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Welcome to our webshop! In the webshop you will find travel equipment, travel books, travel insurance, holiday homes in Denmark and abroad, transport options, vaccinations, visas and of course lots of travel.

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Suitcase - travel bag - travel
Equipment and insurance

Weekend bags has a large selection of weekend bags for the short trip. You can find everything in equipment for all kinds of weather and holidays and of course from ...

tent travel camping
Equipment and insurance


At you will find the best camping tents. Whether you are traveling with a large family, going on a trip with your partner or on a hike, you can ...

suitcase travel
Equipment and insurance


One bag after another rolls past on the luggage belt, but you can not see yours yet. Maybe it's run past already. has both ...

sleeping bag travel
Equipment and insurance

Sleeping bags

See's range of sleeping bags for the trip. For every season and every occasion, you can find a sleeping bag that fits, whether you are going on a ...

hiking shoes, shoes, cap, travel
Equipment and insurance

Hiking shoes

Whether you are going hiking or jogging, choosing the right shoes is very important. At you will find a wide selection of shoes for ...

Olympus Pen webshop Travel
Equipment and insurance

Olympus Pen

Small and practical camera in stylish timeless design. Change lens as needed. Brilliant for the photo-loving travelers. Buy it here

Equipment and insurance

Ski goggles

At Messy Weekend you can find some super cool ski goggles with high-contrast lens. The glasses adapt to the weather conditions. Click here.

Travel deals

Cuba city car travel
Travel deals

Bring to Cuba

Take Check Point Travel to Cuba. Experience culture and history in Havana, Viñales' tobacco plantations, beautiful Trinidad, delicious beaches and village life ...

Africa Kenya Cheetah Cheetah Savannah Safari Travel
Travel deals

Cheetah Safari and Zanzibar

Take Flamingo Tours to Kenya and experience, among other things, the lush Aberdare National Park and the diverse wildlife in Samburu. The journey ends with total ...

Africa Zanzibar Pineapple Beach Travel
Travel deals

Zanzibar's hidden gems

Check Point Travel offers an unforgettable trip to exotic Zanzibar. Explore local markets and small shops in the labyrinthine streets of Stone Town ...

Desert - Morocco - Travel
Travel deals

Tour of Morocco's sights

Take InterTravel on a tour of amazing Morocco. Explore adventurous Marrakech, experience the Atlas Mountains and spend the night in cozy desert cities ...

Greenland Bay
Travel deals

Experience Greenland

Take the Norwegian Travel Agency to Greenland. Experience sailing, hiking, bird watching and a lot of other things. You can choose between different routes ...

Ethiopia - Omo, boy - traveling
Travel deals

Cultural tour of Ethiopia

Join Vitus Rejser on this trip to Ethiopia with a Danish tour guide. You start in the capital Addis Ababa, after which you go on a round trip and experience ...