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Arlberg – top-class skiing and après-ski

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Arlberg is top-class skiing and après-ski with challenging slopes, off-piste and heli-skiing. Arlberg gives you over 300 kilometers of pistes with plenty of space to frolic on.

Arlberg – top-class skiing and après-ski af Ida Dreboldt Kofoed-Hansen

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If you are into challenging slopes, beautiful nature and cheerful après ski, then Arlberg is in Austria the place for you. Although the area also offers opportunities for families with children, the focus is primarily on a lot of opportunities for the more experienced skier.

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Ski and snowboard over 300 km in Arlberg

Previously, the off-piste mecca Sankt Anton am Arlberg and the slopes at Lech Zürs formed two separate areas. The establishment of a new lift, the Flexenbahn lift, merged the two areas into one major destination, which has become one of the best in the world. There are now 305 km of continuous piste kilometers, so there is plenty of space to frolic.

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Arlberg: Austria's best off-piste and heli-skiing

Arlberg also offers Austria's best off-piste, and freeriders from all over the world flock to experience the unique conditions.

Just like the Brixental, then Arlberg offers many unique skiing activities. From the top of the 2.809-meter-high Valluga, one of the Alps' most legendary routes leads down to the valley via steep mountain slopes, through narrow gorges and over open passages.

As the only place in Austria you can cultivate heli-skiing, and it is possible to visit otherwise inaccessible mountain peaks. There is one flight per. day and you sign up as part of a group. By helicopter, the group is flown to a mountain top, and accompanied by a guide, you drive off the otherwise inaccessible off-piste towards the bottom of the valley.


Funpark in Rendl

In Rendl they have created a fantastic 'community' for freestyle skiing and snowboarding called STANTON Park. The area has two lifts so you can quickly get from bottom to top.

The team behind the park has created three courses of varying difficulty. The 'Proline' is for the experienced, with large kickers and lots of rails og boxes. 'Medium Kickerline', which is located in the middle of the area, has something for most people, such as jumps between 7 and 11 meters. Last but not least, we have 'Jibline'; a course that encourages fun and trouble with many different kinds rails og boxes.

When you need a break from the many tricks, the clever minds behind the area have laid out a large terrace with bar and restaurant. Here you have a view of the different courses and can enjoy the sight of the many cool trick combinations and get some inspiration for later.

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Most draft beer per. square meters

When the day on the slopes is over and you need a fun evening, then there are also good opportunities for it. Sankt Anton am Arlberg is known for après ski and there is something for everyone.

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Most famous is the bar 'MooserWirt', which since 1989 has given guests lots of draft beer and dancing on the tables. This is where you should go if you are into classic schlager hits in techno version. The bar also has a reputation for being the place in Austria that sells the most draft beer per. square meters.

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Krazy Kanguruh is definitely also recommendable. The bar is located in the middle of a piste - which can be a challenge when you have to leave it after several hours of partying. Instead of techno-schlagers, it's more of a mix of jazz, rock, and whatever else is up to date. The bar has been located in Sankt Anton since 1965 and is closest to one must visit, if you're in the party mood.

On the whole, you get in Arlberg all the best of it all. Have a good trip to Arlberg!

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Ida Dreboldt Kofoed-Hansen

Ida has a master's degree in communication and Danish literature. Her travels focus either on nature experiences or on cultural experiences. As a former scout, she has a penchant for hiking, backpacking and campfire food. In the family, a large 10-person tent with cabins has just been purchased, so that the future offers new exciting outdoor experiences.

When the journey needs to have a more cultural focus, Ida is happy with capitals. During the city break, she always has a long list of historical sights to experience, and not much time is spent in the hotel room. She has been to London, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome and Reykjavik, among other places.



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