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Juan Les Pins to Islas de San Bernado: My 5 most amazing destinations

These 5 amazing places have made a huge impression on me - even the experience I would have liked to have been without.

Juan Les Pins to Islas de San Bernado: My 5 most amazing destinations written by Rikke Bank Egebjerg

France - Côte d'Azur - Juan Les Pins - Travel

Hard to choose: Juan Les Pins to Islas de San Bernado

Once you have traveled a lot, it is difficult to recommend only five places. It is even more difficult to realize that there was actually a place you were unhappy with. Read more about my favorite places to visit. It ranges from fine beaches in Juan Les Pins, hot springs in Costa Rica, architecture in Bilbao and to a house on the sea in Colombia. And yes, I also have a place I can not really recommend…

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Spain - Bilbao - Guggenheim - Travel - Juan Les Pins

Bilbao, Spain

This Basque capital must be experienced if you are interested in art and architecture. The city was renewed in the 80's, and the famous Guggenheim Museum opened in 1991, and today the city is an exciting combination of the latest modern with the old industrial look, from when Bilbao most resembled a large factory. One Fun fact is that Frank Gehry, the architect behind the Guggenheim, also designed Marqúes de Riscal's winery in Logroño, Rioja, which is definitely worth a visit if you visit northern Spain anyway.

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France - Juan Les Pins - Beach - Travel

Juan Les Pins - Southern France

The beach gem of the south of France.

Juan Les Pins is a small town that has grown along with Antibes and simply offers one of the Côte d'Azur's best beaches. From Juan Les Pins it is easy to get to the major cities such as Nice, Cannes, Antibes and Monaco. My absolute favorite occupation is to visit various marinas, and look at the big yachts that visit this beautiful coast.

Next time I would like to explore the coastal cities even more, including Marseille.

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Costa Rica - Pura Vida - Juan Les Pins

From Juan Les Pins to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the country that has it all.

The capital is nothing to shout hurray for, so hurry up to one of the country's nine active volcanoes, and relax in one of the hot springs while getting a handle on the jet lag. Then it is obvious to get out into the rainforest and try the suspension bridges to see the wildlife up in the huge treetops.

Should it go a little faster and should it be a little more Tarzan-like, one can zipline. You will find the best beach weather on the Pacific coast during our Danish winter season, and do not miss the beautiful national park, Manuel Antonio.

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Banner - Backpack - 1024
Colombia Casa en el agua Cartagena Rejser - Juan Les Pins

Casa en el Agua, San Bernado Islands, Colombia

This place is what it is, a hostel alone on the sea. It takes two hours to sail out to the islands from Cartagena. When you check in and out, it happens at the same time as everyone else that day, and that helps to make the atmosphere completely unique. During the day you can practice water sports or sunbathe on a paddleboard. In the evening, you dance under the stars after a plankton trip, where the starry sky becomes one with the sea when the small plankton light up. If you are not into hostel life anymore, then the nearby San Bernado Islands are worth looking at anyway.

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Guatemala - pyramid tikal antigua culture - travel


I love nature experiences with everything from hiking and ancient Mayan ruins to climbing a volcano. In Guatemala you can do it all.

Start in the north, right on the border with Belize and explore Tikal after seeing the sunrise to the sound of jungle animals. Then head further inland and explore caves and natural pools at Semuc Champey. To the southwest are Lago Atitlán and Antigua, which offer beautiful houses, attractive Spanish schools and the active volcano, Fuego.

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Morocco - people market marrakech - travel

And then one ommer: Marrakech

This winter I was in Marrakech. The empty suitcase was ready. I was going to go down and buy a lot of nice Moroccan interior. It just did not happen. I had romanticized the city beforehand and had set the expectation barrier far too high.

What I least expected was a chaotic "souk", and the only thing they said to the tons of sellers was a nice "no thank you", time and time again. Morocco should probably get another chance, but then it should be a round trip in the country, and probably only a few days in Marrakech.

These were my 5 most amazing travel destinations. Have you considered what yours is? I will definitely go out and find some more.

Nice trip.

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Rikke Bank Egeberg

Rikke, who studies intercultural market studies on a daily basis and with a bachelor's degree in Spanish language and culture from the University of Copenhagen, has always been very inquisitive in the world. Meeting new cultures and traveling to Spanish-speaking countries is always at the top of the wish list. In addition to local bus trips through banana plantations, where the door is always open and half farms are included as passengers, sailing is also one of her favorite modes of travel with an expectation of exploring the Caribbean by boat after graduation. Rikke has also lived in Costa Rica, Barcelona and Colombia.




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