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Huge treasure hunt: Experience Denmark and win

Join our treasure hunt in Denmark now and win a nice prize. We draw lots no later than 25 June.
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Experience Denmark and win in several ways!

Updated: The winner IS found!

At the editorial office, we agree that we must rediscover Denmark as the amazing travel country it is. There are so many amazing places in our country that deserve attention - especially at the moment - so that's why you're now invited to a treasure hunt!

anholt, lighthouse treasure hunt

Treasure hunt in Denmark

The treasure hunt has just started, and you can easily join.

The rules for this treasure hunt are simple: We have selected 25 locations around Denmark. Whoever first comes to one of the places on the list, takes a selfie in the exact place and puts the picture in our active travel group on Facebook as a comment to this post, gets a ticket in the competition. You can only get 1 ticket, regardless of whether you visit several places. Ie. you do NOT have to visit everywhere to join. Only one. See which 25 places we have selected later in the article.

We also hand out 5 tickets to everyone who comments on each other's photos, so everyone has a chance to win. For example, you are very welcome to share your own photos from the site as a comment.

Once we have received selfie photos from the 25 places, or no later than June 25, we will draw 1 winner and the prize is…

residence Møenm

Prize: Residence Møen

You can win 1 night in a double room including a nice breakfast buffet and a two-course dinner Residence Møen right on the water. Hotel Residens Møen is located overlooking the water and is located in the heart of the beautiful market town of Stege, close to the famous Møns Klint.

So if you win, you can take a friend on an active weekend or maybe your girlfriend on a romantic stay. You choose yourself - at Residens Møen you can do it all.

travel competition 2020 denmark map travel treasure hunt

Here are the 25 places for treasure hunting

5 x UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Jelling: The Jelling stones
  • Christiansfeld: The Gingerbread House
  • Roskilde Cathedral
  • Kronborg: The miniature model
  • Stevns Klint: The Absalon monument

5 lovely small islands

  • Livø: Livø Feriecenter, Skippervej 10
  • Tunø: Traxa, wherever the taxi tractor is
  • Agersø: Agersø Købmandshandel, Egholmvej 2
  • Christiansø: Christiansø News
  • Mandø: Mandø Brugs og Camping, Mandø Byvej 1

5 unique sights

  • The lighthouse at Anholt, by the front door
  • Man by the Sea: The nameplate next to the monument
  • The frigate Jylland: One of the cannons
  • Dodekalitten, Kragenæs on Lolland
  • The forest tower, from the top of

5 summer activities

  • Surf in Cold Hawaii: Cold Hawaii Surf Camp, Ørhagevej 151
  • Rowing in a canoe on the river Gudenåen: 'Indelukket' in Silkeborg
  • Taste the fish in Røgeriet Sjællands Odde, Røgerivej 2
  • Feel the sand on Marielyst Strand: Larsens Plads, Marielyst Strandvej 57
  • Climb Møns Klint: Café Møns Klint, Stengårdsvej 8

5 places we like ourselves

  • Copenhagen: Café Globen, Turesensgade 2B
  • Aarhus: Aarhus Street Food, Ny Banegårdsgade 46
  • Odense: Munkebo Brewery, Møllekajen 5
  • Aalborg: Friends Café, Vesterbro 91
  • Kolding: Beck, Agtrupvej 190

Good luck to everyone and good treasure hunt!

PS: If you have become so excited that we are doing this travel competition, you are more than welcome to give us 5 minutes of your time in return. And if you just like winning experiences, so look here.

This post contains links to some of our partners. If you want to see how it goes with collaborations, then you can tap here (in Danish).

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