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Holidays in Ireland: Go on a round trip without a car

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If you think that it can be difficult to experience Ireland without a car, then here is a strip of good tips on how to do and where to go.

Holidays in Ireland: Go on a round trip without a car is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs.

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50 shades of green on the green island

Ireland is known for its idyllic valleys, green-clad mountains and dramatic rocky shores. The winding landscape is like being taken out of an adventure, and it can be experienced in a sea of ​​ways - even without a car.

Your car-free round trip in Ireland can hardly avoid becoming memorable both because of the surroundings and also all those you meet along the way.

There are good train and bus links and if that is not enough, it is also possible to be driven around by a private driver on your holiday in Ireland. Meanwhile, you can safely sit back and enjoy the view through the window without having to worry about the traffic on the narrow country roads and how to drive in the 'wrong' side of the road.

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Causeway Coastal Route: Visit Northern Ireland and the world-famous Giant's Causeway

We start the trip around Ireland in the north of the island. Specifically in Northern Ireland.

On the coastline between the cities Belfast and Londonderry you will find the Causeway Coastal Route. Every time the road takes a turn, new amazing views are revealed. The route is named after one of the route's - and Northern Ireland's most spectacular sights: Giant's Causeway. The thousands of hexagonal column formations that stand in the bubbling sea and are hit by one wave after another are a vision of another world.

Giant's Causeway is a magnet for the area, and it's definitely one must see on your holiday in Ireland, but there are many other attractions on the stretch along the coast of Northern Ireland.

On the Gobbins Cliff Path coastal path you get the feeling of walking on the water, and on Northern Ireland's northernmost island Rathlin Island you can become one with nature.

In the footsteps of Game of Thrones

You can also visit the ancient castle ruins of Dunluce Castle, which is located on a cliff top right next to the water. If you think the place seems familiar, then maybe it's because it was the Greyjoy family's hangout in Game of Thrones.

In fact, Ireland has many locations from the award-winning TV series, and it is also possible to book a guided full-day tour in the footsteps of Game of Thrones, so you get it all. Most of the tours are based in Belfast.

The trip up to the scenic coastal area in the north could not be easier. There are regular trains and buses between Dublin and Belfast. If you take the train, it costs about 200 kroner, and then it only takes two hours before you can sniff the fresh, Northern Irish sea air. The bus takes a little longer due to the traffic in and out of the cities, but in return costs half.

How you want to experience the many sights is entirely up to you, but you have the option of package solutions with guided tours, and otherwise you can by bus and train organize your trip as you want from Belfast.

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Visit the Wild West Coast on your holiday in Ireland

If you are into wild nature experiences - and who are not - you should experience the wild west coast of Ireland on your trip to Ireland. The trip along the coast is rightly called 'Wild Atlantic Way', and here you will be greeted by the most formidable views of the cliffs, a swirling saltwater breeze and cozy harbor towns.

From the tip of Ireland's northernmost point Malin Head to Kinsale in the south there are about 2.500 kilometers if you have to take it all with you, but smaller ones can do it too. You can take the train to many cities on the coast and go out and explore the surroundings and countryside from there, but you can also experience it all on a guided tour by bus. Or how about taking some of the stretch by bike? Then you really get to feel Ireland.

Lonely Planet and National Geographic have named the Atlantic coastline one of the best road trips in the world. And there is really nothing to say about that. On the trip you will meet a sea of ​​sights that are worth stopping by.

The Connemara region is known for its “wild beauty” and is a perfect place to experience authentic Ireland, both in terms of nature and culture. This is also where most people have Gaelic Irish as their mother tongue, so you can really get your language skills trained.

If you pull on your hiking boots, you will also pass the cliffs at 'Slieve League', where there are both hiking routes for families and for the experienced hiker. You can also visit the charming towns of County Mayo and experience the crystal blue waters of Keem Bay.

Whatever attractions draw you in, it would be a good idea to set aside at least a week to experience the west coast. It is possible to find package tours that include all the train tickets you need, guided tours to sights and delicious bed and breakfasts where you can stay overnight. You can also easily take it as it comes and buy tickets along the way.

Book your place for the Atlantic Road here

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Holidays in Ireland: Follow in the footsteps of the Vikings

Ireland is a country with a colossal history. Over the last 5000 years, ancient monuments, monasteries and idyllic towns have withstood countless historical trials. Not least the Vikings have had a great impact on Ireland's historical development.

When traveling in historic Eastern Ireland in the area called 'Ireland's Ancient East', you will discover that everything and everyone you meet on your way has a great story to tell. It is precisely these mysterious stories that make the region so special. And telling stories - preferably over a whiskey or a dark beer - is one of the most central things in Irish culture.

The ancient Vikings made their entry into the region by, among other things, founding Ireland's oldest city, Waterford - which at the time was named Vædderfjord.

You can also go on adventures in the green valleys of County Wicklow, where old mansions and enchanting castles are located. It is also here where the famous sacred village of Glendalough lies in the idyllic countryside. It is also a must see.

Close Dublin you can visit the historical tomb monument Brú Na Bóinne, which means 'Palace of the Boyne', and can be dated all the way back to the younger Iron Age, long before the Vikings arrived on the green island.

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All roads lead to Dublin

With so many wide-ranging sights to experience, it's lucky that it's super easy to get around Ireland without a car. You can take various railway routes, bus connections or guided bus tours. The possibilities are many, but you will soon discover that Dublin is a hub on a round trip in Ireland.

Many tours originate from Dublin, and if you have to travel from one region of Ireland to another - especially by train - you will most likely get through the big city. Therefore, the recommendation from here is that you book your flight to Dublin, because then the whole of Ireland is at your feet and you can find train tickets og bus tickets here for the journey.

See a lot more about what to see on a tour of Ireland here

Have a good holiday in Ireland!

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Holidays in Ireland: Sights and Attractions in Ireland

  • Giant's Causeway
  • Gobbin's Cliff Path
  • Rathlin Island
  • Dunluce Castle
  • The Game of Thrones locations
  • Slieve league
  • Keem Bay
  • Glendalough
  • Bru Na Bóinne

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