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Travel tips for 2024: Here are 5 travel planning tips that will make your travels even better

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Here are 5 travel tips that will make your travel year 2024 even better.
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Travel tips for 2024: Here are 5 travel planning tips that will make your travels even better is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs. RejsRejsRejs er Denmark's largest travel magazine, and gives you a large travel community, nice competitions and lots of travel tips.

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5 travel tips for your travel planning in 2024

With RejsRejsRejs are we crazy about traveling. We are constantly looking for new destinations, new forms of travel and new travel inspiration, and we have put ourselves in the world to make your travels better.

Therefore, here you will get 5 travel tips to get wings on your travel planning for 2024.

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The world looks like itself again - and yet not...

After some somewhat challenging years, which need no more words, we are all looking forward to a fabulous travel year in 2024.

It is not just a hope. Experts from the global travel industry predict that 2024 will be a busy travel year, just as 2023 was too many. The charter companies are talking about record sales, and there are also sales ski trips and safari trips with cancellation options.

Not all flights and hotels are up and running, but new ones have been added at the same time, so there is plenty of news.

It is approaching a regular travel year for most people, and we will probably travel to other places than we usually do, and maybe even change the form of travel. All signs in the sun and moon predict the winter of 2023-2024 to be as diligently spent planning time as it usually is.


That is why we have collected 5 travel tips for how you, your family and your friends can get help to get off to a good start with travel planning for 2024.

Regardless of whether you want to Tunø, Tanzania or Thailand.

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Travel tip 1: Discover new places in Denmark – and the world

It may well be that a few years of onerous restrictions have forced you to look elsewhere than you had hoped. You just have to be happy about that, because that way you get to experience places you wouldn't have seen otherwise.

How much of Denmark have you actually seen? How many Danish islands have you been on Denmark can do a lot, but the world is also big and – perhaps – a bit unmanageable.

So how do you discover new places in 2024? How do you proceed with your travel planning?

For example, go to the menu on the website above and click on "Guides","Destinations” or “Travel deals“, and try to see what appears on the list. Also see what's on most popular. Or cheapest. Or best. Or least. Or romantic. Or just really different!

You can also just go for a continent. I wonder what South America can? North America? Oceania? Or the wild Africa? Asia maybe? Europe! The world is big.

For example, also use a travel agency to find new places. There are often some really skilled travel experts ready to help.

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Travel tip 2: Stay updated

The world will still change in 2024, so it is quite important to stay updated about changes. Travel planning is good, but not everything can be planned. Volcanoes erupt, new flight routes emerge and prices change, so it is important that you maintain a certain flexibility in travel planning, also to get the most out of the trip.

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Then you will be served the most important news and travel tips.

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Travel tip 3: Build your expectations with those you will be traveling with

To that extent, traveling is also looking forward to traveling. To dive into the country or area you are going to and make plans, gather ideas and dreams. If you are going to travel with others, it is worth putting effort into building up expectations together – and keeping the dreams and plans alive.

This is especially true in 2024, when we can once again find our travel dreams. It's also fun to travel solo, and here you can also get good tips from other travelers before – and during – your trip.

How: Join our travel community og find delicious pictures on Pinterest og Instagram.

Invite your travel companions and other travel-loving friends into the heat so you can share it together. If you think you get good travel tips from the newsletter or Facebook page, you can invite your friends in there too.

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Travel tip 4: Get it done! Travel tips are good, tickets are better

Journeys are made better by taking them.

There can be many excuses to stay at home, but make the decision and book and start your travel planning. You will hardly regret giving yourself experiences and a break from everyday life.

Maybe one quick city break? Or one 3 months leave?

How? Be practical and check e.g. our booking guide.

Check cancellation policies, your travel insurance, holiday money etc. and buy what you need and put it in the calendar. Scan in your most important papers so you can get hold of them electronically if needed. Check out ours webshop for equipment etc.

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Travel tip 5: Take your travel tips with you on the trip

One thing is to prepare and another thing is to travel, so remember to bring knowledge and contacts with you on the journey.

How? Download our app for iPhone or Android, get other good ones travel apps, and register with Danskerlist at Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2024 will be a fabulous travel year and we look forward to doing what we can to help you, your family and your friends find the best travel opportunities.

If you want to help us invite others inside in the heat of travel, we can make an even bigger difference together.

Nice trip. Wherever you are going travel to 2024.

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