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Romantic travel around the world

The world is full of love and hearts - there are heart-shaped islands and lakes all over the world.

Romantic travel around the world is written by Anna Lohmann

Stran, heart, sunset - travel

7 islands or lakes shaped like hearts

This list is for you who want to impress your next date, or for you who are going on a honeymoon. Try imagining flying across an island or swimming in a heart-shaped lake. It will not be more romantic then!

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Galesnjak Island Travel weekend getaway romantic stay

Romantic trips around the world: Galešnjak Island

Galešnjak Island in Croatia, also known as 'Lover's Island' in English and, is probably the best known on this list. It has gradually become a major tourist attraction after Google Earth in 2009 discovered its shape. The Croatian island is isolated, private and uninhabited, which is also part of the charm of this island. Only wild trees and plants grow, and then there are a couple of beautiful pristine beaches overlooking the azure Adriatic Sea.

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Italy lake Travel weekend stays romantic stay

Lake of Scanno

Pack your picnic basket, blanket and swimwear and settle down by the mirror-bright lake Lago di Scanno in Italien The lake is located in the provincial town of L'Aquila, which is part of the Abruzzo region in central Italy. To see the heart shape on the lake, however, you have to go a little up in the terrain - and stand at the right angle.

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Maine Island Travel Weekend Getaway Romantic Stay

Harbor island

This heart-shaped island is located in the state of Maine, which is known, among other things, to be the state in USA, which produces the most lobsters. Harbor Island is said to have a single cabin on the island, but otherwise it is just filled with forest. Here you can hold your better half in your hand while enjoying the privacy and tranquility of the island.

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Argentina Isla Island - Travel - weekend stay - romantic stay

Romantic trips around the world: Isla Corazón

This list would not be complete without beautiful Isla Corazón in Argentina, which also goes by the name 'Heart Island' in English or Hjerteøen in Danish. The island is located in Lake Mascardi, which is located in the northern part of Patagonia. The easiest way to get out to the island is by renting kayaks and sailing out there yourself. Here people stop to take pictures and give each other kisses - and there are even couples who have proposed to each other on the island.

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Lake of Love - Russia - Romantic trips around the world - weekend getaways - romantic getaways

Lake of Love in Russia

This romantic little lake, which in Russian is spelled Озеро Любви, is located close to Arkhyz in the south Russia. Enjoy a walk in the green landscape and settle down for an afternoon nap in the grass. In the summer you can even jump for a walk in the lake, but it is said that the water should still be quite cold at that time of year.

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Tupai Island - Romantic trips around the world - Weekend getaways - romantic getaways

Tupai Island

A combination of a heart-shaped lake on a heart-shaped island you will find in French Polynesia close to Bora Bora (Italy) You can hardly get closer to a paradise island than this: White sandy beaches with coconut trees and a turquoise lagoon in the middle. Therefore, it is no wonder that Tupai Island is known as the most romantic place in Tahiti and the surrounding area, and some companies even offer wedding packages for couples who want to get married here.

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Romantic trips around the world - Heart Reef - Australia - weekend stays - romantic stays

Romantic trips around the world: Heart Reef

This small island is called 'Heart Reef' and is located in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The unique thing about it is that it is exclusively corals that have naturally formed this heart shape. However, this coral island can only be seen from the air because it is protected, and for that reason Heart Reef has become popular as a view during so-called 'flight proposals' - or 'flight courtships'. Yes, that's one thing!

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There are many romantic trips around the world - heart shaped Islands and lakes are waiting for you, so just get out there to find the hearts and love out in the world.

Good romantic trip!

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