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Holidays in Gran Canaria - 5 of the most beautiful places

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Are you going to Gran Canaria on holiday? Gran Canaria is much more than what we know. Here are 5 insider tips for the island.

Holidays in Gran Canaria - 5 of the most beautiful places is written by Per Wium

Spain. Melenara Travel

Holidays in Gran Canaria - visit Melenara

A lot of Danes have been on holiday in Gran Canaria, and they Canary Islands are something in themselves, even though they really are Spain. Gran Canaria is not just Gran Canaria; therefore, here are some insider tips for the island. We start in Melenara.

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Melenara is a small local town with a magnificent beach. It is located between the airport and the capital Las Palmas. That is, on the east coast. This is where the Spaniards themselves come and they can enjoy a sandy beach of the best quality.

If you want to stay cheap, the city has a hostel, Hostel Albacar Melenara, located 400 meters from the beach area. Along the beach are good fish restaurants and cozy cafes.

The sand is black, and one theory is that the Canaries have just chosen sand that does not initially attract northern European tourists. A characteristic feature of Melenara is the large Neptune statue standing out in the water.

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Spain, San Agustín Travel

Saint Augustine

San Agustín is located just east of the famous Playa del Inglés. The beach at San Agustín has black sand and is popular. Along the beach are the large beach hotels. There are also bungalows, and several of these can be rented on AirBNB and other portals.

There are no high mountains in San Agustín - and therefore almost never shade. Unlike, for example, popular Puerto Rico, which lies down between two very high mountain sides. It provides shade either in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on the location of the hotel. In San Augustin you can enjoy the sun all day.

San Agustín is a traffic hub for several bus routes, so it is easy to get to and from by public transport. The traffic hub is within walking distance of both the beach and most of the hotels.

The area has a shopping center with many restaurants. Maybe a little too many, but the competition is great and the prices low.

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Gran canaria arguineguin


Arguineguín is located seven km south of the popular city of Puerto Rico - on the southwest coast. Here are many, many hours of sunshine all year round.

It is - unlike for example Puerto Rico - a real city with lots of locals. Arguineguín has a harbor and near it you will find a lovely beach. Arguineguín has plenty of local bars and restaurants, and the town has spread far up into the mountains.

If you are booking an apartment in the city, check the location. Many apartments are located several kilometers up in the mountains, and it is a long way to walk - especially home…

A very special attraction for bathing guests is the lovely beach Patalavaca, located just north of Arguineguín. You can walk to it in 20 minutes.

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Holidays in Gran Canaria

Tasarte and Veneguera much more holiday in Gran Canaria

Do you want to experience magnificent nature and high to the sky? Then enter the country.

Take the motorway towards Mogán. When it stops, turn right towards the town of Mogán itself. A few kilometers after this, the road splits in two. You have to turn left onto the GC-200. You now drive up the mountainside, and five to ten minutes later you have reached the top, and on the other side a magnificent landscape begins.

The areas are called Tasarte and Veneguera.

There are several places where you can stop at small rest areas, and you should definitely do that. In fine weather, it is a completely unique nature experience. Afterwards you can drive back along the same road - or you can continue north and drive clockwise around Gran Canaria.

The trip around the island takes at least an hour, but it is unique because you get through so many tableaux and types of cities.

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Spain, Gran Canaria Tasarte and Veneguera Travel


The city is located 10 km south of Las Palmas Airport, and many have seen the city from the highway as they head south. Vecindario is a real city and lots of locals live there. There is a nice atmosphere and there are lots of shops, bars and restaurants. 

The Elba Vecindario Hotel is four-star and really nice. Absolutely reasonable prices, good rooms with balcony - and not least: Pool on the roof!

The hotel Avenida de Canarias is even cheaper and less focused outdoors. An excellent hotel with cheap breakfast buffet. There is no beach at Vechindario, but by car or bus it does not take long to drive to the aforementioned San Agustin.

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Good trip to Gran Canaria - there is plenty to get started with.

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In Poland he has an apartment in the coastal town of Swinoujscie, and in Spain Per likes to travel to the Costa del Sol as well as to the Canary Islands. Per is on Gran Canaria and Tenerife for a total of about four weeks every winter.
He has a facebook page about Spain Tourist on Spanish shores and one about Swinoujscie and the area nearby Experiences in Svinoujscie. On these pages, he posts photos and short texts to inspire other travelers.

On a daily basis, Per Wium deals with music. He is a musician in the band "Something" and he gives a large number of music lectures all over the country, in fact also occasionally in Poland and Spain.
His specialty is The Beatles and their music. But also names like Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and ABBA are on Per's lecture list.

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