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Mallorca - much more than sun and beach

Mallorca is the ultimate holiday island. And you do not have to just bathe and soak up the sun - Mallorca has a lot more to offer.
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Mallorca - much more than sun and beach is written by Jens Skovgaard Andersen.

Sunshine Island Mallorca is for all types of travelers

Everyone knows Mallorca in Spain as the holiday island above them all. And so it is with sun and beach, sand and water in abundant quantities. Most tourists go to the south and west of the island near the capital Palma and this is where you will find party and colors for people of all ages.

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In the northern part of the island you can unwind in other ways and experience a completely different atmosphere and almost a completely different island. Here are cozy old mountain towns, nature reserves with vultures and eagles, dramatic steep mountains, stunning views and plenty of opportunities to be active and enjoy life in Mediterranean fashion.

Take us to Mallorca's eventful north coast - here's much more than that charter, sun and beach.

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Cozy ride in history

When you land in Mallorca's capital Palma by plane or ferry, there is only a small hour's drive across the island to the east coast and the town of Alcúdia. Around Alcúdia especially to the south are a lot of big hotels and resorts, which attract tourists in droves.

The town of Alcúdia itself is a really nice and cozy medieval town with a well-preserved city wall all around. Here you can explore the history of the city and Mallorca, which is characterized by its strategic location the Mediterranean , which has made many peoples interested in conquering the island. Not least the Moors have left their mark, and this is seen, for example, in the town name Alcúdia, which is Arabic for 'small hill'.

Just outside Alcúdia's city wall you will find the ancient Roman ruins of the city of Pollentia, which served as the capital of Mallorca when the island was in Roman hands, along with Palma. Today's Pollença is a small town a little north of Alcúdia, and it is one of many cozy little towns in mountainous northern Mallorca.

The north coast is dominated by the mountain range Tramuntana, and between the peaks are extremely atmospheric towns such as Valldemossa and the 'capital of oranges' Sóller, where you can slow down and just soak up the atmosphere.

Valldemossa in particular is popular, and for good reason. The city is like a living backdrop from an old movie, and it is clear to feel that life is lived a little more quietly here.

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Up in the thin air

The Tramuntana mountain range stretches along the entire coast and is perfect for hiking in and getting away from reality and up into the thin fresh air. Some hikers take the entire trip from one end to the other, but smaller ones can of course do the same.

You can easily take a day trip from Palma or from one of the tourist areas, and there are a number of hiking routes of varying difficulty. Common to the routes is that you get away from other people very quickly and can feel nature embrace you.

In several nature areas - such as on 'Gribbebjerget' Muntanya del Voltor close to Valldemosa - there is a strong limit on the number of daily guests for the sake of nature and the animals. So check in advance if you need to book admission.

Mallorca is popular with hardcore hikers, but anyone can join. Ask the locals for advice; they have control of the terrain.

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On a binocular safari in Mallorca's bird paradise

It pays to bring good binoculars when you go to Mallorca. Up in the mountains you can be lucky to spot wild eagles and other birds of prey and also the otherwise rare monk vultures, which live in the harshest areas on the north coast.

The vultures in Mallorca are no longer threatened with extinction, as they have succeeded in raising the population through a great deal of work by the local nature organizations. However, the vultures are difficult to spot as they live on the deserted cliffs.

Even without vulture luck, you do not have to go in vain with the binoculars; there is plenty of other bird life in Mallorca. Visit the Albufera and Albufereta National Parks on either side of Alcúdia, and you will get birds for the big gold medal.

With its location in the middle of the Mediterranean, Mallorca is the perfect place to stop if you are a bird on the way between Northern Europe og Africa, and there are also large populations of year-round birds of all sizes and colors. Get up early and visit the bird areas from the morning for the best bird watching experience.

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Hop on the bike and get your heart rate up a bit

When the professional cyclists have to train and stay in shape in the winter, they come to Mallorca like the birds. The island is simply perfect for cyclists and cyclists of all kinds. If you stay along the coast there are plenty of perfect roads and paths to drive on and the asphalt is good and smooth.

If you would rather test your lactic acid limit, then just point the bike up at some of the many beautiful mountains. Here, too, the roads are really good for cycling, but you are also allowed to work for the cause. The rise rates can be just as high as the temperatures, so make sure you have plenty of time and plenty of water with you.

In return for the effort, you will be rewarded with some absolutely stunning views of the rocky shores. The viewpoint Mirador Es Colomer is particularly popular, and from here you can see most of the peninsula of Formentor with Mallorca's northernmost point at the top. You can also continue on the bike all the way to the lighthouse at the end of the road if you want it all with you.

Many hotels and resorts have really good conditions for bicycle tourists, where you can repair and care for the bike after the day's hardships. And yourself, of course.

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Enjoy life on Mallorca's vineyards and in parks

Now a holiday trip does not have to be pure wear and tear, so of course there must be time to enjoy life at a slower pace without the pulse running wild. The northern part of Mallorca offers plenty in that category.

On the way to the orange town of Sóller, you should stop at the Jardins d'Alfábia, where you both walk around in the middle of the special Arabic-Spanish history and at the same time are completely surrounded by beautiful flowers, plants, trees and gardens. A great place to find shade and a cold drink on a hot day.

Mallorca is dotted with large homesteads, the so-called farms, which often offers cozy and luxurious accommodation. A finca is usually surrounded by orchards and vineyards, which greatly contribute to the coziness and to the menu. Here you can indulge yourself a little extra.

Mallorca would not be Mallorca without the delicious hotels and resorts with everything the holiday heart desires. There is absolutely no shame in being good at yourself and choosing the one that smells most of holiday and leisure. At many resorts, you do not have to leave the area at all once you have arrived, as there are plenty of activities for the whole family included.

Mallorca has so much to offer that you get the best of all worlds. And a single visit is not enough. Everyone who has been to Mallorca knows this - the perfect one holiday island. Enjoy!

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