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Day trip in Denmark: 5 exciting excursions

Denmark is packed with exciting experiences and cities that are perfect for day trips. Here you get 5 exciting day trips.

Day trip in Denmark: 5 exciting excursions is written by Alberte Munch Ekstrand.

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What can you really experience in 24 hours?

Denmark is a perfect place to go on adventurous day trips, because by far most of it is within easy reach if you are willing to spend a few hours transport time. Then you have a day off or a free weekend, it's just about getting going. But where do you really go on an excursion?

Denmark has seven attractions UNESCO World Heritage List, 26 Michelin-restaurants, beautiful scenery in many guises and lots of attractions across the country. It's just about exploring our own country with the tourist's curiosity.

Therefore, we have gathered a small selection of excursions around Denmark, with what belongs to it of experiences, sights and restaurants. We will guide you through 5 Danish cities - and if a single day is not enough, we also tell you where you can stay overnight.

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The footpath - a day trip with laced hiking boots

At Stevns - just over an hour's drive from København - you will find Trampestien, which stretches from Bøgeskoven Havn in the north to Rødvig in the south. Here, the attractions are like pearls on a string on the 22-kilometer-long hiking route.

The footpath follows the coast Stevns Klint, and here you are literally going on the story. Both the newer one of its kind and the one that goes back millions of years. Stevns Klint contains the story of the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago, while the underground Cold War museum Stevnsfortet gives you insight into one of Denmark's most important defense pieces during the Cold War.

In addition, you will pass Højerup Gl. Church, which is located right on the edge of the cliff and Stevns Fyr, where you get a fantastic view of the water. If you are interested in nature, make a stop at Holtug Chalk Quarry and at Mandehoved. Here you have the opportunity to see rare animals and plants or spot birds from the bird tower.

If 22 kilometers is too long a walk, you can either take the Klintebussen when your feet get sore or rent one of the 'country bikes' you find along the entire route. In most places, however, it is also possible to drive to by car.

In Rødvig, there are several restaurants you can visit, and there is also the opportunity to get good ice cream at the harbor. If you are not ready to go home yet, you can take a luxurious overnight stay at Rødvig Kro & Badehotel, and if you have a sleeping bag with you, you can spend the night in shelter in Boesdal Kalkbrud.

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Views and adrenaline rush in the Forest Tower

If the day trip is to offer unique views, challenging activities and adrenaline rush, you must plot Rønnede on the GPS. Here are adventures for the whole family - young and old, and everyone in between. In the middle of Gisselfeld's forests in the south Sjealland the 45 meter high Forest Tower towers over the trees.

The nature experience starts with a walk through the forest on the 3,2 kilometer long footpath, which meanders through the soft forest floor. Then the ascent begins in the hourglass-shaped tower. Round and round and round. 12 circles must be rounded before you reach the viewing platform 140 meters above sea level. Feel the suction in your stomach when you enjoy the view of forest and fields. If you are lucky and come on a clear day, you can look all the way to København og Malmö, located more than 50 kilometers away.

Do you like adrenaline rush and action-packed adventures, the day is not over yet. Right next to Skovtårnet you will find Denmark's largest climbing park and Denmark's longest cable car. Following the expert guidance of an instructor, you can try your hand at climbing under the treetops. Between the beech trees you will find 10 different courses in different heights and levels of difficulty. So whether you are a child, beginner or descendant of Tarzan, there is a course to suit your level.

Whether you just want to set aside a few hours to climb or want to spend the whole day is entirely up to you. You can walk to and from the tracks throughout the climbing park's opening hours, and there are plenty of break spots where you can enjoy a packed lunch or eat streetfood from the various food stalls.

Should the day end with an overnight stay in the middle of the forest, you can sleep in luxurious tents inspired by the Mongolian herbs. Whether you are into views, climbing or glamping - or a combination of it all - is our advice to book the trip in advance so you are sure there is room.

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Fresh sea air and music in the street - on a day trip to Svendborg

In Svendborg on Sydfyn you will find maritime charm, a buzzing cultural life and breathtaking scenery. The city has it all - and Svendborg has even been named Denmark's nicest trading town. Here there is life in the really lovely way and then it is a perfect destination for a day trip.

Do you drive to Svendborg from Jutland, you must finally take a stroll past the bakery in Nørre Aaby on the way. They make award-winning rum balls that taste like the angels are singing.

Svendborg is also called of the archipelago capital, and with good reason. The city does not hide its maritime history, so if you have salt water in your veins - or you just enjoy the fresh sea air - you will not be disappointed. At the harbor is the Danish Museum of Pleasure Sailing, which tells about more than 150 years of pleasure boating and sailing in Denmark.

It is also possible sail a trip out in The South Funen Archipelago with the veteran ship M / S Helge, or even paddle in the waves in sea kayaks or on SUP boards. Also remember to look for Svendborg's very own pet, the dolphin Delle, which has settled in Svendborg Harbor.

Inside Svendborg city, there is life and life, and a stroll through Svendborg's shopping streets is an absolute must when you are here. Explore the many galleries and specialty shops where you can buy art and ceramics from the local artisans. Afterwards, you can satisfy your hunger at "Sundet", as Restaurant Svendborgsund is popularly called.

Music also has a very special place in Svendborg. That is why you will find many bars with live music, and the city also has several music festivals, you can visit in the summer. If you want to quench your thirst after an eventful day in Svendborg, you can head down to Kammerateriet by the old shipyard. Whether you are for cool cocktails at the bar or a cold Odense Classic with your toes in the sand at the beach bar is entirely up to you.

After an eventful day, you can stay at Hotel Ærø, which despite its slightly misleading name, is centrally located in Svendborg.

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Rock 'n Roll in Randers

Next to Randers Fjord and with Gudenåen in the backyard, Randers is surrounded by beautiful nature. Randers is also one of Denmark's old market towns, and inside the city you can walk along charming medieval streets and visit cozy shops in old half-timbered houses.

But one can hardly say Randers without also mentioning Randers Rainforest. One of the city's major attractions is the 3.200 square meter tropical exhibition. When you enter the domes in the rainforest, you feel the warm and humid air and hear animal sounds that you associate with another world. Here you can see everything from lemurs and sloths to strangler snakes and jaguars. In other words, it is one must see on your day trip to Randers.

Randers, however, has many more experiences to offer. If you drive down Graceland Randers Vej, you will find nothing less than Denmark's only Elvis Presley museum. Memphis Mansion is a faithful replica of Graceland in United States, which was once Elvis' home. Here you can hear funny anecdotes about the rock 'n roll legend, see one of the 10 largest Elvis collections in the world and eat authentic Southern food in diner.

If you need total relaxation, you can also take on spa stay at Water & Wellness Randers. Here you can both go in the steam bath and sauna, swim around in the hot water pool or enjoy a relaxing massage.

Afterwards, you can eat and spend the night at Hvidsten Kro. The inn is one of the country's oldest inns and contains exciting stories. It was here, among other things, that the White Stone Group stayed and planned the activities of the resistance movement during World War II.

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Day trip in southern Jutland

On another day trip Sønderborg on Als you can experience the real thing Sønderjyske atmosphere. A very special atmosphere that is only found here in Grænselandet and is characterized by the area's DanishGerman history. Both the war in 1864 and World War II have left deep traces in the Southern Jews. For those interested in history, there are plenty of sights to visit in the area. At Historiecenter Dybbøl Banke and Frøslevlejrens Museum you can experience Sønderjylland's gloomy past.

Should the trip also embrace the smallest in the familyis Universe Science Park an obvious place to visit. Here you can play smarter about natural phenomena and explore a virtual world. And is there Ringriderfest nearby, it is an absolute must see for all ages. On horseback, the southern Jews compete to lead a lance through a small ring. Ring riding is surrounded by life and happy days, and it is always a great experience to be a part of.

Some of what Sønderjylland is best known for is the so-called coffee table. Despite the name, it is the traditional South Jutland cakes that are the center of the event. There is a specific order in which you eat the delicacies, and if you want to experience an authentic coffee table in Sønderborg, you should visit As a Monastery. And when you have a bloated stomach, you can eat gourmet food at Restaurant Syttende, if you have more appetite.

In Sønderborg you can also get one accommodation out of the ordinary. At Well Hausboot you can sleep in a houseboat and get the first floor down to the water.

No matter where you are in the country, our call is: Experience Denmark with the tourist's curiosity.

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Good day trip to the Danish country!

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