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New Zealand

New Zealand: This is what you need to experience

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Do you lack inspiration for your trip to adventurous New Zealand? We have put together our best tips for what to experience on both the South and North Islands.
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New Zealand: This is what you need to experience is written by Jacob Gowland Jørgensen.

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A travel country with endless experiences

New Zealand. Fantastic, exotic, adventurous. These are just some of the words that travelers have used over the decades to tell about their adventures to one of the world's best travel destinations. It's not really that strange that New Zealand is precisely the absolute favorite destination of many.

The possibilities seem almost endless, and even the most discerning travel enthusiasts must eventually surrender and let their imagination run wild in the country, which in Maori language is called 'TOotearoa ', or 'The land of the long white cloud'. A name that is said to refer to the many white clouds that surround the mountain tops on the northern island.

To spread the word about this amazing travel destination, we have created a review article with everything about the trip to New Zealand. Whether you are looking for memorable walks in the most beautiful nature or extreme activities - such as river rafting down rushing rivers - here you get an opportunity to immerse yourself in the destination.

In the article you will find a large number of links to articles from the editors here RejsRejsRejs and to articles from various good travel blogs where the writers all have tips for New Zealand.

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New Zealand: The two islands

When most tell about their previous travel experiences in New Zealand, then it is natural enough their experiences from North part- and The South Island, which is being described. However, it should be mentioned that the country also consists of as many as 600 smaller islands, which can provide the opportunity to experience something different than usual and make your trip to New Zealand even more unique.

For example, the country is the third largest island Stewart Island an absolutely incredible place and definitely well worth a visit if you can. It takes about an hour to sail to the island from the town of Bluff near Invercargill.

The trip offers a bit of each of both waves and soda, but it's worth it, and on Stewart Island you'll experience a myriad of animals; both penguins and the completely local animal species are found in abundance.

Your trip to New Zealand will probably be unique, and the North and South Islands will play the leading roles once you have traveled on the other side of the earth and started your next adventure.

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The North Island and the Lord of the Rings

New Zealand is if anything the land for nature lovers. Something close to paradise for you who love to walk through beautiful landscapes and feel at one with nature. On The North Island however, there is one phenomena, which even Mother Nature sometimes has a hard time competing with: The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Rarely has a Hollywood film contributed such great growth to a country's tourism industry as the nearly twenty - year - old film trilogy has done for New Zealand. Both for the country as such and for the small town of Matamata at the foot of the Kaimai mountain range.

Hobbiton is the English name of the village in the Tolkien films, but also the unofficial name for this popular area, where tourists from near and far flock to become part of it. imaginative world, they know from the movies.

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The capital city of Auckland

Both the North and South Islands are incredibly popular. However, it still seems as if the North Island is where travelers spend the most time. Just as the area of ​​Matamata and Hobbiton is an extremely popular place to visit, so is the city of Auckland.

The city, which many believe is the capital, is ranked as the third best city to live in in the world. And maybe with good reason, then Auckland combines the vibrant, energetic urban atmosphere with magnificent landscapes and incredible nature.

This is the place if you are looking for great cafes and the best shopping opportunities as well as music, art and vibrant nightlife. In addition, one of the city's absolute landmarks 'Auckland City Sky Tower' is definitely worth a visit if you want a view out of the ordinary.

At 328 meters, the tower is one of the tallest buildings in the southern hemisphere. If you feel like it - and dare - it is also possible to go on a rather unique trip where you can bail out from the top of the building…

On the North Island you will also find one of the most beautiful places in all of New Zealand. The name is 'The Coromandel', and the place is world famous for its pristine sandy beaches and relaxed atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit if you have already decided that New Zealand should be a stop on your journey.

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South Island and adrenaline in Queenstown

Geographically The South Island considerably larger than its northern brother and is often referred to as the 'main island'. Therefore, it is a bit paradoxical that only 23 percent of New Zealand's population lives on the southern and largest of the two main islands.

As previously mentioned, the North Island is most often the one of the two islands that gets the most publicity, but also the majority of the country's visitors. However, there is good reason to look south if you want to experience something very special New Zealand. On the South Island we find the town of Queenstown.

While New Zealand is generally a true paradise for all nature lovers, Queenstown is the epicenter of adrenaline-hungry travelers. Including young people who want to combine their adventures during the day with wild parties late at night.

The famous city in the Otago region also acts as a magnet for adventure-seeking backpackers, as it is precisely here that most and wildest day trips and experiences can be found.

The Otago region, led by Queenstown, is well worth a visit all year round. Here you meet nature from its most raw side, and therefore it is less important whether the temperatures get well above 20 degrees, or whether the rain filters down in thick rays. When you have penguins, you can not get tropical degrees either.

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Christchurch - The capital of the South Island

New Zealand is a country of strong contrasts and great diversity, and here comes Christchurch - the country's second largest city and the largest city on the South Island - into the picture.

Like its northern relative Auckland, Christchurch also has something for everyone. Here it is possible to enjoy the traditional city atmosphere with everything that belongs to both shops, restaurants and bars, but just like in Auckland, you only have to just outside the city limits before you are again greeted by lush landscapes, snow-capped mountains and the closest infinite Pacific.

Are you even a wine enthusiast - or simply curious how wine is made - then just outside Christchurch there is also the opportunity to experience wine production up close and to taste the grapes, of course.

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New Zealand National Parks

One might be tempted to say that national parks and New Zealand are often two sides of the same coin. It is also not without reason that the country's tourism organization diligently uses the slogan "100% Pure New Zealand". Only a few places on earth make it possible in just one day to experience snow-capped mountain peaks, lush primeval forests, volcanoes, lava-covered landscapes, rushing rivers and magnificent coastlines.

All this is found within a radius that makes it possible to experience all the contrasts of the country in a short time. The many national parks also make it possible to experience some of the most incredible animal species that exist, such as three species of penguins, several different species of dolphins, whales and a myriad of birds.

Here, especially the New Zealand national bird - the ostrich-like 'kiwi' - often gets a lot of attention due to its slightly unusual appearance, but also because the bird has also become a New Zealand icon and has given the population the nickname The Kiwis.

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Photos: CSG Raft Gear Ltd.

Activities in New Zealand

If you are thinking of booking a trip to New Zealand, but are also a little unsure of what you can make the time go by, then do not be afraid.

For the adventurous there is plenty of opportunity to experience white water rafting near Queenstown, bungee jumping from Lake Taupo or Queenstown, parachuting in Wanaka or exploring underground caves in the Waitomo Caves in the Waikato region. Even the most timid adventurer has the opportunity to satisfy his cravings.

If, on the other hand, you love nature and wildlife and really just want to experience the country at a more suitable pace, then there is plenty of opportunity to go on a myriad of walks around the national parks, where especially the famous 'nine large hiking routes' offer something especially.

For example, you can go hiking on Lake Waikaremoana, walk through the ancient Whanganui Forest or explore the north coast of the South Island at Abel Tasman National Park. Here it is also possible to rent bikes and go on a mountain bike ride through the lush landscapes, where you can then experience the country on your own and stop along the way.

Something else that is also both amazing and incredibly popular is driving around the country in a motorhome.

If you have already visited the popular Hobbiton from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings universe, but have not yet had enough of the legendary book and movie adventures, then you can also hike up to the top of the volcano Mount Ngauruhoe. Or Mount Doom, as the same volcano popularly called in the trilogy.

If you instead want a different type of experience, then you have the opportunity to ski on the mountains Mount Ruapehu and Mount Cook Mackenzie or get involved with the surfing culture and learn to surf on the west coast.

Whatever you are looking for, New Zealand delivers. Yes, ok, then they may have a slightly heavy English food culture, but it is possible to get good food, and then nibble a fish & chips once in a while down at the harbor. New Zealand should be a mandatory stop on any round trip.

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Have a good trip to New Zealand!

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