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Brixental - activities for the whole family

Brixental is an obvious winter destination in Austria for both young and old. Close to Tyrol with beautiful snow-covered landscapes, where you can both ski and go tobogganing.

Brixental - activities for the whole family af Celina Jarnit Petersen

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Brixen am Thale or Brixental?

I Austria alps you will find snow-capped Brixental. Here magnificent nature and fun skiing activities go hand in hand. The area, located in Tyrol, offers, among other things, two family-friendly ski areas; Kitzbühel-Kirchberg and SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental as well as an idyllic mountain landscape.

On top of it all is the cozy mountain town of Brixen am Thale of Celtic origin, which has stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

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Brixental is a ski holiday for both big and small

In the ski areas Kitzbühel-Kirchberg and SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental, all ages pass by on skis and snowboards. Brixental is, along with Kleinwalsertal, namely known for the family-friendly activities. The area has both ski schools and a ski kindergarten for the little ones.

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Tobogganing and a beautiful evening ski trip

In addition to skiing, you can also go on a fun toboggan ride down snow-covered hills. And for those who are awake for a long time, there is ample opportunity for a beautiful evening ski trip, where you can drive through the light snow in the dark.

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In addition to the active ski resorts, there are also quieter hiking trails and almost untouched nature areas. Here you can enjoy the white glistening surroundings in peace and quiet without getting too much sweat on your forehead.

If you move around the area, small, cozy restaurants will appear where you can fill up with new energy on the body - before you go out again and experience everything that Brixental has to offer.

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Igloo, paragliding and horseback riding

If you want to go on adventures in the region, but leave your ski boots on, then Brixental offers a lot of fun activities without skiing and snowboarding. It is possible to ice climb in Kirchberg. If you are looking for an experience with more adrenaline, you can try paragliding across the valley in Westendorf, and see it all from a bird's perspective.

If you want to take the whole family on adventures, you can go on a trip where you are equipped with snowshoes and try your hand at building an igloo.

After some active hours in the ski areas, you can also continue the day riding through the valley. On horseback you can see the mountain landscape from a new angle. In other words; there are fun nature experiences both with and without skis and for both big and small in Brixental.

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Really good fun on the slopes!

About the author

Celina Jarnit Petersen

Celina has a cand.comm. in Danish and communication and has a great interest in cultural communication and cultural experiences. She loves to pack her suitcase and go on holiday to warmer climes.



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