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Kilimanjaro - the journey you will never forget

Tanzania - Kilimanjaro - travel
Kilimanjaro attracts adventurous travelers from all over the world, and with good reason.

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Kilimanjaro - Kenya - Africa - Travel

Kilimanjaro is in a class of its own

There is not much that beats the view you are rewarded with when you proudly and relievedly reach the top and see the sun rise above Africa highest point - Uhuru Peak. Here both hardships, views and memories propagate in the mind in a way that touches most people deeply.

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Kilimanjaro is for most people

From Tanzania in East Africa, Kilimanjaro calls year-round to adventurous travelers from all over the world. Every year approximately 25.000 people try their hand at Kilimanjaro, which with its 5.895 meters above havets surface is Africa's highest mountain and the world's highest free-standing mountain.

People of all ages and of very different type dream of meeting the African mastodon. From teenagers to retirees and from experienced mountaineers and hikers to happy amateurs.

Numerous hopeful hikers leave their footprints on the mountain. Many luckily reach their goal, while others have to return home without the sight of the ice glaciers at the top. But the challenge awaits just around the corner for you who have the dream of Kilimanjaro planted in your mind.

Kilimanjaro is not just for top-trained and experienced mountaineers. You do not have to be a marathon runner or a fitness guru to make it to the top of the African mountain. The mountain is for all types and all ages from 12 years. It is not technically difficult to climb Kilimanjaro. You can walk steadily and calmly all the way up the mountain. Your breathing, your slow pace as well as your willpower and mental endurance mean far more to your chance of success than your physical raw strength and basic form.

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The hike up Kilimanjaro

The ascent takes place exclusively at hiking - not climbing - and that makes the challenge physically affordable for most who have the desire - and not least the will. That said, Kilimanjaro is obviously not just a walk in the park, and you will not get around the effort. However, the body is capable of coping with incredible things, and if you can overcome your own doubts and mental fatigue, you will discover the heights of your performance and the strength of your psyche.

Your preparation and physical shape obviously matter to the experience. The better prepared you are mentally, and the better shape you are in from home, the more you enjoy the ride. And the incredible and changeable scenery and views along the way are truly worth enjoying to the fullest.

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Mountaineering nature experiences on Kilimanjaro

An ascent of Kilimanjaro always forms the setting for a magnificent nature that unfolds meter by meter up the mountain and time and time again takes your breath away. Kilimanjaro consists of three volcanic peaks: Kibo, which is the highest, Shira and Mawenzi. The aforementioned Uhuru Peak is the highest point on Kibo's crater rim.

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Above the clouds

On your trip up the mountain, you hike through four climate zones: Tropical and lush rainforest, over open plains and then the dry alpine desert to end in an alpine climate on the upper part of the mountain.

After traveling a short distance on the mountain, you stand with one above the clouds in the middle of the sunset, surrounded by a color orgy of reddish and orange tones. If you are lucky enough to get up for a cloudless day, then the air is as clear and clean as the finest crystal, and the view surpasses your wildest performances.

It's like living through different episodes of the documentary series Planet Earth. Both peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful on the way to the next camp. It's the perfect time to just be in the moment and unwind.

Enjoy the ride on Kilimanjaro and avoid altitude sickness

A Kilimanjaro trek is not without risks. There is a risk that you will be affected by altitude sickness on the mountain. Let's say it right away; it is not due to bad shape that one gets hit by altitude sickness. Everyone can be affected, and this popularly means that you get too little oxygen to the brain and get it so bad that you have to go with a guide down again. For altitude sickness can be dangerous, but fortunately there are several things one can do to avoid it.

The key to preventing altitude sickness on Kilimanjaro is first and foremost time. The whole move must take place at a slow pace, thus increasing the chance of reaching the very top - as well as to ensure that you get a more complete ride and a greater experience.

It is important that you allow enough time for acclimatization on your journey so that the body can get used to the thin air and the low oxygen content in the blood. Although our adaptability at extreme heights varies and is impossible to predict, we know that the body adapts eventually. With the right approach to the trek, the vast majority avoid the dreaded altitude sickness and get the experience of a lifetime when they look beyond the sand-colored savannas of Uhuru Peak.

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Complete your Kilimanjaro adventure with a walking safari in Arusha National Park

If you want the full and completely exceptional experience out of your Kilimanjaro adventure, then you combine the ascent of the mountain with a one-day walking safari in Arusha National Park the day before the trek up the mountain begins. The park is located at the foot of Kilimanjaro's neighboring volcano 'Mount Meru in beautiful surroundings.

Here you can look forward to the sight of flora and fauna and not least to experience the wildlife up close during your safari on foot. There are no lions or other predators here, but all year round you will encounter buffaloes, water bucks, giraffes, warthogs, zebras and baboons. Only quite a few national parks i Tanzania offers the opportunity to experience the world of animals so close and at your own pace.

A visit to the park is nothing short of the perfect prelude to the ascent and the optimal way to expand the experience of Kilimanjaro. The day on safari gives you a soft landing and makes you mentally ready for the mountain. You also get your legs moving and warmed up without exerting yourself beyond ability.

As you let the tranquility of the surroundings sink into you and enjoy the nature and wildlife around you, you look up at a stunning blue canvas on which the contours of Kilimanjaro are painted. The expectation of tomorrow's hardships vibrates in your body and you are ready for the challenge of your life.

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Realize the dream - the mountain awaits

Your decision to make a dream come true and throw yourself into your own Kilimanjaro adventure is a decision you will never regret. The magic mountain should be on everyone's wish list, because the trip often gives a whole new perspective on life, and possibly the Kilimanjaro trek will be the greatest experience of your life: a journey you will never forget.

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