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Africa: Best travel destinations for beginners

Africa has experiences for every traveler. But which countries should you choose? Get inspired here.
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Africa: Best travel destinations for beginners is written by Naja Mammen Nielsen.

Seychelles - Indian Ocean - beach - cliffs - Africa

Get Africa under the skin

"The country that all children know is about to go to disease and death. Africa, Africa. It is getting better day by day. ”

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This is how a number of well-known Danes sang back in 1985. The song describes many people's perceptions of it Africa. But that is a misleading picture.

Africa is not one country, but 54 independent nations, each of which has a lot to offer. Here are both desert, jungle, mountains, wildlife, white sandy beaches, a forward-thinking music, poetry and film industry, a culinary exciting cuisine and lots of smiles and warmth.

Africa is not to be missed on the world map. The colonial era has left clear traces on the stringy boundaries, but the fascinating cultures are well preserved and nature is about to faint. If you are looking for magnificent cultural and nature experiences, then Africa is the place to go.

There is a big difference between the countries north and south Sahara and from east to west. Common to them all is that the time difference from Europe is minimal, the travel time is affordable and it is affordable for the magnificent nature experiences.

But where are you going in Africa? Here are the editors' suggestions on where to go if you are new to the African continent.

The newsletter is sent out several times a month. See our data policy here.

About the travel writer

Naja Mammen Nielsen

Naja has travel blood in her veins and has a penchant for islands. She has traveled on five continents and has a great knowledge of the African continent, where she has traveled in 11 countries. In addition to countless trips to the region, she has started a development project for former girl soldiers in Sierra Leone, worked two years in Tanzania, been on island hopping in Cape Verde, crossed Zambia and Zimbabwe by train and moved in the footsteps of genocide in Rwanda.

The destinations are carefully planned on their own, targeted at the locals, the less touristy places and the preferred means of transport is by train and bus.