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Holiday in Norway: 15 places you must travel to

Norway is and will be a popular travel destination among Danes, as it is an impressive travel country and easy to get to.
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Holiday in Norway: 15 places you must travel to is written by The editorial staff RejsRejsRejs.

Mountains - Road - Landscape

Norway as a summer destination

Norway is one of those places where you can easily find your own little cozy favorite places and big impressive nature experiences. We have several articles on some of our own favorites in the big country such as northern lights in Alta and the world's longest fjord, Sognefjord.

But of course we are also interested in our readers' favorites. We have a lot of traveled people inside ours travel community on Facebook, who can recommend good cities and destinations all over the world and of course also Norway. Read along here and get tips for winter and summer holidays in Norway.

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Bergen-Norway flag

Bergen is Norway's wettest city

Located on the west coast of Norway, you will find Bergen, which is Norway's second largest city with lots of market town charm in the form of colorful buildings and narrow cobbled streets. The city is surrounded by 'De syv fjelde' and is called 'Westland's capital'.

In addition to that, Bergen is known for its many rainy days – up to 239 days a year – but despite that, the city offers a lot of wonderful experiences.

Bryggen in Bergen is on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its characteristic architecture, which takes us back to the markets and life on the harbor in the 1200th century.

Today, Bryggen's buildings form the framework for museums and small specialist shops, galleries and eateries, all of which are well visited by both tourists and locals.

train - the mountains

With the Bergen line from Oslo to Bergen

When you go to Bergen, you can take the Bergen line from the capital Oslo to Bergen. The railway is one of the highest in Europe and takes you up over the Hardangervidda at an altitude of 1237 meters.

On the 7-hour train ride you come from Oslo's cultural offerings through beautiful nature with lakes, valleys, hillsides and deep forests. You can choose to disembark along the way and river rafting in Voss, zipline in Geilo or take Norway's most beautiful bike ride 'Rallarvegen' in Finse, which is the highest stop on the route before the train continues towards Bergen and the coast.

Sørøya Norway flag

Holiday on Norway's most beautiful island – Sørøya

Sørøya is known as one of Norway's most beautiful islands with its beautiful Norse nature and fjords. The island has 1100 inhabitants, and here you can, among other things, walk across the meadows to the 12,5 high landmark from 1853, which is located on the edge of a mountain that plunges into havet.

Not only do you get to completely relax in the beautiful nature, you are actually also disconnected from internet coverage, as the signal from the mainland simply does not reach the island. Absolutely perfect if your holiday in Norway is to be a break from everyday life. Take a map with you and familiarize yourself with the conditions on the island.

Lillehammer Norway flag

Olympics in Lillehammer

Despite the name, the former Olympic host city of Lillehammer has a large palette of experiences to offer - especially for families with children. Among other things, you and your children can experience Garmo Stave Church from the 1300th century, Hunderfossen Adventure Park, Lillehammer Art Museum or the Norwegian Olympic Museum.

When you've had enough of the many different experiences, you can enjoy the delicious local gastronomy. Lillehammer is known for its tasty cuisine, which is based on good, fresh ingredients from the local area.

Ask for elk meat, local vegetables, fish or salted meat, but don't leave Lillehammer without also trying brown cheese – Norway's favorite cheese.

Norway flag Jotunheimen

Northern Europe's largest mountain area - Jotunheimen

Lace up your hiking boots; you have to go out in Northern Europe's largest mountain area. Jotunheimen has both hiking routes for beginners and for experienced hikers.

On your route around Jotunheimen you will encounter waterfalls, rivers, lakes, glaciers and valleys and high mountains, where the landscape with its vast expanses, fresh air and rippling sounds will envelop you and your mind can run free.

Should the hiking boots have a break, there is also the possibility of rafting, cycling, horseback riding or climbing. You will experience nature in a completely different way and find out what it has more to offer.

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Bodø Norway flag

Holiday in Norway in diverse Bodø

In addition to hiking and nature, Bodø is the city in the north. The small town has everything from music festivals, cultural offerings, street art and delicious restaurants. When you are full of the city's colorful and tasteful experiences, Bodø also offers an adrenaline-filled 'RIB trip' to the world's strongest maelstrom.

Whether it is summer or winter, Bodø on Norway's northwest coast will no doubt impress you. In the summer you will experience endless nights when the midnight sun never sets, while in the winter you can see the northern lights dancing across the sky. A magical experience.

Lofoten Norway flag

Lofoten - Norway's nature mecca

Lofoten is brilliant for nature lovers. On every hike you will be rewarded with incredibly beautiful views, fresh mountain air and red cheeks. If you are not up for hiking in Norway's mountains, there is the option of fishing trips in the northern Atlantic. Obviously, if you are looking for a different experience on your summer holiday in Norway. Maybe you can catch a big cod?


Norway's adventurous Rondane

Rondane is Norway's first national park and offers hiking experiences for the whole family. The children can join trips around the Norwegian mountains and to the top of Formokampen and experience impressive views and crystal clear lakes.

Stop at the lakes and take a refreshing dip, row a canoe or try to catch a fish - then lunch is saved.

Rondane also offers beautiful waterfalls. Visit the waterfalls Ulafossen and Brudesløret on one of your hikes around the mountain and be inspired by the fairytale surroundings.

Rondane is a destination you can visit all year round; in winter it is simply done on cross-country skis, where you can move from hut to hut and enjoy delicious waffles when you arrive.

Rjukan Norway flag

Rjukan is on the UNESCO list

Norway offers more from the UNESCO World Heritage List. The crossroads from 1928 takes you up over the industrial area, which is on the list, and you can quickly get to the top of the mountains. Alternatively, you can take the Gaustabanen to the top of Gaustatoppen.

The Gaustabanen is an exciting experience – especially for children – when you ride a tram through the mountain and all the way to the top. At the top you can experience a beautiful 360 degree panoramic view over southern Norway. An experience a little out of the ordinary for your summer holiday in Norway.

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Norway flag Skien Telemark

Skien and Telemark - experience Norway's clear waters

On a holiday in Norway, you must not deceive yourself to also experience Norway's nature from the water side. Board the Henrik Ibsen in Skien, where you can sail through Telemark's canals and experience the fairytale green landscape reflected in the canal. And the region is particularly known for adventure.

We can understand that too - visit, for example, Heddal Stave Church and let yourself be captivated by its fairytale universe.

Norway flag Flåm

Flåm - Norway's Grand Canyon

In Flåm, you can jump on one of the world's most spectacular train rides in the magnificent Norwegian nature. The train takes you to the Aurlandsfjord, which once again places Norway on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Stop along the way and take a look out over the Aurlandsfjord, which moves beautifully through the landscape 650 meters below your feet.

If you want to be right up close to the water, you should go on a fjord cruise. You will be spoiled with delicious dishes on board the boat as you sail through Norway's answer to the Grand Canyon. Definitely an experience that will make your summer holiday in Norway unforgettable.

If you are into action, then you need to zipline across the valley. It is the Nordic region's longest cable car with just under 1.400 meters. Be prepared for high speed; you can reach over 100 km per hour.


Trondheim - Norway's Amsterdam

When you have said Trondheim, you have also said bicycle. Trondheim is the city of bicycles, and the bicycle is the preferred means of transport when you travel around the colorful, charming city. Spend the morning lounging around the city streets and crossing the bridges over the canals.

When hunger strikes, grab a lunch at one of the many cozy cafes. In the afternoon you can look in all the different specialty shops before eating a delicious dinner in the evening at one of the gourmet restaurants - and there are many of them.

norway flag romsdalen

Romsdalen - hiking in a class of its own

Romsdalen is another one of Norway's fantastic hiking destinations and an obvious option if you are considering a holiday in Norway. In the summer, the steep hillsides are covered in lush green colors that form the framework for unique hiking routes. If you are looking for magnificent nature and breathtaking views, this is the perfect destination for your summer holiday in Norway.

In addition to beautiful and fresh hiking routes, Romsdalen is also the place where climbers and parachutists gather for adrenaline-filled activities.


Åndalsnes has Norway's best view

We end the 15 favorite places with Åndalsnes. Åndalsnes is a hiking mecca for everything from children and beginners to experienced hikers. It is the perfect destination for an active summer holiday in Norway. Åndalsnes is also a popular destination in winter, as there are plenty of opportunities for off-piste skiing.

You must not leave Åndalsnes without having experienced one of Norway's best panoramic views. Head up to the viewing platform and see the 11 hairpin turns. And if you're really cool, you can grab them by bike.

Thanks to the readers for good tips for holidays in Norway.

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