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Vegan food
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Vegan weekend trip

We think more and more about the environment and what we eat - also when we travel. Get a good solid overview of the ultimate vegan dining experience.
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Af Kristian Bräuner

Denmark Copenhagen Nyhavn Rejser

The vegan culture in Denmark

I Denmark it is booming with alternatives to animal products in supermarkets. More and more vegan restaurants are seeing the light of day. Other restaurants are adding some vegan options to the menu. This is happening as we think more and more about climate, environment and sustainability.

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In other words, it has become easier to eat plant-based and live 100% vegan in Denmark. But what are the possibilities when we travel abroad? Here are a number of cities that we would definitely recommend for an extended vegan weekend trip.

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Vegan, food

London, United Kingdom

Great Britain capital is one of the places in the world where most vegan restaurants are found. With over 125 restaurants, the opportunities to eat vegan are just around the corner, no matter where in London you are.

In London you will find the first 'vegan chicken' restaurant in the world, here you can get 'fake' chicken in several different varieties. In the east of London you will find a number of vegan pizza places. Here is also Purezza, the UK's only 100% vegan Italian restaurant.

Also in the supermarkets it is easy to find vegan products and ready meals.

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Vegan pizza

Berlin, Germany

I Berlin the options are many if you want to go to a vegan restaurant. And if you want to go shopping for vegan clothes, well, then the options are just as good.

In the German city you will find the street Schivelbeiner Straße. The street which is known as 'Vegan Avenue '. Here are a lot of vegan and vegetarian restaurants as well as vegan clothing stores, shoe stores and supermarkets.

The vegan environment in Berlin is expanding all the time and the city is a great destination for vegans as well as vegetarians.

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Vegan food

New York, USA

New York City was named the most vegan-friendly city in 2018 USA. This is not surprising. In 2019, the city has 111 vegan restaurants.

Among particularly well-known restaurants you will find Blossom Restaurant, located in the Chelsea district, as well PS Kitchen. The latter opened in 2017. Here, a sea of ​​different dishes is served for both the small and the big hungry. All profits from the restaurant are donated to sustainable charity work. Click here if you want more tips for traveling sustainably.

New York also has a large number of delicious vegan bakeries. In the city that never sleeps, there is pretty much a vegan alternative to everything, so the trip across the Atlantic is clear worth it for an extended vegan weekend getaway.

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Vegan food

Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel is the country in the world where the largest percentage of the population is vegan. More precisely, it is 5 to 8 percent - which is quite high compared to other countries.

There is a large selection of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in the country's largest city Tel Aviv. The city's oldest vegan café Anastasia is worth a visit for both breakfast and dinner.

In Tel Aviv you can get falafel on most street corners, but vegan kebabs are also a hit. Zakaim Vegan Boutique serves Persian and other Middle Eastern dishes made from local ingredients.

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Vegan food

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In 2017, Amsterdam was named Europe's most vegetarian-friendly city, but it Dutch capital is also high on various lists of vegan cities.

In the vegan environment, the city is especially known for the burger The Dutch Weed Burger, which is 100% plant-based, with seaweed as the main ingredient. Seaweed in English is called seaweed, hence the perhaps easily misunderstood name.

On a trip to Amsterdam we can also recommend Mr. & Mrs. Watson, which is a restaurant that has become known for its tasty vegan cheese.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Here in Denmark is København in rapid development when it comes to vegan cuisine. Just 5 years ago, it could easily be a challenge to go out on the town and eat vegan, but that's not the case anymore. Read our great food guide to Copenhagen here

Today, there are over 30 vegan cafés and restaurants in Copenhagen. At Christianshavn is located The Organic Boho with the many colorful dishes, and in Østerbro and Indre By you can enjoy a good dinner at the popular restaurant Souls. If you have a sweet tooth, you can have your sugar cravings satisfied Sunday Munday close to Nørreport, which is a vegan 'bubble waffle' bar.

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The possibilities are many, and more and more are coming. You can easily go on a vegan weekend trip in our own capital.

It is recommended to download the HappyCow app, where you can find vegan and vegetarian restaurants near you worldwide.

Good trip!

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About the travel writer

Kristian Bräuner

I love to travel and I travel as often as the opportunity presents itself. I got my passion for travel already as a child, where my parents took my sister and I out into the big world.

My travel experience ranges from the classic city breaks in Europe, over road trips in the US, to backpacking in Asia and Australia.

Experiencing new cultures, unique nature and different societies, where people live very differently from life in Denmark, is what drives my desire to travel.