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Autumn holiday: Here are the 10 coolest travel destinations

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Here are the editors' recommendations for a wonderful autumn holiday in 2024.
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Autumn holiday: Here are the 10 coolest travel destinations is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs.

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Ready for autumn vacation?

The summer has seen a record number of Danes go out into the big wide world, but there is no reason why autumn cannot turn into an equally fantastic journey. So when Denmark becomes gray and rainy, it's time to head for new destinations again and bring new experiences home in the suitcase.

But where should the journey go? Malaga og Mallorca may be good in October, but there is no guarantee solar guarantee, and this is the case in many places in Europe. If you are looking for the sun, you can try the south side of Tenerife, where it is more sunny.

Here you get the editors' offers in 10 places - popular and extraordinary - where you can have a blast of an autumn holiday. Whether you are to the beach, culture or nature. Remember as always in these times to be aware of entry requirements.

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Portugal - Lisbon - Travel, autumn holidays

Portugal: Autumn holiday in the southern sun

Our first bid is Portugal.

Portugal is a well-known classic for holidays - and with good reason. Whether you are looking for beautiful nature, exciting food and wine experiences or top-class cultural experiences, Portugal has something to offer.

In the autumn, Portugal is also just the cooler, which makes it obvious to go on a sightseeing holiday in the larger cities such as. Lisbon, without going to the heath. Lisbon offers lots of beautiful buildings, gastronomic experiences and world-class sights.

If you are more into nature than culture, then the rest of the country offers wonderful nature experiences, and then there is always Portugal's beautiful Atlantic island, Madeira. If you have more time before the trip goes to Denmark again, then the limit is there Spain after all, just around the corner.

Portugal is ideal for an autumn holiday in the sun.

Japan: The ultimate travel destination

Our second bid is a completely different type of travel experience; namely, the wonderful gem called Japan.

Japan consists of a number of islands, the southernmost of which are still quite warm in the autumn. But if you want to experience a truly spectacularly beautiful sight, then you have to stay a little further north and see the trees of the forests change color.

A clean sea of ​​red, orange, purple and yellow leaves is created in it Japanese nature, which makes the long journey here worth it all. In the same way that people travel to Japan in the spring to experience the cherry blossoms spring out, so the autumn in Japan can also be something very special.

And in addition, Japan has all its usual fantastic culture to offer - whatever it is neon signs in Tokyo or temples in Kyoto.

Iran - Mosque - Travel, autumn holidays

Iran: A hidden gem for your fall vacation

Iran is our third bid for a wonderful autumn vacation.

A slightly atypical destination for an autumn holiday, which means that you will definitely come home with experiences beyond the usual.

Be sure to visit the many beautiful mosques, palaces and ruins Iran has to offer both in Tehran, Isfahan and out in the country; several of them are busy on UNESCO world heritage list, eg the ancient city of Persepolis.

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site you just have to experience is the world's largest covered bazaar in Tabriz in northern Iran, and then you have to watch the sun go down in the desert of Varzaneh right in the middle of the country.

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No trip to Africa without safari experiences, autumn holidays

Safari and beach holiday - Tanzania is the country for you

Our fourth recommendation goes to Tanzania.

Tanzania's probably biggest attraction is their safari opportunities, because you can see them all the big five i Tanzania. If you have always wanted to see a lion or an elephant in their natural environment, then Tanzania is the country for you.

When you have had enough of running around on the savannah or in one of Tanzania's national parks, you can appropriately end your holiday by going to Tanzania's paradise island. Zanzibar in it Indian Ocean. Here it stands on friendly crowds, exciting local food and world-class tropical beaches.

Tanzania is a really good offer for an active and yet relaxing autumn holiday.

USA - San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge - travel, fall vacation

USA - from the tropics to winterland

Our fifth commandment is the land that has it all - namely USA.

With a land that stretches from the wilderness in the cold Alaska over the vibrant hot city life in Los Angeles og Chicago, the many amazing national parks for the theme parks in Florida - not to mention the islands such as. Hawaii - then the United States has something to offer for a taste.

You can of course try out some of the well-known cities such as Las Vegas, Miami or New York, but there are also lots of lesser known cities and experiences in this huge country.

Combine, for example, a road trip on the familiar Route 66 with stops in the small towns you encounter on your way, or walk off the smaller and unknown paths in the nature reserves.

During the fall break, the southern states are also far more comfortable to move around in, so this is definitely a good time to explore the United States.

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Kyrgyzstan, France, South Korea and Greece

Of course, there are also many great opportunities for fall vacation in the rest of the world.

South Korea is a country that should definitely be on everyone's travel list. Whether you are looking for tasty food in Busan, wonderful nature on the island of Jeju or exciting culture in Seoul, South Korea can give you it all.

Kyrgyzstan is truly an unknown gem that offers a sea of ​​experiences. For example, try to spend the night in a 'yurt' or visit the Ala Archa gorge and the mountain lake Issyk-Kul.

France is, on the other hand, a well-known gem that continues to be a fantastic holiday destination - whether you apply Paris or towards more heat at the southern latitudes in eg Nice by the Mediterranean .

Greece is another known favorite that does not need a further explanation. Explore the ancient culture of Athens or visit one of the many small islands, such as Greece is known for - no matter what, you will have a wonderful autumn holiday here.

Also Turkey is ideal for the autumn holidays. IN the wonderland of Cappadocia in central turkey, the temperatures are perfect to experience the whole area from cycling saddle, with hiking boots or from hot air balloon. All in all, Turkey is an excellent travel country with boats beach, big city og magnificent nature experiences.

Happy autumn holidays!

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Here are the 10 best places for autumn holidays

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