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Travel to the Mediterranean is travel with sun, heat and culture. You can read more about traveling to places in the Mediterranean in the articles further down the page.

Travel here offers sun, beautiful beaches, delicious food, history and cultural experiences. You can, for example, go to Alanya in Turkey and enjoy the beautiful beaches, delicious food and history. Or you can go to Sardinia, and experience everything from golden beaches, to the finest cuisine and a completely unique cultural history. You can also go to beautiful Sicily - The largest island in the Mediterranean, and eat delicious food, see history sights, and experience the culture, or go to wonderful Malta, and visit Mdina and see its stunning baroque architecture, or go to one of the gorgeous beaches and snorkel or laze in the sun.

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Travel articles about the Mediterranean

Carinthia, Austria, banner

Sicily: A journey in spite

Sicily is a great holiday destination for many. Find out how to go on holiday in Sicily when traveling despite being in a wheelchair - just like Kirsten Kester.

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Italy: Tuscany in 5 days

Tuscany is a destination that everyone should visit. Whether it is to see the more well-known cities such as Florence and Pisa or to explore the beautiful southern ...

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