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The travel favorites

Travel books: Here are the 7 best of the year

Travel books are an eternal source of good inspiration and to set your travel dreams in motion in earnest. Here are 7 of the best travel books right now.
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Travel books: Here are the 7 best of the year is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs. Dk

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The best inspiration of the year in the best travel books of the year

The best gift you can give yourself and everyone else is travel. And the next best thing is travel books. In a year where many have been prevented from traveling to where the dreams go, the travel books have greatly helped to keep the travel dreams warm and the desire to travel alive.

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We find inspiration for the travels of the future in many places, but there is still something special about sitting and flipping through a good travel book and putting small notes when something is extra tempting.

Here are the best travel books right now - enjoy.

Chronic travel fever - the new bible among travel books

We can not make a list like this without mentioning Chronic Travel Fever. It is Denmark's most traveled people - the members of De Berejstes Klub - who tell about the greatest experiences they have had on their countless travels around the world.

The first volume is about the courage to venture out into the world and into the travel world, while volume 2 focuses on the unexpected adventures that follow when travel becomes a lifestyle and the adventure becomes your companion around the world.

There will also be a volume 3 at a later date, but so far it's just about diving into the first two parts of the new bible in travel books, which we have reviewed here.

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Through all the countries of the world - a travel book from all over the world at once

Jakob Øster is behind the book Through All the Countries of the World, and as the title suggests, the author has just achieved the distinguished milestone of having visited all the countries of the world.

You can not get around the whole world without bumping into a little of everything, and the book is full of fun and funny stories from the many journeys that Jakob Øster and his family have been on.

The fact that the family often travels to even the most obscure countries makes this story very special. There is no need to skip the trips even if you have children. Follow Jakob Øster's example, and share the adventure with the whole family.

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Ib Michael's seven journeys

The author Ib Michael has never hidden that a large part of his life is shaped by the journeys he has been on. In this travel book, which just has the title The Seven Travels, Michael recounts some of the most landmark journeys to such fascinating different places as Venice, Tibet, Amazon Jungle, aboard the North Cape and the kingdom of the Maya Indians.

A great journey is a life event and Ib Michael has had many great journeys throughout his life. Be inspired by seven of the greatest.

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Boundless - when the journey becomes the solution

For some, travel becomes a lifestyle, and for others a way to escape from something else. For Mette Glargaard, both apply.

In this personal story, Boundless, about inner and outer travel, and how life has taken shape along the way, you get a very special insight into a human life, which is dominated by travel and something to travel both to and from.

A slightly different travel book that leaves traces.

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A motorcycle ride through Sweden - along Nils Holgersson's route

One of the last real adventurers in this country is John Andersen. He has traveled Arabia and North Africa sparsely, but it is the northern regions that have really put John on the map of Denmark and the world.

He has previously published books on rowing in a kayak from Greenland to Alaska and on driving along the entire old trade route Silkevejen on a motorcycle.

This time it is our close neighbor Sweden that John has explored on a motorcycle in the book A motorcycle ride through Sweden. It has become an inspiring travel book with an insight into the brother people and the brother country that we do not usually get when we set course for distant destinations.

Follow John's example and look towards beyond - and get inspiration about Sweden in the book before or during.

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YOLO - you only live once

The travel book YOLO - You Only Live Once actually came out right at the same time as Corona changed our everyone's travel patterns. YOLO is an English abbreviation for the phrase 'you only live once', and if we have got something good out of it Corona time, then it may be that we now understand the importance of experiencing what we go and dream about while we can.

Sarah-Ann Hunt has made YOLO his lifestyle and throws himself into one exciting adventure after another. It takes a little courage and a little planning - and she is happy to share her good tips and advice here in the book. And then the book is just full of great stories from a life with travel right at the center.

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Good reading and good travel.

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