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Ski holiday in Austria: Family pass in SalzburgerLand

Are you looking for an extraordinary family holiday? Here are a number of fun winter activities in SalzburgerLand.

Ski holiday in Austria: Family pass in SalzburgerLand is written by Sandie Essemann.

Try something new when the family goes on a skiing holiday in Austria

Do you want to experience the perfect family holiday in Austria, where the whole family grows closer with every hour you spend together?

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Imagine this: Family idyll in a small snow-covered wooden cabin. The whole clan is upbeat, and there hasn't been a single argument between the children. Departure to the perfect slopes is miraculously on time. You hear your teenager say the magic words: "I don't miss Tik-Tok at all."

Is this the family holiday in Austria you expect and dream of?

Then we'll probably have to disappoint you a bit, because we can't guarantee that. And if you have experienced such a family holiday, the editors would like to hear your secret.

On the other hand, we can recommend a range of fun activities in SalzburgerLand for the whole family, and it is in the league that can make even the most TikTok-hungry teenager leave their mobile in their pocket.

So here are our top tips for a family-friendly ski holiday in Austria; more precisely in SalzburgerLand.

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Tobogganing in Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn

"The one who comes last is an old cheese!" 

You can easily feel a pang in your stomach as you speed down the toboggan hill on an old-fashioned wooden toboggan while greeting your tobogganing friend.

The 3200 meter long toboggan run is worth a visit for the family who enjoy an active skiing holiday in Austria. And all it takes to get to the top is a ride on the Reiterkogel lift.

A trip on a toboggan is for the whole family. Both you, the competitive person in the family, and you, who enjoy the children's hearty laugh and the frost on your cheeks, when you take the trip quietly down the hill together.

Should it be a very special toboggan ride? So try a cozy evening toboggan ride when the track is atmospherically lit until half past ten in the evening.

If you want it to be even more active and perhaps also a little wild, go to Skicircus. Here, you and your family are in the ring. Skicircus offers plenty of skiing, of course, and also ski school, snowshoe trails, treetop and bridge climbing, horse-drawn sleigh rides and even llama trekking. An absolute hit.

If you need a break from speed and blowing snow – or just like hearing the snow crunch under your boots – a winter hike in Saalbach Hinterglemm is worth considering.

The two local certified hiking guides Hans and Hans offer up to two free guided hikes a day, where you can explore the enchanted winter landscape while the low winter sun stings your nose.

And if your pre-teen is rolling her eyes at the prospect of another hike, we can assure you that the snowy scenery is extremely TikTok and Instagram worthy.

Walking in the beautiful nature is also part of a good skiing holiday in Austria, and you can find that to a great extent in Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn.

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Dog sledding in St. John in Salzburg

Have you tried speeding through a snowy forest on a sled pulled by furry sled dogs while feeling the fresh air nipping at your cheeks? 

You can try dog ​​sledding in adventurous St. Johann in Salzburg, where dog sled driver Sepp Brugger takes you on an experience out of the ordinary. 

A sleigh ride with Sepp and his four-legged friends is not just an experience of a lifetime. It will certainly be the highlight of the day for the youngest members of the family.

Sepp Brugger's medal cabinet is well stocked with medals from European and world championships in dog sledding, so you and the family are in safe hands and paws during the entire trip.

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Family pampering and a fresh dip in wonderland

Zell am See-Kaprun is the place to go if you want to get your heart rate up and down. A perfect mix of high mountains, which will probably take your breath away, and total relaxation with both adult and children's spas and alpine cuisine a la carte.

With a Ski Alpin Card you get access to skiing on glaciers and slopes and no less than 408 kilometers of slopes. Maximum comfort for families is the focus, and everything is easy to get around. Here you get the whole package.

For the brave Vikings of all ages, there is winter bathing on the programme. It's both healthy and fun and makes for good Instagram stories - it just requires that you literally dare to throw yourself into it.

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Snow guarantee and comfort guarantee in Obertauern

At an altitude of over 1700 meters you will find Austria's snowiest ski resort Obertauern.

A perfect skiing holiday with the family naturally requires snow, and you will get plenty of snow in Obertauern, because there is a snow guarantee here. Obertauern has the perfect conditions and is therefore the obvious place to go.

In addition to the guarantee of snow, there is also almost a guarantee of comfort in Obertauern, where everything is close to each other. There are no long trots to the lift with tired children in tow or long queues for the ski bus. The fun of skiing starts right outside the door, and of course the family fun also continues inside when the day goes down and the cheeks have turned red.

For the children, there is no way around a trip to Bobby Land with 'monster park', ghost train, archery and igloo. A ski holiday is much more than skiing.

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Family-friendly ski trip to Wagrain-Kleinarl

It is almost criminal to say 'Austria' and 'Salzburg' without saying 'ski' - and that also applies here. There is a sea of ​​family-friendly ski resorts in Salzburg, and don't be fooled by a recommendation or two.

Is the whole family going skiing? Also the youngest? Then it is worth heading towards Wagrain-Kleinarl.

A day in Winter Welt is not just a day on skis. It is an adventure for the little ones and one must to visit if the youngest of the family is going to ski for the first time.

Winter Welt is packed with imaginative attractions and counts two magic carpets, a beginner course with obstacles and much more. And the soft mascot, Wagraini, is ready with a safe paw for the little ones who are about to make their skiing debut. 

Do you need a rest? In Dwarf House, the youngest can immerse themselves in painting and creativity, while you get a well-deserved break from the fresh air.

"What about the pushchair?", you might think. You can relax in peace. Winter Welt has thought of that, and the area is easy to reach for pedestrians with pushchairs, prams or toboggans. All attractions in Winter Welt are included in the lift pass, and children under 6 are free.

While the adults enjoy family-friendly pistes and comfortable lifts, the adventurous can let loose in Austria's largest snow park, Absolute Park.

Before, Absolute Park in Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl was insider knowledge for the professional freestyle- ski type. Not so anymore. Here is the wild skiing holiday in Austria now for everyone.

Look forward to 1,5 km with over 100 obstacles, either as a spectator or take on the challenge yourself. Whether you're new to skiing or seasoned, Absolute Park will get your pulse racing.

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Hochkönig – super safe skiing for the little ones culinary royal tour for the big ones

With the furry white mascot Schneewutzel at its center, the Hochkönig is ideal for the new little skiers. The slopes are really child-friendly, where Schneewutzel lets the children take shortcuts when it gets too steep, and it's generally nice to have a good furry friend at hand when you go skiing for the first time.

A special family ticket allows the whole family to enjoy themselves together in the snow, and there is also a nursery for those who would rather take a break. If you have small children and a great desire to ski, Hochkönig is the place for you.

For the adults, Hochkönig has a very special offer; namely the culinary 'Königstour'. Here you ski from ski hut to ski hut and are greeted with delicacies from the local cuisine every time you come to a new hut.

The culinary Königstour is available in several different versions with different culinary themes, and you can also put together your very own, so that the tour suits your taste buds. It's just about gathering an appetite and getting out on the slopes. Bon appetite!

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In Santa's sleigh tracks and skiing in the starry night – Austria can do it all

In the Salzburger Saalachtal you will find some unique experiences that will make the active family holiday in SalzburgerLand completely complete.

When your legs are tired and your body needs a ride, jump into a sleigh and take a trip through the winter landscape in true Santa fashion. The sleigh ride is not only a Christmas experience, but as you know, Christmas lasts until Easter - and with the right attitude, perhaps even longer.

There is not much in this world more beautiful than a clear starry sky above a snowy winter landscape. In the Saalachtal, you can cross-country ski on 80 kilometers of slopes, and you can even do it at night under the stars. It's an experience that sticks on the retina, and it's something the children will really remember when they get home and have to talk about the holiday in the snow. It's pure magic.

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Good trip to SalzburgerLand and a good skiing holiday in Austria.

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