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It is obvious to travel to Africa if you want great natural, cultural and animal experiences. You can read more about traveling to Africa further down the page, where you will find travel articles, travel offers and travel lectures.

It is a huge continent where you can find the colorful Arab cultures in the north, e.g. in Morocco og Egypt. You can find lots of wildlife in the east and south where safari in Tanzania or South Africa is an obvious choice if it's the first time you're going on a safari or tagging along Uganda, which is known for its mountain gorillas. If you're into culture, is Ethiopia a pretty good choice. There are also exciting cultures and history in the west, where Ghana og Gambia are good places to start. There are also the southern islands off the African coast, e.g. there are Madagascar where you can experience a distinctive nature and wild wildlife, and Reunion, where many nature experiences await.

Read the articles below, where you can find tips and tricks. If you sign up for the newsletter you will automatically be notified when there is news about traveling to Africa.

Travel articles about Africa

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Try a self-drive safari in Namibia

Join Richis Africa on a self-drive safari with a guide. Discover wild animals and beautiful landscapes such as the Kalahari desert and Etosha National Park with the world's largest...

Travel deals

Climb Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Take TourCompass on a mountain hike on beautiful Kilimanjaro. Great adventures await on Kilimanjaro – the world's highest free-standing mountain. The trip lasts 10...

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