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Spa weekend: Get beach and spa in Polish Sopot

Sopot is the perfect place for you who want an extended spa weekend
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Spa weekend: Get beach and spa in Polish Sopot is written by Laura Graf.

Spa weekend - massage

Spa weekend that doesn't cost a farm

Have you ever wanted an extended weekend that consisted of relaxation, massages and good food experiences? Where you had the opportunity to slow down and get away from the stress and rush of everyday life?

You may even have already considered it and promptly changed your mind when you saw what a spa stay cost in little Denmark. But the desire is still there - so what do you do with it?

The solution is simple: Take your yearning with you to Sopot Poland.

Sopot is the perfect place for you who want an extended spa weekend where well-being and relaxation are the focus.

The town is large enough for you to find everything you need with delicious restaurants and shops for your weekend. At the same time, it is also small enough that you really feel like you are escaping the noise and bustle of the big city.

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Perfect location for a spa weekend

Sopot is only an hour's flight from Denmark, and when you land in Gdańsk in northern Poland, it only takes you half an hour to get from the airport to the coastal city. Sopot is therefore an obvious place for a spa weekend get away.

It's close enough to Denmark that you don't feel like you're wasting your weekend on the plane. At the same time, the city is far enough away that you can really feel that you are in a new place far from the stress of everyday life.

Sopot is located next to the Baltic Sea, which makes it a delicious year-round destination.

In the summer you can swim in it havet or try your hand at several types of water sports. In winter, you can go ice-skating and take winter baths - of course with a trip to the sauna immediately afterwards.

In the spring, Sopot is a wonderful retreat for yoga enthusiasts. When autumn announces its arrival, you can find the bike helmet and go on a mountain bike tour in the beautiful countryside.

Poland's largest spa

But if there's one thing that Sopot really does well regardless of the season, it's their spa experiences.

If you decide to settle down at the wonderful hotel Sopot Marriott Resort & Spa, which is perfectly located by the beach and close to the city, you actually don't need to venture out into the open air during your spa weekend.

The Sopot Marriott Resort & Spa reportedly has the largest spa in all of Poland. Here you get everything you could want from hot baths, saunas, massages and wellness treatments, and it's only your imagination that sets the limits to what you can get out of an afternoon here.

More and more people are also looking for spas for medical reasons such as skin diseases or arthritis, and some of them are also found in Sopot. For example at the Spa Hotel Sopotorium Medical Resort, which is one of the more classic spas.

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Pleasant experiences on your spa weekend

Should you still want to explore a bit of Sopot, fortunately the city also has something to offer. The local tourist office has good suggestions for experiences you can have and they are happy to point you in the right direction, which I used myself.

If you are interested in culture, you are already in the right place, as there is a small art gallery right next to the tourist office. There are new exhibitions every two months and it's cheap to get in.

Another little gem is The Forest Opera or the Forest Opera in Danish and Opera Leśna in Polish. In the summer season, they hold outdoor events such as opera and concerts with both local and international musicians. You will find this unique experience, as the name reveals, out in the local forest, and you are guaranteed a memorable and magical experience.

Sopot is also obvious for those who like to walk. Along the marina is Europe's longest wooden footbridge, and you can easily walk around the town to see the small fine houses that Sopot is rich in. Also pay a visit to the old lighthouse, which stands as a beautiful landmark for the city.

This is also where you will find the Spahuset – a beautiful building which contains the tourist office, the State Art Gallery, the Mineral Water tasting room (!) and several different restaurants and cafes. 

If you are more into shopping than spending your entire spa weekend at the resort, the nearby main street Monte Cassino is the place for you. Here you will find unique clothing stores, sweet shops, souvenir shops, art galleries and amber shops - as well as a shop where you can make your own perfume.

If you want to explore the culinary side of Sopot, there is plenty to choose from. Here you will find everything from modern cafes, patisseries with exquisite cakes, tapas restaurants with modern Polish dishes and good wine. You will also find something more traditional like pierogi and a form of fish soup, where all restaurants have their own recipe.

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Gdańsk - a short trip away

When you have time to spare on your spa weekend and have explored all that Sopot has to offer, the big city of Gdańsk is only 12 kilometers away and you can easily get there by train. The town is somewhat larger than Sopot, and therefore also offers more restaurants and shops.

If you want to have dining experiences of the highest kind, you must visit Olivia Star. The high-rise houses several different things, but at the top you will find the restaurant ARCO by Paco Pérez, where a delicious selection of the day's delicacies is served. The Spanish chef, who gives his name to the restaurant, has several Michelin stars around Europe, and it is probably just a matter of time before the restaurant in Olivia Star also has their own.

If you haven't budgeted for Michelin restaurants, you can jump down to the floor just below, because here you will find another wonderful restaurant. Delicious pizzas, burgers and good cocktails are served here, which can be consumed while you enjoy the skyline and the sunset over Sopot, Gdańsk and the neighboring city of Gdynia.

The skyline is quite nice. In fact, it is so fine that an entire floor is dedicated to the purpose. On the 32nd floor you will find the observation deck, where you can experience the city from above without having to eat a meal at the same time.

When you've had enough of air, it's time to get in touch with another of the four elements – earth. If you take the elevator all the way to the bottom of Olivia Star, you will come to Olivia Garden.

Here you will find a tropical rainforest that stretches over almost the entire lower floor. It is a beautiful place to stay before venturing further around Gdańsk. Here you can, for example, take part in a workshop where you can make your own amber jewellery, taste the traditional Polish donut delicacy Donuts, or eat at one of the city's hip bistros.

Whether you prefer a spa weekend or shopping, Poland and Sopot have plenty of experiences for everyone.

Good trip to Poland.

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Laura Graf

Laura is from the German city of Nuremberg and educated in communication and business studies at RUC. Her joy of traveling began as a child in the family's camper van when the trip went around Europe. She later moved to Australia for her internship and lived in Sydney for a year. She then moved to Switzerland, but in 2015 chose to settle in Copenhagen.
Laura's best travel destinations are Jordan, New Zealand and Grenada, but she hopes to one day have the opportunity to experience Bhutan.



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