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Cayman to China - 5 beautiful destinations

Brazil - Rio - Travel - Mountains
There are so many amazing places in the world, but some still manage to make a bigger impression than others. Emma has found her five best travel memories. Read why these destinations can be something very special and find out which country disappointed.
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Af Emma Thiesen Nielsen

Cayman - Beach - Travel

Cayman Islands, Caribbean

Cayman Islands Or the Cayman Islands - i Caribbean is a real paradise destination with the clearest blue water, perfect for diving in, and then this is where my clear favorite beach is: Seven Mile Beach. I was so lucky to be an intern for a diving company on the Cayman, but if you travel as a tourist, the accommodation is expensive.

When I was not underwater, I often found myself on the beach. In the white sand, I spent time sunbathing and drinking cold beer, and every other Sunday I experienced rhythmic drum shows live on the beach in the evening heat.

Every Friday you could find me at the local diving bar Rackams, where there were free 'Friday hotwings and curry fries'. It is definitely worth a visit, especially when traveling like me on a low budget. Also remember to taste the local delicacy, conch, which is found in most places on the Cayman Islands.

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Brazil - Rio - Travel - Mountains

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I arrived in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, just when the carnival started. As I drove through the city from the airport to my hostel, I quickly got an impression of how amazing a city Rio is. I was excited and ready to spend the next six months of my life in these amazing surroundings.

High mountains, wide beaches and streets filled with dancing, colorful and happy people. The city has everything one could dream of. When the carnival was over, the amazing energy continued. One has to experience the city to understand how amazing it is.

The best memories from Rio include hiking on the mountain Dois Irmãos, football match on the Maracanã, beach day in Ipanema and Monday street party Pedra do Sal. I will definitely be back!

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France - Corsica - Travel

Corsica, France

I lived for three months on this beautiful Mediterranean island, which belongs to France. Delicious cheap wine, good French and Italian inspired food and fantastic nature. I lived in the small beach town of L'Île Rousse. The small streets were filled with small shops and cozy restaurants.

I managed to be on a number of excursions, where I tried my hand at it canyoning, cliff diving og ziplining. Perfect island if you love to be active.

I spent most evenings on the beach with my colleagues. Here we played 'champagne pong', heard music and enjoyed the heat continuing all night. I look forward to coming back and enjoying the island as a tourist sometime in the future.

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Pai - Thailand - Travel

Pai, Thailand

This small town in the north of Thailand has a great atmosphere. The atmosphere is a bit like on a small island, but the city is located in the mountains and therefore has no beaches. In the small streets and bars there is a wonderful hippie energy.

I lived in a 'circus hostel', where you sleep in small tent-shaped wooden huts. In the large common outdoor area, people were juggling, practicing yoga or doing various silly games. From the hostel there is a great view of the mountains.

One of the days we rented scooters and drove around the busy mountain roads. We drove up and saw waterfalls and visited a giant statue depicting a white buddha.

I'm glad I also got to visit the northern part which can do something other than the otherwise also delicious Thai islands further south.

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China - Tianjin - Travel

Tianjin and Chengdu, China

I lived half a year in China, where I spent most of my time being an English teacher in the million-strong city of Tianjin, located 40 minutes by light rail from Beijing in the northeastern part of the country.

In Tianjin, I was at a traditional Chinese wedding, I learned how to make dumplings, and I danced at the wildest nightclubs.

After living and working in Tianjin, I was moved Chengdu inside the middle of China to help in a department there. I could quickly feel that there was a big difference between the two cities.

I was especially pleasantly surprised by the food. In Chengdu, the food is stronger and then it just tastes absolutely amazing. Chengdu offers a lively nightlife, delicious street food - and of course pandas.

Singapore - Travel - skyscrapers

Bottom position: Singapore

Singapore is a very expensive big city that did not manage to seduce me. I was on holiday with my family in Singapore and we lived in the huge villa of some acquaintances in a very privileged but deserted area. The big city did not make a big impression on me and I remember it as a bit boring compared to so many other cities.

I was with my family at the famous Raffles Long Bar to try the drink 'Singapore Sling', but I do not think it was worth the money. One night we went to the night zoo, which I remember best for their giant big bats that flew around our ears. An experience I could well have been apart of…

The city definitely has more to offer and I am also of the belief that one has to be in a city for a long time to really understand and appreciate it. So far, however, I have to admit that Singapore unfortunately could not compete with my best experiences abroad.

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It was great to be allowed to dive daily Cayman, become part of the culture of Brazil, stay right on the beach at Corsica, spend the night at a circus hostel in Thailand and work with amazing children in China.

I would very much like to go back and experience all the places again, but I also know that new experiences and undiscovered favorite destinations around the world await me.

About the author

Emma Thiesen Nielsen

Emma is very adventurous and loves to experience new cultures. Since she was very young, her family has taken her on explorations around the world.

She has subsequently lived and worked in China, Corsica, the Cayman Islands and Brazil. She loves tasting local food and exotic drinks. Because of his time as a bartender at a beer bar, tasting local beers is always a must. For Emma, ​​it is important to understand the local culture and get to know the locals.

She is in the process of taking a professional bachelor's degree in International Hospitality Management and has been trained as a Divemaster along the way. She dreams of being able to open her own hostel in the future.

Some of the best memories from Emma's adventures are from carnival in Rio, helicopter ride in New York, Chinese New Year in Shanghai, diving on the Cayman Islands, New Year in Bangkok, jungle party in Cambodia and cliff diving in Corsica.



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