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SalzburgerLand: 5 fantastic activities for the holidays

Austria - SalzburgerLand, cycling - travel
Zipline, bike, spa - SalzburgerLand has everything you need for a summer holiday on the go.
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SalzburgerLand: 5 fantastic activities for the holidays is written by Laura Graf.

Austria - Salzburger Land, cable car - travel

Holidays with speed on in Salzburger Land

Are you looking for inspiration for your next trip to Austria? Then help is near.

In the mountains there is always something to do. Experience the Salzburger Land by bike or on foot, fly over the treetops in zipline or take an inflatable boat down the wild rivers. And when the adrenaline-filled day is over, you can relax in one of the area's unique hotels. There is enough to get started with.

Here are 5 cool suggestions holiday in Salzburger Land based on my post-summer trip down there.

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Austria - Salzburger Land, group photo, bicycles - travel

Ready, set, go - Austria's cycling paradise

There is something for every two-wheeled taste in the Salzburger Land; whether you are into regular cycling, Downhill or a more relaxed ride on an electric bike. However, you should try Epic bike park Leogang, whatever you choose.

In the park there are challenging and exciting routes and jumps for the more experienced, and at the same time there is also plenty of fun for beginners. Experienced guides teach you the basics by driving down the hills, and you will be ready to try your hand at the first routes in no time.

Austria - Leogang (their picture) - travel

Below the surface - explore the local caves and mines

In the cave Lamprechtshöhle you can explore one of the world's largest cave systems and learn all about the history of caves and how they came to be.

You can also take a local guide through the large tunnel system in the open mine in Leogang, which have been excavated by hand, and hear about the laborers' arduous, and not least dangerous work, when they excavated minerals directly from the rocks.

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Austria - Flying Fox XXL (their picture) - travel

Adrenaline throughout the body - at full speed down a zipline of 1600 meters

Is there anything better than feeling the adrenaline pumping through your entire body? Flying Fox XXL, which is among the Salzburger Land's biggest attractions, is one of the fastest and longest cable cars in the world, and it reaches a height of 143 meters above the ground!

Cable car is perhaps not the best term, because in fact you drive across the treetops in the valley at up to 130 kilometers per hour, and it is an almost unreal experience.

It's an experience you will not forget right away, and it's probably the closest you get to feeling free as a bird. A very fast bird, mind you.

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Austria - Salzburger Land, rafting, Base Camp (their picture) - travel

Wet water trip - whitewater rafting with the mountain tops as a background

Put on the wetsuit!

As soon as you are first soaked by the cold water from of the river Saalachs, you will be really happy with your neoprene suit. It is going to happen again and again on the way down the river.

The boys from Base Camp should probably make sure that the rubber boat hits every single vortex and 'rapid' on the way down, so you are guaranteed a very wet and extremely fun trip.

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Austria - SalzburgerLand - Steinwirt, hotel - travel

Unplug and relax - the Salzburger Land has a hotel for every temperament

Are you ready for relaxation at full throttle?

The hotel Salzburger Hof Leogang has a brand new large spa area with saunas and an 'infinity pool' with panoramic views of the mountain tops on both sides of the valley. After a day of calorie burning, you can enjoy the hotel's five-course gourmet menu with a clear conscience.

The hotel The stonemason is housed in an old building from 1606, and is not exactly what one would expect in a small mountain village. This hip hotel has a completely unique atmosphere - or vibe - thanks to the two passionate owners.

Their focus on detail and great love for the place is guaranteed to make your stay even better. As an added bonus, the hotel has a private sauna, all-day breakfast and excellent Spanish-inspired cuisine.

If you do not want to go home from Salzburger Land again, then we understand well.

Good trip to Salzburg country, good trip to Austria.

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The editors were invited by Salzburgerland Tourism. All attitudes are, as always, our own.

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About the author

Laura Graf

Laura is from the German city of Nuremberg and educated in communication and business studies at RUC. Her joy of traveling began as a child in the family's camper van when the trip went around Europe. She later moved to Australia for her internship and lived in Sydney for a year. She then moved to Switzerland, but in 2015 chose to settle in Copenhagen.
Laura's best travel destinations are Jordan, New Zealand and Grenada, but she hopes to one day have the opportunity to experience Bhutan.



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