dish of the day with bathing and sauna all year round for the fresh. During the summer, there is a secret signature drink and informal beer at Baby Baby Bar surrounded by white sculptures and waterfront.

At Scenografisk Værksted, most of the scenography, scenery and props for the Royal Theatre's plays, operas and ballets are produced. It happens that they hold stock sales where you can acquire costumes, props and scenery. One of the better public secrets Copenhagen has to offer.

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Denmark - Copenhagen - the bridge's street kitchen

Fantastic food markets in Copenhagen

Lonely Planet proposes the food market Reffen on Refshaleøen - it is very popular over the summer. Instead, you can visit Broens Gadekøkken, which manages to deliver an unpretentious atmosphere outdoors without forcing it. At Broens Gadekøkken, they have figured out how to serve unpretentious street food, without trying to recreate an authentic, oriental side street. The food served is of delicious quality and you get a lot for your money.

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However, the location of the food market just across the bridge from Nyhavn is not optimal. The combination of crossing pedestrians and cyclists coming at breakneck speed over the Inner Harbor Bridge, to put it mildly, creates chaos - but you can not get in a bag and a sack. In general, one should probably consider holding back a bit from promoting Copenhagen as a cycling city, as it can gradually be experienced as almost life-threatening with the amount of tourists on semi-motor vehicles on cycle paths and bridges.

Copenhagen is full of small public secrets, and new places are constantly appearing - so explore the capital and find your own favorite places

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