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Why safari?

If you are into great travel experiences, you should treat yourself to a safari in Africa. When you read in a travel description that "safari is an unforgettable experience", then you can count on it to fit - if you are to experience mother nature in free play, of course.

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There is a big difference in the safari countries

There is quite a difference in the safari countries in Africa. The known are Kenya og South Africa, where it is easy and familiar. Here one should choose to travel outside the high season as otherwise there may be many visitors. South Africa has the advantage that you are often in malaria-free areas, so you do not have to eat malaria pills and can have smaller children with you.

Tanzania is an obvious choice to start with, because there is nature and wildlife at the top, and it can easily be combined with Kenya if you want.

Other good choices are Swaziland, which is a child - friendly alternative to the Kruger National Park, located right next to the small, safe country close to Johannesburg. Uganda is also great with gorillas, friendly people and great prices, and finally there is of course Namibia og Botswana in southern Africa, where nature reigns.

If you are into a little more challenging travel destinations with great experiences and few tourists, you can look towards Rwanda, Gabon, Zambia og Ethiopia. In West Africa er Gambia a good choice, but the large herds of animals are found primarily in eastern and southern Africa.

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How to get on safari easily

There are several travel agencies that specialize in making it easy to get on safari. You can find travel offers with safari here.

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Good trip to safari country.

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