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Split and Brac in Croatia: Top 5 Things to See in Split & Surroundings

Croatia, Split, view, city, sea, mountains, travel
If you go out along the Croatian coast and visit the city of Split, you can get a little of everything - and more.
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Split and Brac in Croatia: Top 5 Things to See in Split & Surroundings is written by Cecilie Saustrup Kirk.

Croatia - split, Dalmatia, footbridge - travel


One of the truly overlooked gems in Europe must be Croatia.

For whether you belong to those who love hiking og active holiday outdoors, loves culture or is a water dog, has Croatia something for you. And if you head out along the coast and all the way down to Split in the southern tip of the country, there really is something to pick up on the travel experience front.

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Croatia, Split, view, city, sea, mountains

Split - feel the history of Dalmatia's capital

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and the largest in the Dalmatia region, located along the Croatian coast.

The city is surrounded by mountains to the far side and the Adriatic Seahavet to the other. This combination means, as the local guide could tell, that during the whole summer season there will be maybe 3-4 days of rain. Not anymore. In other words, a perfect destination for those looking for guaranteed sun on holiday.

In Split you will find a fantastic mix of ancient culture and modern conveniences that make it easy to visit as a tourist.

The heart of the city is built in and around the palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian. The palace dates from the 4th century and, despite its age, is the hub of the city of Split today.

Even if the palace is on UNESCO's World Heritage List, then completely normal people live in the old buildings of the palace. Here are also delicious restaurants, good cafes and nice little shops.

However, certain parts of the palace have been converted into a museum and are therefore incredibly well preserved. It provides a completely unique opportunity to experience how culture and people meet and how history lives on in the present.

If you want to stay in the middle of the glories, then the hotel can Cornaro clearly recommended with its lovely rooms, friendly staff and not least a magnificent breakfast buffet.

Right next to the palace you will find the city's cathedral.

It is an adorable little church that is lavishly decorated and it is definitely worth a visit. If you are smart, you buy the combi ticket, which also gives access to the church's crypt, the ancient temple of Jupiter and last but not least: to the bell tower.

The bell tower is not for those who suffer from fear of heights, but if you can overcome the fear, you will get a great view of the city, the marina and the surrounding mountains.

Split is also an obvious city to use as a base and explore some of the smaller towns and islands of the Dalmatia region such as Brac, Trogir and Trilj.

Brac - active island holiday a la the Balkans

Another thing that makes Split an excellent resort is the easy access to the ferries that lead to some of Croatia's countless islands such as Brac.

With over 1000 islands, there is plenty of opportunity to frolic havet, do island hopping from island to island and taste everything good from the Adriatichavet. One of these islands is just an hour's sail from Split, namely Brac.

Brac is Dalmatia's largest island and lays the groundwork for a sea of ​​experiences. The town of Supetar is a little gem in itself and the winding mountain roads with the stunning views are well worth the trip.

Visit the famous Golden Horn Beach on Brac. It changes shape depending on wind, weather and current and is one of Croatia's best known landmarks.

If you go up into the mountains, Brac gives you the opportunity for some really beautiful walks. If you need to challenge yourself a bit, then you can walk down to the old convent of Blaca and step into a small time pocket of religious seclusion.

However, it requires that you have the leg clothes in order, because the walk up is a bit of a challenge for most people, but the sweetness of victory is also noticeable when you reach the top and can say "I did it!".

Brac is definitely worth a visit.

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Trogir - Venetian watchtower and window washing

Less than 30 kilometers west of Split is another gem that has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The town of Trogir is a glorious little town of 14.000 inhabitants, where the entire city center is preserved in Venetian style.

Trogir was originally an island and is now permanently connected to the mainland by bridge, making it easy to visit. Visit the incredibly beautiful church in the heart of the city for a paltry 25 kroner and have a wonderful experience. Or explore the small winding streets where the laundry lines hang from window to window.

If you go down to the waterfront, you also get a direct view of the remains of the old watchtower, which was supposed to protect the city from pirates and foreign powers that attacked from havet.

Croatia, Trogir, fortress, castle,

Trillion - up in the heights in impressive surroundings

If you are more into land than water, then you need a trip up into the mountains.

Set course for the town of Trilj, and be ready to explore the ancient culture and not least the beautiful nature. The experiences start already on the way up there, because the drive is extraordinarily beautiful with views of mountains, rivers and small villages.

In the town of Trilj you have the opportunity to move a little and feel the pulse rise, because here there is plenty of opportunity to go hiking or biking in the mountains, go kayaking or river rafting in the rivers and ride on horseback through the beautiful countryside.

If you are looking for a bit of culture, the ruins of an ancient Roman fortress, Tilurium, are located up here in the mountains.

A short distance away is also a small church, which is quite beautiful in itself, but which really stands out with its wonderful view over Trilj town.

Game of Thrones in Split and surroundings

Croatia has made a name for itself in recent years - at least if you are one of those who have watched the well-known TV series Game of Thrones.

The city of Dubrovnik, further down the coast, has been the backdrop for many recordings for the series, but Dalmatia has also contributed its own.

Among other things, in the city of Split itself, you can visit the caves in which Daenerys keeps his dragons trapped. They are part of the underground spaces at Diocletian's Palace, and in fact they are the largest underground spaces from Roman times in the whole world.

Another well-known film setting is Klis fortress, which is located just over 13 kilometers from Split. The fortress has existed for more than 2000 years, but has always aimed to protect the pass that led through the mountains around Split.

Over time, it has been occupied by kings and knights, Christians and Muslims, Romans and Ottomans, making it a completely unique experience - also for those who enjoy Game of Thrones. The view from Klis fortress alone makes the whole trip out there worthwhile.

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Split shows the way

When you consider where the trip should go in Southern Europe in the future, Split is a very good offer if you want a little of everything: Beautiful culture, good beaches and delicious food.

Good trip to Split. Good trip to Croatia.

The editors were invited by Visit Dalmatia. All positions are, as always, the editorial staff's own.

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Cecilie Saustrup Kirk

For Cecilie, the world is her playground, and the more often she gets out there, the better.

She has traveled most of her life and experienced everything from the romantic streets of Paris to Tokyo's electronic neon signs and Accra's scenic game parks.

She loves to look for the hidden gems in culture, experiences and food, and always prefers the local food stall and the authentic performances, rather than the international chain stores.

She has lived in South Korea for half a year, and is determined to live in another country again sometime in the future.

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