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Christmas market in Poland: Here you will find 6 enchanting experiences

Warsawa Christmas Market in Poland - Travel
Sponsored post. We guide you to the 6 best and coziest Christmas markets in Poland.
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Christmas market in Poland: Here you will find 6 enchanting experiences is written by The editorial staff RejsRejsRejs. This article was written in collaboration with Visit Poland.

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Christmas fun: Go to the Christmas market in Poland

Autumn has really settled over Denmark, and the cool wind has caused many to pull on their winter coats. Summer has ended. For some, this is a sadness, because it may be a long time before the heat returns. But for others, this is the start of the season, where the coming months are characterized by coziness and traditions.

Christmas in particular is high on the Danes' list of enjoyable times. And what better way to celebrate this festive season than by throwing yourself over hot mulled wine on an adventure Christmas market? Maybe even combined with a weekend trip abroad?

In many of Poland cities you will find some of the nicest and most spectacular Christmas markets. We have therefore compiled a list of our 6 favourites, which you simply must not miss.

So you can safely start planning your Christmas adventure to one of Poland's many Christmas markets. We guarantee you that an enchanting experience awaits you.

Warsaw - Christmas market - Poland

1. Warsaw – a charming Christmas market in Poland

As the first city on the list, you will naturally find Poland's capital Warsaw. The city has undergone major development within the last several years. To that extent, it has managed to rise again after the Second World War, and today functions as a vibrant metropolis with good restaurants and lots of culture.

Warsaw's Old Town is even on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

It is along the old city wall that you will find the city's charming Christmas market, which is also referred to as one of the best in all of Poland. Already from the end of November you can really get into the Christmas spirit among the many colorful Christmas stalls and bright decorations.

Here you will experience how your teeth water at the smell of gingerbread that hangs in the air above the market. Shop for Christmas gifts, go ice skating or stop to admire the huge Christmas tree in Castle Square and its thousands of twinkling lights.

If you need a breather from the Christmas rush, you can also simply spend the time enjoying a quiet moment to the sound of graceful Christmas carols. And of course with a cup of hot cocoa or mulled wine in hand to warm your fingers and soul.

Gdansk - Poland - Christmas

2. Gdansk – a Christmas market close to Denmark

Gdansk is the largest city in northern Poland, and what makes the city special is its location. Gdansk is located on a river and, with few exceptions, has been the country's largest port city since the Middle Ages. And it is easy to get to and from Denmark, both by plane and ferry.

Along the river you will find beautiful old buildings and monuments that really tell a story of glory days. This is clearly reflected in the city's architecture – and especially in the centre.

It is in the old town, which dates all the way back to the year 997, that you will find what some would describe as one of the most cozy and romantic Christmas markets in Europe.

Twinkling Christmas lights, Venetian carousels, decorated Christmas trees, chocolate-covered fruit, mulled wine and a fantastic Christmas kitchen. These are just some of the experiences you can have at this magical Christmas market in Poland. A true delight for the senses.

All around, they have even chosen to hang mistletoe, which encourages visitors to show their love for each other with a kiss. Romantic, right?

The view of the marketplace is spectacular, by the way. It is therefore not surprising that it attracts both tourists and locals throughout the Christmas month.

This Christmas market in Poland is not to be missed.

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3. Sopot – Christmas spirit & spa by the coast

The city of Sopot is probably best known as a summer destination among many Danes. The city is located on the Baltic coast in northern Poland, and is a bit of a magnet for spa and bath-loving guests.

Here you can spend many hours being pampered at one of the many spas. One can also enjoy a walk down Sopot's busy main street, Monte Cassino. Here, bars, restaurants and shops lie side by side in beautiful, old buildings.

But Sopot also has a lot to offer as we head into the colder winter months. And of course, as you have probably already guessed, it is the city's cozy Christmas market.

In December, the main street is transformed into a brilliant Christmas backdrop that lights up the street in the evening, creating an extremely inviting atmosphere. Here you can ice skate, enjoy the beautiful decorations and maybe even say hello to the Polish Santa Claus, who makes an appearance during the festive period in Sopot.

Sopot is undoubtedly worth a visit when you go to the Christmas market in Poland.

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Poland - Christmas market - winter - city - Christmas - Christmas tree

4. The Christmas market in Krakow

Poland's old royal city Krakow is an incredibly beautiful city, and probably also the most beautiful in the country. Its 1000-year-old history and architectural masterpieces attract many visitors every year. Many want to come to experience this melting pot of culture and stories.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Krakow's old town is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here you will find breathtaking old churches, monuments and beautiful squares that you can spend hours admiring.

It is one of the same market places in Krakow's city centre, Rynek Glowny, which at the end of November is transformed into a true Christmas mecca. Here you can enjoy lots of Christmas cheer and taste a sea of ​​different traditional Christmas food. Krakow's Christmas Market is a place where you can have some unusual Christmas experiences.

Enjoy a cup of the country's own form of mulled wine, grzaniec, while you watch the snow fall between Krakow's countless Christmas lights. It's Christmas time at its best.

Christmas market in Poland - Poznan

5. Poznan: A different Christmas market

You will find Poznan in western Poland, and the city is one of the oldest – and richest – in the country. Poznan is only a few hours' drive from Germany, and the city has a long and rich history, which is clearly visible when you walk around the streets.

Although the city is old, it has over time managed to develop into a modern center for street art, architecture and with a lovely kitchen for foodies.

A few of Poznan's restaurants have even been recommended in the Michelin guide, so you won't be short of wonderful dining experiences.

One of the biggest events of the year takes place at Christmas time, and the Christmas market in Poznan is something close to a spectacular experience. Also known as Poznan Bethlehem, this event draws many thousands every year.

The market is held primarily on Freedom Square, Place Wolnosci, but is spreading this year to several areas of the city. The whole of Poznan is buzzing with Christmas spirit, and the smell of mulled wine and sweets lies like a blanket over the whole city in December.

Poznan Bethlemen stands out from the other Christmas markets in Poland with its amazing Ice Sculpture Festival, which runs during the Christmas festivities. Here you can watch skilled sculptors transform blocks of ice into fabulous animals and beautiful statuettes. And don't be afraid to miss the sight, because they are allowed to stand until they melt. And this can take a long time in the cold winter months.

There is a lot to see in Poznan, and the cozy Christmas market is no exception.

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Wroclaw - Christmas market in Poland

6. Wroclaw – Christmas market in Poland for all ages

The last city on the list is Wroclaw, which you will find in the southwestern part of Poland. The city is not only known for its beautiful architecture and long history, but has for many years also been a center for culture and education.

The old town is a labyrinth of small cobbled alleys. With its more than 100 road and footbridges, it is easy to understand why the city is also called the "Venice of Poland".

In the heart of Wroclaw is one of Europe's largest market places, which in December is transformed into a true Christmas adventure. Twinkling lights, Christmas trees, food stalls and stuffed Christmas stockings adorn the square this festive season.

And it's not just for adults. If you have children with you, they will undoubtedly love the square's adventure forest. You can also enjoy the holiday together by hunting for the 350 dwarves hiding around the city.

Christmas markets in Poland are truly a fantastic experience, and undoubtedly a wonderful way to welcome Christmas. When packing your suitcase, make sure you have warm clothes. But be aware that there must also be room for both Christmas presents, Polish Christmas cracker and lots of lovely memories in there.

Really good trip to a Christmas market, really good trip to Poland.

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