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Namibia: The country that changed my outlook on life

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A landmark journey changes your life. Marie Meier had her life changed in the meeting with Namibia in southern Africa.

Namibia: The country that changed my outlook on life written by Mary Meier.

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Namibia: Far from everyday life

Most people probably know it. Day in and day out, you show up at the same job, see the same colleagues and do not really experience the big changes in everyday life. There are, of course, the obligatory 5-6 week holidays, where a charter holiday, a ski holiday and a Christmas holiday home to the grandparents are usually planned.

I kind of hope that all those who have experienced this - or still do - have finally made the decision to stop wasting their lives. I did that.

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Travel to Namibia

In Namibia they have like the rest of southernmost Africa summer when we have winter and vice versa. You will find the cheapest tickets outside the high season, which is in December to January, and many connections go via Johannesburg in South Africa. Try your hand at e.g. Momondo and see how it suits you best.

Namibia was one of the first countries I traveled to, which according to my parents and friends was too far away to travel alone as a woman.

I actually had no idea what to expect after booking the trip. The only thing I knew was that I would be picked up at the airport and then driven directly into nature to take part in a three-day camping trip in the Etosha National Park.

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Unique and personal camping in Namibia 

At no time was there access to the internet, so those at home had no idea if I had landed safely. However, I must admit that it was the most liberating trip I have ever been on.

When you land at the airport in Namibia, you immediately notice that the world is completely turned upside down compared to at home. For some reason, I felt I could trust those I met on my way. And yes, the driver who picked me up at the airport obviously really wanted my phone number. But despite this episode, at no point did I feel insecure.

The group on the camping trip consisted of three travelers, a driver and a chef. This meant that we had a completely extremely personal experience and that the trip was largely tailored to our needs. At the same time, I got the opportunity to completely get away from everyday life and have time to think about life and existence.

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Changed life picture

The trip to the national park was followed by volunteer work on the farm Harnas, where daily life was spent feeding everything from turtles to cheetahs and lions and making sure that their life was as natural as possible. Harnas has taken care of a lot of injured animals and has helped to get them used to coming back into the open again. A really cool project!

After spending about 6 weeks in this beautiful country, my outlook on life has changed tremendously. While it is by no means surprising that it is something of a culture shock to visit the other side of the earth, it has nevertheless been impressive what this cultural difference can teach one in such a short time.

Among other things, I learned how indifferent you can become to the materialistic everyday life we ​​are used to here at home. In fact, I believe that you are far happier if your focus shifts from what you own to who you are personally. It's probably also the only time I fell in love with a person without knowing anything about what he owned at home or had achieved in his life besides having a great heart.

Seeing the everyday life of lions, cheetahs and leopards gives you an insight into the different strengths and weaknesses that each one has. The cheetah is possibly the fastest animal in the world, while the leopard is physically much stronger. You may be bad at one thing in life, and yet this does not mean that you are bad at everything.

When you live at home in Denmark, where your everyday life is primarily about making money to, among other things, be able to buy things that show prestige, there is nothing better than getting a break and seeing what the world really looks like. For me, it happened in Namibia.

Travel deals: Desert and nature experiences in Namibia

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Experiences that make Namibia something very special

If you feel like traveling to Namibia one day, there are five places you should definitely see and experience:

Etosha National Park

The national park, where there is plenty of opportunity to see 'The Big 5' and fall asleep to the roar of the lions in the evening, while looking at the stars in the Milky Way.


Red sand dunes galore under a blue sky with ample opportunity to also experience wild lions. Kalahari means' The Great Thirst, which is a pretty good description of the desert.


A bit like the Kalahari, you will find red sand dunes here and have the opportunity to enjoy the view in a hot air balloon and look for animals you will not find at home.

Skeleton Coast

Close to Swakopmund - one of Namibia's coastal towns - you will find the Skeleton Coast. Here there is plenty of opportunity to be active and try sand boarding or parachuting.


A beach resort in the western part of Namibia, where you will see examples of architecture dating back to the time when it was a German colony.

In the meeting with Namibia, I opened my eyes in earnest when I was 19 years old and traveled to Africa. Every single day forever, I remember all the things I learned down there. This has inspired me to continue to travel as often as possible, which I have done for several years now and always prioritize.

See more about traveling in Namibia here

Good trip to Namibia and southern Africa.

About the author

Mary Meier

Marie is a solo traveler and blogger, and she started exploring the world as a 19-year-old and has so far traveled in over 40 countries. In 2015, her blog became Marie's Travels selected as one of the best travel blogs in Denmark.

Today she lives in Copenhagen, where in addition to studying she prepares for the next many trips out into the world. She has a special love for southern Africa and the continent's wildlife, diving and safari have a special place.



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