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Check in: Hjortdal Dyrefarm - zoo, cafe and shelter camp

Denmark Hjortdal animal farm horse travels
In Hjortdal there is a zoo where you can spend the night in the middle of it all and make animal friends for life.

Af Jacob Gowland Jørgensen

Denmark deer valley animal farm travel

Hjortdal Animal Farm in the north

There is a cheerful peep everywhere from in Hjortdal. The morning ice lies over the green area as a hilly fairytale landscape, where unusual and cozy creatures are part of the beautiful northwestern Jutland landscape. Tranquility and nature, right here, right in front of us.

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Accommodation in the middle of it all - with all the animals

We woke up in our shelter after a good night in Hjortdal Dyrefarm. Besides the birds, the activity level is small.

It does not take long, however, before the many different kinds of sheep and goats that live next door wake up to deeds - well helped by a rooster that, even though it is far away, still manages to bark well through. This is so much better than being woken up by a mindless alarm clock.

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Denmark Hjortdal at svinkløv animal farm shelter travels

Hjortdal Dyrefarm - right by Svinkløv Badehotel

The day before we arrived at Hjortdal Dyrefarm, which is a few kilometers from the famous Svinkløv Badehotel 30 kilometers south along the coast from Blokhus in North Jutland.

We had just taken a short trip to the remains of the ring castle Aggersborg by the Limfjord before, and now we were finally here, where the kids had been looking forward to coming.

Hjortdal is originally a farm, which over many years has been converted into a mini-zoo with a cafe and a brand new shelter camp. All run by the same family, where the father was even born on the farm many years ago.

This place is family run in the best sense of the word, where one was in no doubt about the great love for the place and the animals that father, mother and daughters had. We were welcomed as guests, personally and absolutely wildly cozy. We felt at home after 1 minute.

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Denmark Hjortdal animal farm horse travels

Family shelter with the blue-eyed horse

We had actually never slept in a shelter before the whole family together, so even though we had rented a holiday home at Blokhus, we also had to try something new. There is something special about experiencing a nature place when others have gone home, so when we heard about Hjortdal, we were sold.

The daughter was a little worried about whether the animals were now entering the shelter, but when we told them most were behind fences, she relaxed. We got an introduction to the area - and some bags with authorized animal feed in hand - and then it was otherwise just to follow the paths around.

The rabbits were the first ones and it took 20 minutes before the cubs could detach, but we had nothing to do but experience the animals, so it was cool for everyone. Small thick ponies and donkeys stood ready on the other side, and then we continued around to goats, sheep, birds and all sorts of small animals.

Denmark Hjortdal animal farm pig travels

Love at first grunt

The first favorites of the day were the hanging belly pigs and their neighbors; the wool pigs. If you've seen "Eat with Price", you might remember that at one point James fell head over heels for a handsome woolly pig, and so did we.

We walked through the bird forest to the polar foxes and the curious nose bears that we have previously met in Argentina. They were a hit to feed. The kangaroos slept in the heat while the raccoon was super ready to play a little.

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350 animals at Hjortdal Dyrefarm

There are over 350 animals in Hjortdal, and in the first round we saw a good part of them. Now it was time for sports, so we took a few rounds of mini golf on a reasonably challenging course where my kids had to true that they could not keep up with their dad…

We went down to our shelter, set it up, greeted the mohair goats on the road and went up to the cafe, which is high up overlooking Vesterhavet a few kilometers out.

Here we got some lovely burgers and fish fillets with everything that belongs, and while the calm fell over the zoo, which was now about to close, we made popcorn over the fire in front of our shelter.

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The youngest man, however, was busy, for he had made a new friend over at the 'panda goats', as we called them; a small black and white cousin who was christened Napser for his eminent ability to be hand-fed.

So he ran back and forth on the small field, giving status to Napers' eating ability. Happiness would never end. The horse got the last remnants of the animal feed and thanked with its soft muzzle.

The trip ended with us having a cordial farewell with the family and seeing the kangaroos that were active in the morning and the daughters of the house in full leaps on the horses before we rolled towards new horizons. This is definitely not the last time we come to Hjortdal Dyrefarm.

Good trip to North Jutland and Hjortdal Dyrefarm.

About the author

Jacob Jørgensen, editor

Jacob is a cheerful travel nerd who has traveled in almost 100 countries from Rwanda and Romania to Samoa and Samsø. Jacob is a member of De Berejstes Klub, where he has been a board member for five years, and he has extensive experience with the travel world as a lecturer, magazine editor, consultant, author and photographer. And of course most important of all: As a traveler. Jacob enjoys traveling traditionally such as car holidays to Norway, cruises in the Caribbean and city breaks in Vilnius, and more out-of-the-box trips such as solo trips to the highlands of Ethiopia, road trips to unknown national parks in Argentina and friends trips to Iran.

Jacob is a country expert in Argentina, where he has been 10 times so far. He has spent almost a year in total traveling through the many diverse provinces, from the penguin land in the south to deserts, mountains and waterfalls in the north, and has also lived in Buenos Aires for a few months. In addition, he has special travel knowledge of such diverse places as East Africa, Malta and the countries around Argentina.

In addition to traveling, Jacob is an honorable badminton player, Malbec fan and always fresh on a board game. Jacob has also had a career in the communications industry for a number of years, most recently with the title of Communication Lead in one of Denmark's largest companies, and has for a number of years also worked with the Danish and international meeting industry as a consultant, among others. for VisitDenmark and Meeting Professionals International (MPI). Jacob is currently also an external lecturer at CBS.



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