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Diver on adventure: 5 wild dive sites you must experience

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There is a hidden world hidden beneath the surface. Karina tells here about 5 of the best places to dive worldwide.

Diver on adventure: 5 wild dive sites you must experience is written by Karina Freimanis.

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An experience that makes you addicted

If you have first tried to be under water with an oxygen bottle strapped to your back, you also know quite quickly that your first time will hardly be your last. You will also find that all of your future destinations will be about which dive sites you just have to experience.

As a diver-happy traveler, I present you here with five 'bubbles' for your next diving trips - so join the adventure below the water surface.

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Diving sites: Diving for everyone in Malta

Malta is a fantastic diving destination with diving destinations for all levels even in the same locations. Here you can experience steep 'coral walls' underwater with lots of life, shipwrecks and caves.

The more trained and experienced divers can lie on the bottom of a wreck or move further into the caves, and beginners with Open Water can lie at a lower depth and have an equally amazing experience. However, it is important to point out that a lower depth does not mean a less exciting dive - on the contrary - there is plenty to be captivated by and an incredible amount of life at a depth of 12-15 meters.

One of the great destinations for divers is Blue Hole on Gozo, a slightly smaller island off the coast of Malta, where you dive around in small caves and in a beautiful hilly terrain.

The water is wonderfully clear and the sight where the light flows down from the surface down into the caves is simply absolutely stunning. The current is light and there is plenty of life in the hilly underwater landscape where many different fish will keep you company. This dive is a real pleasure for all divers.

Another fantastic experience is the 'Anders Duck Wreck' Comino. If you are not sharp in 'diving lingo', a Donald Duck wreck is a shipwreck that stands upright on the bottom of havet and therefore not lying on the side.

With a visibility of 25 meters, this wreck can be seen completely from the surface and can therefore also be a fantastic experience for people who like to snorkel. At this wreck, even Open Water divers can experience the ship's interior space, as it is located on relatively shallow water - about 20 meters deep.

Malta offers experiences and diving trips for everyone, and you will not regret it beautiful Mediterranean island as one of your dive sites to explore.

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The world's largest reef in Australia - perfect for any diver

Another great dive site you just have to experience is Great Barrier Reef i Australia. As you know, this reef is the largest and longest coral reef on earth, and it can reportedly be seen from space.

There are many ways to experience this reef; you can, among other things, go on day trips and snorkel or see the seabed in a submarine, but if you want even more reefs, you can go on a live aboard, where you spend the night on the boat and dive three or four times a day.

This is a very special experience where you get to experience several different diving sites and havets life at several times of the day. Early in the morning, you may still see the parrotfish in its special 'slime sleeping bag' as it snuggles up at night, and a sea turtle just as quietly waking up and emerging from its hiding place among the coral hills.

At night, your senses are completely different on alert when havets darkness closes in around you, and you can only see what is just within the light cone of your flashlight. Watch out, because fish – especially dragonfish – will follow your light and use it to chase other smaller fish. If you see green dots that light up when you shine around you, I can reassure you that it's just a shark.

Although the Great Barrier Reef has for many years been described as one of the most beautiful and lively, one experiences great challenges in the form of bleaching. It is a phenomenon where the corals turn white as a result of the water temperature rising and causing the corals to go into a kind of dormancy. When this happens, it affects the entire ecosystem and it is eventually left lifeless.

The Great Barrier Reef is in my eyes one must as a diving experience - not so much because of the flora and fauna, but mostly because it is a picture of the health of our world and climate.

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Can you dive in Denmark? Yes, you can - and it's good

You do not have to travel across the globe to find dive sites; small Denmark can also. Lillebælt offers fantastic diving, and it is said that if you can dive in Lillebælt, you can dive everywhere without problems, as you will be exposed to a bit of everything here.

The local diving community is very active, and you will see both local and international divers go under almost daily havet surface – also in winter, when visibility is typically better.

A diving favorite is Søbadet under the Old Little Belt Bridge. In addition to the municipality having installed good changing and rinsing options for a diver, so it is easy to prepare and clean your equipment after the dive.

This dive site offers a 'slope' from a depth of 10 meters, and here you can also experience a drastic change in visibility and current direction. It is actually possible to make one operation dive first a little deeper in one direction and then on the way back in the opposite direction at a lower depth.

The flora and fauna are rich. Be ready for seaweed in many different shapes and sizes, sea anemones and sea creatures of all kinds. In addition, curious flatfish will follow your lantern, you will suddenly shine directly into the gap of a large cod or squid, and perhaps you will spot a slug if you are good at looking.

When you get to the surface again, do not be startled by the sight of other faces or a dorsal fin - you can often experience seals and guinea pigs in the Little Belt.

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Diving action and max relaxation in Egypt

By direct flight from Billund or København you are within five hours of Hurghada in Egypt and on your way to your next unforgettable diving adventure in the Red Sea.

Egypt has more or less everything within diving. Here, impressive and well-preserved wrecks are taken over by large shoals of fish and beautiful coral walls that descend 100 meters into havets deep and provides a good opportunity to see corals, small fish and spot small animals - but also to experience large fat moraines in the crevices of the walls.

You can also experience many different kinds of sharks and everything from the characteristic eagle rays to large majestic devil rays and dolphins that occasionally come by and play. And then there are thousands of colorful coral fish and maybe a manatee - or 'dygong' - Egypt really have it all.

The water is clear and has a wonderful temperature. There is room for the beginner, located 15 meters below the surface on quiet operating dives on beautiful and lively coral walls. The technical diver can take the same trip at a depth of 100 meters with six bottles of gas hooked to the body.

Some of the great destinations are Brothers Island, where you are almost guaranteed to see oceanic whitefin sharks - it's a serious shark that is not afraid to go close to divers.

Another highlight is the SS Thistlegorm - a wreck from World War II with motorcycles, trucks and ammunition inside and even a locomotive next to it. It's wild to move around in this time pocket underwater and in and out of the various spaces.

This is always done with some respect for the dead and with caution, as a lot of new residents including stonefish, scorpionfish and moraines have taken over the sunken ship. This wreck must be experienced and can be experienced by a diver with Advanced Open Water certificate, as the wreck is located at 16 to 33 meters.

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Galapagos - every diver's dream

Most divers dream of experiencing underwater life on the Galapagos Islands in Stillehavet, known as one of the best dive sites in the world. And this destination definitely does not disappoint. Whether you choose to take day trips out from the coast or on one live aboard, you will have an unforgettable experience.

The water here is not crystal clear as in the Red Sea, but in return there is an absolutely fantastic wildlife. Be prepared for large shoals of barracudas just hanging out in the open, flocks of hammerhead sharks, golden stingrays or devil stingrays swimming on the horizon, or maybe you are lucky enough to experience a whale shark.

You may also suddenly be joined by a playful sea lion or by penguins. In addition to the amazing wildlife, the underwater landscape itself is spectacular. The landscape is characterized by lava formations and former volcanoes that have collapsed. There is only one thing to say: Enjoy it.

The Galapagos should not only be experienced underwater - the islands themselves deserve to be stepped on while you are there anyway.

Whatever you are considering, there are enough dive sites for everyone - good diving trip!

About the author

Karina Freimanis

Karina's interest in travel, foreign languages ​​and other cultures started when she went to Australia on an exchange at the age of 15. Since then, these interests have created the framework for her life. Karina has also lived for a good year in Costa Rica, the Galapagos and Peru, where she has volunteered, studied and traveled around and cultivated her interests in Spanish, salsa and diving.



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