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National parks in the USA: You must experience these 5

USA - Arches National Park - Travel
Here is a list of five overlooked national parks in the state of Utah you just have to experience.

National parks in the USA: You must experience these 5 is written by Michael Bo Christensen

Utah is more than just a state

I am often asked which American state I liked best. That's a great question because it gives me a good opportunity to talk about Utah and its unique national parks.

Utah's name comes from "Ute", meaning "Land of the Sun".

It is also the name of the Ute Indian tribe that lived here before the whites came. The Ute were feared by both settlers and the Navajo tribe, with whom the Ute were often at war. The Ute Indians called themselves "People of the mountains", which fits well, as 60% of the state lies at an altitude of over 1600 metres.

Utah has five national parks that can all compete with places like the Grand Canyon. Many Danes have also visited Zion and Bryce in particular, as many travel agencies guide them to. Unfortunately, many national parks such as the Arches, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef overlook. It's a shame.

All five parks are fairly close to each other and can be reached within two and a half hours.

Several of the roads used are in the category "Scenic Drive" or "Scenic Byways" - that is, particularly beautiful routes. These are often as great experiences as the destination itself.

There are also several state-of-the-art state parks and nature areas such as Goblin Valley State Park and Devils Garden.

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USA - Virgin River in Zion - travel

Zion: One of the more famous national parks in the United States

Zion's mountains and valleys are a palette of impressions. The Virgin River winds its way through this area, best seen from the numerous hiking trails that exist.

Some are easy, while others are both demanding and terrifying. The road into Zion from the east is perhaps the most beautiful I have seen USA.

USA - Bryce - National Parks USA - Travel

Bryce Canyon National Park: One of the beautiful national parks in the United States

Bryce Canyon National Park offers the rock formations "hoodoos" in world class, and is easy to explore with the many marked trails.

In the evening, you should look up and experience the milky way, which is clearly visible in this area.

USA - Scenic Drive, Capitol Reef - travel

One of the most overlooked national parks in the United States: Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park is a slightly overlooked national park that contains unforgettable experiences.

Google Maps leads one around the area, which is perhaps the reason why many do not know it. Here there are Scenic Drives, arches, good walking routes, green and beautiful.

Canyonlands National Park: One of the national parks in the USA that resembles the Grand Canyon

In Canyonlands National Park you should see a number of lookouts that make you think of the Grand Canyon.

Don't miss Dead Horse Point State Park, just up the road from the national park.

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USA - National Parks in the USA - Arches - double window - travel

Arches National Park

Arches is a natural phenomenon in the category "Rocks with holes", created by water from when the area was covered by sea. One should walk up to Delicate Arch, which is the park's landmark. Arches is one of the photographers' favorite places all year round.

Good trip to the many national parks in the USA, good trip to Utah.

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About the author

Michael Bo Christensen

Michael Bo Christensen owns the travel site
Michael has a special love for small unknown natural gems, which probably do not remain unknown. He is accustomed to the Indian reservations and has a great knowledge of these.

With his travel site as a back catalog, Michael likes to give lectures on his almost 20 trips to the USA. Over the last 40 years, he has developed a close and loving relationship with the Americans and greatly appreciates their immediate and accommodating manner.

Many self-drive travelers get a hand out of Michael when their itinerary needs to be knitted together, and so do several travel agencies when product developing their travels.

Michael works on a daily basis as a school educator, and in his spare time he swings the sticks in jazz and swing bands and enjoys his family.



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