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Jamaica ka 'it all - insider guide to reggae island

Jamaica is rastafari, reggae, rum, sun beach and big smiles. Sarah-Ann Hunt takes you to the happy Caribbean island that knows it all.
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Jamaica ka 'it all - insider guide to reggae island is written by Sarah-Ann Hunt.

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Jamaican me crazy!

"When I came by ship to Jamaica, there was a huge party, yes it was everyone on the island who danced ', and I do not know who was the best.

Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica - we dance all night in Jamaica. ”

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Most Danes can probably sing along to the chorus of the calypso-happy old children's song, and like Jamaica, it can be hard to get out of your head once you have become a little 'jamai-crazy'.

Just like in the song, it's hard to choose who or what was best, because there's actually not much that can not be done in Jamaica, because Jamaica can do it all.

Exotic Exodus

The small island state in Caribbean invites not only to party, reggae colors and ballad. The country's nature, culture and cheerful population welcomes you inside and welcome - and as I said, there is a lot to offer. From chalk-white sandy beaches, palmesus and azure waves to jungle green mountains, wild mangroves and lush rainforests.

The alternating tropical and subtropical climates make little Jamaica a major supplier of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Here you can visit sugar, coffee and spice plantations and coconut, pineapple and dragon fruit farms.

Jamaican cuisine benefits from the large selection and is especially characterized by yams, yucca, breadfruit and ackee apples, often served with national dishes jerk chicken, salted fish, coconut cake and pea soup.

A bit quirky, the beer Red Stripe and rum punch are actually also considered desserts, but it may not be so strange when the country is also known for its many rum tastings and rum distilleries.

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Pirates and pop culture

Jamaica has been under Spanish and British occupation alternately. The island has also been a stronghold and refuge for slaves, pirates and smugglers. Later it became the center of the famous reggae music, whose recognizable rhythms still pulsate in the blood and consciousness of the people.

1930s Rastafarian culture with its dreadlocks, ganja and red / yellow / green colors adorn and characterize the country to this day. And if you did not know better, you would think that even the traffic lights were inspired by the national hero Bob Marley.

The music continues to thrive in both country and city, where well-hidden speakers and scratchy sound systems offers dance in more modern genres, such as reggeaton, ska, dub and dancehall.

Thus, there is always a concert to go to or a street corner to hang out at, whether you are at one of the finer hotels or newer cruise towns near Montego Bay, Port Royal and Ocho Rios, or whether you are just driving around downtown in Kingston's big city alarm and suburban slum.

Jamaica, with its great history, political divisions, changing religions and revolutions, has great, but also exciting, contrasts. It is therefore a greater experience to move through the poorer neighborhoods and ghettos of the Trenchtown district, which are home to great international stars such as Usain Bolt and Jimmy Cliff.

It's pretty cool to walk along the country road where the world's fastest man trained in rock clappers and actually be able to follow in Bob Marley's footsteps from the time he could not afford a pair of shoes.

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Smile, bro!

As a previous travel guide and globetrotter, I have visited over 50 countries in the world, but Jamaica is one of the destinations and cultures I have been most looking forward to visiting. When you look forward so much to something, you can easily go and be disappointed, but my 20-day long tour was instead a long uninterrupted highlight.

From climbing the famous Dunn's River Falls waterfall park to river cruises and nightly excursions on bamboo rafts in the luminescent lagoon. From rock jumping, room tasting and live music at the famous Rick's Café to horseback riding at sunsets along Treasure and Seven Mile Beach.

On the beaches, flea and local markets offer everything from giant conch shells, batik sweaters and voodoo dolls to good vibrations and 'ganja muffins' so you can be baked in the sun in more ways than one…

Finally, do not deceive yourself for a stay in the local rasta village, Rastafari Village, where true Rasta men teach cooking, simple life and the Jamaican dialect. So I spent a whole day in the kitchen garden with my teacher Lionman and a machete in hand, while we, smiling and smiling, walked around shouting "Yeah, man!" and "Smile, I guess!".

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Don't worry be happy - life is fully lived in Jamaica

Some of the most beautiful things about Jamaica are actually the people of the country, because the Jamaicans are cute, funny and quirky. Before you know it, you've given five strangers a huge hug, entered a joint rolling competition, or won the local karaoke night by imitating dolphin sounds, as happened to me.

I'm not the type to sing, but in Jamaica I did nothing else - and as an incarnated Bob Marley fan, I was especially looking forward to the visit. Bob Marley Museum. The museum actually consists of Bob Marley's original residence, record company and sound studio, so it was a bit like letting a child loose in Disneyland, when we finally arrived.

The charismatic guide Stephen showed us around one room at a time, each time starting his narrative by breaking out into song. And to my own surprise, I accompanied him every single time. In the souvenir shop, I went crazy in rasta hats, music posters and signed CDs, even though I no longer own a CD player.

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It's hard to keep yourself and your smile back on Jamaica, and why should one? You fall in love with the lid, get something for your money and an experience of a lifetime, so it's hard not to get a little jamai-crazy.

Good trip to the Caribbean, good trip to Jamaica.

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About the travel writer

Sarah-Ann Hunt

Sarah-Ann Hunt is half Danish / half English, has visited the Earth's seven continents and traveled in more than 48 different countries around the world. She has traveled in many ways both alone and in groups, as a volunteer and volunteer, guest and long-distance sailor, language school student and student, and traveled privately and professionally.
Sarah-Ann has been a travel guide, hiking guide and researcher over several seasons for both Danish and foreign travel companies, including the world's largest adventure company; the British-Canadian G Adventures.
She is an ambassador for Svendborg Maritime Academy and currently works as a ship officer for Maersk Line. Therefore, the next adventure takes place at sea and the trip goes i.a. through the Suez Canal, across the Indian Ocean and towards the Far East.

In 2020, Sarah-Ann has released debut book YOLO, which is a travel novel that takes the reader around the globe on breathtaking, action-packed, fun and subtle adventures. The book has been almost 3 years in the making and hits the spot at a time when most people unfortunately have to content themselves with dreaming far away from the sofa and the four walls of the home.

Alongside the journey and the work of writing, Sarah-Ann Hunt also holds exciting travel lectures.




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