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Camønoen and 8 other wonderful walks in Denmark

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Denmark has lots of beautiful nature, which you can experience on the many hiking trails that are found around the country. All you have to do is lace up your hiking boots and we will guide you to the best routes.

Camønoen and 8 other wonderful walks in Denmark is written by Albert Munch Ekstrand.

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Experience Denmark on foot

Hiking and beautiful walks has really become popular. The Danes want to go out and experience the Danish nature, and new routes are emerging. Especially the Spanish pilgrimage route Camino has provided much inspiration for the naming of the many new hiking trails. You and your hiking boots, for example, can try your hand at both the Camøno and the Amarmino. Or what about the Kanino?

We have collected nine walks around the Denmark. Some can be done in a few hours, while for the ambitious hiker there are also routes that take several days.

Then put on the hiking boots - now we go.

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The Camøno

The Camøno is 175 kilometers long, and it is divided into 10 stages, which extend over Mon, Nyord and Bogø. The route guides you along the water, inside the forest and through small villages. You have the opportunity to experience Denmark most beautiful night sky, find wet lights on the beach and experience the cliff that Møn is so famous for. You typically divide the Camøno over 4-5 days, but you can also easily go on a single stage.

the rabbit

The rabbit

On the island End low you can go the Kanino. A 21 kilometer long hiking route where you walk around the island along the coast. The island's great feature is the thousands of wild rabbits that populate the small island. In addition to a great opportunity to spot the island's fur-clad residents, you get a beautiful view of the Kattegat, and in clear weather you have a view of Jutland, Funen, Æbelø, Samsø, Tunø and Zealand.

To get to the island, take the ferry from the fishing village Snaptun in Horsens Fjord, and the crossing takes an hour. The route starts and ends at the island's harbor, and the walk itself takes 4-5 hours.

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The Amarmino

You will find one of the newer hiking routes on Amager. The amarmino stretches over 27 kilometers and runs from DR Byen in the north, down around Sydpynten and ends at Dragør Fort in the east.

Just a stone's throw from the city's noise and noise you will find nature and fresh air on Amager Fælled, bird sanctuaries on Kalvebod Fælled, light forest in Kongelunden and unspoilt coastal landscape by Dragør.

The trip takes about 6 hours and can be walked in both directions. But if you want the feeling of leaving the city behind you and surrendering to nature, then you should start the trip in DR Byen. Then you can also enjoy a delicious frokost in Dragør, when the legs have to rest afterwards.

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If one can talk about luxury hiking, then that's what the Chromino is. Kongensbro Kro has put together one all inclusive hiking experience; this includes packed lunches, driving, accommodation and breakfast.

The chromino is 35 kilometers long and bites in two. The first day you walk 21 kilometers from Silkeborg along the historic trail by the river Gudenåen, until you reach Kongensbro. If the legs are in walking shape, the trip continues 14 kilometers through Vejrslev Mose and Ormstrup Skov, until you reach Tangeværket by Bjerringbro.

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Lime Kaminoen

If you dream of experiencing the Jutland heath, then it is the Kalk Kamino that you should choose for your next hike. Kalk Kaminoen stretches between Stoholm and Skelhøje west of Viborg and is 30 kilometers long.

The landscape at the northern end of the route is particularly marked by centuries limestone quarrying in the area. If you have time, Mønsted and Daugbjerg Kalkgruber are definitely worth a visit. Here you can walk in the old limestone mines, and if you are lucky, you can spot one of the several thousand bats that overwinter in the limestone pits. In the southern part of the route, the flat heathland opens up.

If you end the trip in Skelhøje, you have the opportunity to extend the route by following Army road, which passes right by. Either way, the Kalk Kamino offers unique nature and places of great cultural-historical value.

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Camino Haderslev Næs

I Southern Jutland you will find the 106 kilometer long Camino Haderslev Næs, which connects 9 beautiful churches. The route is made based on the motto of always choosing the most beautiful and interesting road through the landscape. Therefore, only very few parts of the route go along main roads. Instead, you will be guided along forest paths, gravel roads and country roads through the soft southern Jutland landscape. Along the entire route, it is possible to stay overnight in both hotels and shelters.

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Camino Frøs Herred

The route is 120 kilometers and takes you through the old Frøs Herred, which consists of 9 parishes, where a total of 10 churches serve as landmarks on the walking route. You will be led both along the ridge between Kongeåen and Gram Å and along the old border from 1864. Camino Frøs Herred is divided into 11 stages, so you can easily find a distance that suits your temperament, if you do not want to go the whole route. There are accommodations along the route for every budget - both the kind that includes breakfast and the one in the open air.

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The gastromino

The gastromino is 140 kilometers long and runs through the National Park Kongernes Nordsjælland. The route goes from Hillerød to Hundested, and here it is the locals gastronomic experiences, who has helped to draw the route.

On the route you pass Thornæs Distillery in Helsinge, where you can go for whiskey tasting, and you can also grab a four-course lunch at Møllecaféen. In other words, it is the obvious hiking route for the connoisseur. Are you one bicycle mosquito, the route can also easily be traveled on two wheels.

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The Danish Pilgrimage Route

If you really want a challenge in the style of with the traditional Camino, then it is the Danish Pilgrim Route that you must try your hand at. With its 985 kilometers, you can go on a real pilgrimage through all of Denmark - literally. The hike guides you through Zealand, Lolland, Falster, Fyn og Jutland. In several places, the route is combined with other and shorter walking routes. It is therefore an obvious hiking route for the ambitious hiker who wants to experience Denmark on foot.

It abounds with beautiful hiking trails in Denmark, and the call to lace up your hiking boots and get out into nature is hereby passed on.

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