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Wellness in Poland: 5 crisp spa hotels on the Baltic Sea

Here you will find great tips for spa hotels and wellness on the Baltic coast of Poland just a few hours from home.

Wellness in Poland: 5 crisp spa hotels on the Baltic Sea is written by Jacob Gowland Jørgensen.

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Wellness is hot in Poland

The lesser known part of The Baltic Sea is just a short boat ride away Denmark. The beaches are just as beautiful and long as for example at Marielyst on Falster, but there is a difference: The prices, of course, and the selection of spa and spa hotels. Wellness is hot in Poland.

You have probably been visiting northern Germany, but if you cross the border into Poland, you will find some places that stand out. And make no mistake; the level is towering in many places because they get a lot of German spa guests who want quality for the money.

Here are the editors' offer of 5 crisp spa hotels on the Polish Baltic Sea coast for your wellness stay. We have visited all the places ourselves recently and they all offer spa packages at very reasonable prices.

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Certified wellness in Poland: Hotel Shuum

Kołobrzeg is the tongue-in-cheek name of one of the most visited cities in Poland because it is located on a beautiful beach and is quite close to it German border and the ferry routes from Denmark og Sweden. For example, there is a direct ferry route to Bornholm in the summer period.

The competition between the hotels is therefore also quite large, so it is also in this area that you will find some of the best places to visit.

Hotel Shuum is a so-called 'boutique wellness hotel', which has been completely renovated and rethought and an obvious offer in the luxury class. Now everything is still much cheaper in Poland, so the prices for a double room are typically 800-900 kroner per night with excellent breakfast, yoga, spa and a lot more included.

An extra plus is their gourmet restaurant, which has received awards and where the standard nicely matches the level of the real good restaurants in Copenhagen and has its own sommelier and wine cellar. Really delicious - and cozy.

Their wellness treatments is certified and everything has been thought of in general. The hotel is rated 4,5 on Tripadvisor and is an obvious choice.

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Marine Hotel

In Kołobrzeg, the Marine Hotel is located directly on the seafront. It is a large newly renovated hotel with a mildly bizarre statue in front, which tells the story that it was here that the Danish national team lived for the European Football Championship in 2012.

Rooms are large and have sea views, and the hotel has a nice spa area with a small pool and an outdoor jacuzzi.

A double room is available from 600 kroner per night including a lot of good things. The hotel is rated 4,0 on Tripadvisor.

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Poland spa hotel - travel - Wellness in Poland - wellnes poland

SEA Hotel Resort & Spa

10 km from Kołobrzeg is one of the editors' favorites; SEA Hotel Resort & Spa.

Despite the name, it is not Danish-owned, but the hotel's name comes from a name competition among the employees, who thought that it best signaled the hotel's location and style. And so does it. It is both an elegant and cozy hotel with a really nice and relaxing atmosphere, so you feel welcome quickly.

It has a great location and is as much a modern interpretation of a seaside hotel as a spa hotel.

Rooms are available from 500 kroner per night including a lot of good things. The hotel is rated 4,0 on Tripadvisor.

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Poland Radisson Blu Resort Swinoujscie wellness in Poland

Radisson Blu Resort Swinoujscie

Swinoujscie has evolved from being a classic port town to a resort town with a wealth of new hotels and several seafront promenades with restaurants and city life. It is actually a nice area with free outdoor concerts in the summer.

Radisson Blu Resort Swinoujscie is only three years old and is a beach version of the famous hotels. It is steps from the beach right on the boardwalk and shares a huge water park and spa with the neighboring Hilton hotel.

Radisson Blu Resort Swinoujscie is available from 1000 kroner per night including a lot of delicious for your wellness stay. The hotel is rated 4,0 on Tripadvisor.

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Trzy Wyspy Hotel & Spa

Trzy Wyspy Hotel & Spa is located a few hundred meters from the Radisson Hotel in Swinoujscie and is unlike the others 'only' a 3 star hotel.

It is four years old and has a really cozy restaurant with a roof terrace and sea views. The rooms are large and neat without being flashy, and of course the hotel has a spa area for your wellness stay.

This hotel stands out in two ways: firstly, there is a really nice atmosphere with very helpful staff, and then the price level is to that extent in order.

If you visit the hotel out of season, you can get a double room for around 500 kroner per night. It includes two treatments a day per person in the beautiful wellness area - eg massage and skin treatment - as well as half board. So for 1700 kroner per person you can get a wellness stay for a whole week with most things included. It is probably not cheaper and attracts a number of mature travelers from all over Northern Europe. Then you have to live with the fact that the name is difficult to pronounce…

The hotel is rated 4,0 on Tripadvisor.

Good trip to the beautiful Polish Coast.

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The five best hotels for wellness stays in northern Poland

  • Trzy Wyspy Hotel & Spa
  • Radisson Blu Resort Swinoujscie
  • SEA Hotel Resort & Spa
  • Marine Hotel
  • Hotel Shuum

RejsRejsRejs was invited on a trip by PolenGO and the Polish Tourist Board. Attitudes and comments are, as always, our own.

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