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7 overcrowded tourist attractions that are worth it all

Waterfall-victoria falls
We have selected seven tourist attractions from all over the world that, despite tourists, junkyards and long queues, are worth the whole trip.

Af Ida Dreboldt Kofoed-Hansen

France - Paris, the Eiffel Tower, Champ-de-Mars - travel tourist attractions

Beautiful tourist attractions

All countries have heaps of tourist attractions that the tourist agencies recommend. But some tourist attractions are overrated, filled with tourists and locals trying to sell you junk - in short, a tourist trap.

Other attractions, on the other hand, are so beautiful and unique that they are worth it all. We have selected seven tourist attractions from all over the world that, despite tourists, junkyards and long queues, are worth the whole trip.

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Singapore Gardens by the bay tourist attractions travel

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay is a huge park with three parks by the harbor area in Singapore. The parks are divided into twelve whimsical gardens with different themes.

Here is everything from large, futuristic luminous trees, to 'Cloud Forest' - a forest on the edge, surrounded by fog clouds and a family-friendly garden with fun, interactive experiences for children and much more. They are constantly working on new projects, so check which gardens are available before you leave.

One of the plant's goals is to explore and work with sustainability. They have therefore done a lot to utilize solar energy, recycle water and create small natural ecosystems in the various gardens. It is an experience for everyone, big and small, and is by no means a tourist trap.

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the-great-wall tourist attractions

Great Wall of China, China

The entire wall with all its branches is about 9.000 km long and stretches from east to west in the north China. After many years of repeated attacks, the wall was initially built as a defense against the northern cavalry led by Genghis Khan and similar army commanders.

Not all parts of the wall are well maintained and in some places it is not safe to walk on it, so be aware of that. There are a wealth of day trips to the wall, so if you want a guided tour, there is plenty of opportunity for that.

Depending on what you choose and where you choose to visit the wall, it is different how many other tourists and thus vendors there are. If you are lucky, you may be able to find a piece of wall that you can have relative to yourself.

And when you stand on it and look at the fascinating Chinese landscape, it is almost completely incomprehensible that humans so many years ago built a edifice that, according to legend, can be seen from the moon.

Victoria Falls - Zambia

Victoria Falls, Zambia

On the border between Zambia og Zimbabwe found the world's most spectacular waterfalls. The river Zambezi falls at this place over 100 meters down into a deep gorge, after which the river rushes relentlessly on.

The waterfall stretches for almost two kilometers, and the whole valley is covered with mist from the roaring masses of water. During the rainy season, more than five hundred cubic meters of water flow per day. minute over the edge, and at this time of year the haze from the fall can be seen many miles away.

When you stand at the edge of the waterfall and feel the forces of the water shaking the earth, it gives a feeling of humility to the greatness of nature. And it can be very healthy to experience.

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall, Germany

At first glance, the idea of ​​a broken wall filled with holes and graffiti may not seem enticing. But the tourist office is right when they suggest this experience in Germany.

When you stand by the wall, which in some places is still over 1 kilometer long, you get the feeling of what it looked like when it was completely closed. And how wild it really is that a wall was built across a big city like Berlin.

In a historical perspective, it is not long ago that the wall fell, although in everyday life it feels like something that happened a long time ago. When one stands and stares at a wall that has been the cause of so much sorrow and pain, it gives food for thought.


Sacré-Cœur, Paris

The beautiful French Church The Sacré-Cœur is one of the newer churches in Paris. The iconic Catholic Church was consecrated just after World War I and is known for its prayers for the fallen and world peace.

It is located on the highest point of the hill Montmartre, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the whole neighborhood. Inside, you will experience a completely subdued and reverent world that in many ways contrasts with the surrounding lively Paris.

The lit candles in honor of the deceased are some of the first things that meet you, and they create the foundation for the very special atmosphere you experience in the room. It is free to visit the church itself, but it costs a ticket if you want to go up to the church tower and look out over the city.

petra caves

Petra, Jordan

There is something fascinating about the red rocks of Petra in Jordan. Temples and caves that a thousand years ago were carved into the high rock formations. Although there are many people at times, the raw desert gives a special vibe that sets you back to another age.

It is also possible to visit the area in the evening, where darkness has descended over temples and caves. Instead, they are lit by hundreds of small lamps and make you feel like part of an ancient temple ritual.


Acropolis, Athens

Above the city of Athens, the Acropolis rises above the modern one skyline. The ancient buildings still stand, though the tremors of the big city beneath them threaten their future existence. The area is only accessible on foot from a nearby ridge.

On the cliff itself are no less than 21 buildings from the old Greece, where some of the most interesting are the Parthenon, Propylaia and Erechtheion. It can be an advantage to have a guided tour of the area, as it can be a little difficult to separate the missing buildings from each other.

This is really about walking around in the middle of the story. And it's all worth it.

Have a good trip to these tourist attractions!

About the author

Ida Dreboldt Kofoed-Hansen

Ida has a master's degree in communication and Danish literature. Her travels focus either on nature experiences or on cultural experiences. As a former scout, she has a penchant for hiking, backpacking and campfire food. In the family, a large 10-person tent with cabins has just been purchased, so that the future offers new exciting outdoor experiences.

When the journey needs to have a more cultural focus, Ida is happy with capitals. During the city break, she always has a long list of historical sights to experience, and not much time is spent in the hotel room. She has been to London, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome and Reykjavik, among other places.



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