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Travel apps: Here are the ones you need

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There is now an app for every purpose. This also applies to your next trip. We have gathered the best travel apps for you here.
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Travel apps: Here are the ones you need is written by Christian Brauner.

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Use travel apps as tools

Many people go out to travel to get a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where the phone takes up too much of one's time. However, technological developments have also provided a number of tools that can make your journey significantly easier. A wide range of travel apps can help you before, during and after the trip. But what to choose and where to start?

Apps for transportation, accommodation, orientation and planning are absolutely indispensable travel apps that ensure you a great trip. The editors have soaked their heads and found a bid on the travel apps you need to download before setting off on your next trip.

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RejsRejsRejs'own travel apps

We must, of course, mention our own app as one must.

Many people read our articles and other content on their phone, and it is even more clear and user-friendly on our app. So if you like what we do, download the app. It is available for both iPhones og Android phones (ie all other than iPhones).

You can find in-depth articles, insider guides, quick-read introductions and travel fun that celebrates the joy of travel. And you will find lots of great travel deals from us and others, so there is always something good to come after.

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Rome2rio - easy from A to B

It can often be a bit confusing to get acquainted with which type of transport is fastest or cheapest when you go from A to B - both to the destination itself, but especially also when you have arrived. Here the app can Rome2rio be extremely helpful as it estimates time and prices on both plane, train, bus, ferry, car or rental car.

The app collaborates with more than 5000 transport companies in more than 160 countries and is thus a great help to navigate wherever you are.

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Uber and company - travel apps for taxi on the phone

The app continues to rise in popularity worldwide, although in 2017 it withdrew from individual countries as Denmark after major protests and a new taxi law - they are working to get back to Denmark.

Uber is an easy way to secure transportation without standing in line and waiting for other available taxis, buses or trains. You just tell where you are and where you want to go, and then an Uber driver comes and picks you up. The app shows you a picture of the driver as well as details about the car, so you are not in doubt.

You can pay by card, cash, Apple Pay and PayPal in a credible way in most countries. Subsequently, you can give a recommendation from the driver, so that the service is usually at the top - and the price at the bottom.

There are many alternative travel apps for Uber. The travel app Lyft is good if you travel to USA or Portugal - and maybe even better than Uber. In the big cities, the price is often lower at Lyft.

Grave is the most popular and reliable transportation app if you are in Southeast Asia. GoPass (DART) can be used to advantage in certain Asian and Eastern European countries.

Read our taxi guide to Asia here - for hotels all over the world

An indispensable travel app to book the best and cheapest accommodation is You can search for hotels, hostels, apartments or homestays.

In other words, you can find exactly what suits your taste and budget. With multiple orders, you can quickly become a 'Genius' user, resulting in discounts on many different ones accommodation.

In addition, you can also save a lot of money, as on there is often the option of free cancellation; travel fortunately rarely degenerates as planned.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of and actually is also good in hotels.


AirBnB - local and flexible

An exciting alternative to the more common services to book an overnight stay at is AirBnB. Here you can book apartments or rooms with local residents worldwide. It is an obvious way to see how the locals live, and then it is also often really cheap, although the prices have generally gone up.

Some places even offer food and drink for a little extra payment. Rather than just staying overnight, it can prove to be an exciting insight into the local culture.

AirBnB also offers hiking tours with locals, and it tends to be both reasonably priced and have some really good, completely local guides. Can be highly recommended.

A similar travel app for AirBnB is

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Google Maps - one of the almost indispensable travel apps

There are now many travel apps with the indispensable offline card. But if you already regularly use Google Maps as a GPS or just to orient yourself at home, then you can also use it to your advantage on your trip.

You can use it as an offline map and find your way without internet, while you can create an overview by saving the most important places in the area you are in. It is always up to date and is therefore a credible solution if the sense of place fails.

Other great travel apps with offline maps are our favorite or Waze.

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Tripadvisor - all-in-one both before and during the trip

TripAdvisor is a modern social travel medium, and indispensable when you need to plan what is worth spending your precious vacation time on.

Tripadvisor has countless reviews and recommendations for sights around the world and restaurants. You can both search on the spot and get an overall overview, or you can continuously follow recognized travelers' recommendations for places of interest. As always, you have to take the assessments with a grain of salt, but there is a lot of good input to pick up if you look around a bit.

Users can also post pictures of places and answer your questions should any concerns or questions arise. 

Triposo can also be used for the same.


Google Translate - your friend in need

It is always a good idea to learn some local vocabulary for his journey. In some places it may even be necessary. It is often appreciated to say 'thank you' or 'hello' in the local language, as it shows an interest in the culture and a respect for being their guest.

It is Google Translate the most convenient app that offers free translation between more than 100 languages, half of which can be translated offline. You can translate text, special characters and even images with instant camera translation.

It can also read out in the local language, which can be quite a useful feature.

Alternatively, you can use other language and travel apps duoLingo or Drops.

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TripIt - one of the best travel apps to keep track of it all

The best app to structure your journey for you is TripIt. It gathers your travel details and documents into one custom-made itinerary.

When you receive the confirmation of the booking of the flight, the transit hotel, the rental car and the apartment you are going to rent in the big city, you simply forward the email to TripIt, which automatically creates a very clear itinerary for you.

Then you don't have to worry about finding all the different confirmation emails and information on different travel apps.

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Currency, money

XE Currency - keep track of money

We are so lucky to have our own unique currency in the Kingdom of Denmark. Unfortunately, it also complicates the process when we cross the border. In addition to exchanging money before departure, we must also adjust financially and compare the local prices with what it is equivalent to in Danish kroner.

So if you want to spare the little grays, is XE Currency an obvious choice to quickly convert prices to the desired currency. The app is easy to use and continuously updates the course rates when you are online - and saves the most recently updated for when you are offline.

You can also use Elk Currency Converter.

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Splitwise - sharing economy on the phone

If you travel with others - who are not exactly a cohabitant you have shared finances with - it can often be a hassle to keep track of the expenses. One orders airline tickets, while another provides accommodation, and the third paid the bill at the restaurant. And it's never fun when sharing economy creates problems. Here can Splitwise be a great help. Then you do not have to think about who is posting, who is to blame.

All expenses are added to the app in the used currency, which then splits the bill. You can even go into more detail with the sharing of the bill, if your travel companion always prefers a cocktail over a beer. Then you can just enjoy the journey and wait to look at the accounts until everyday life calls again.

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Eric's New York - everything you need in the city of millions

If you are going to New York, then we can highly recommend downloading the app Eric's New York. Here is simply a whole world of practical information and inspirational tips gathered in one place. It is in Danish and intended for Danes, and it is all put together by Eric Lang, who has control of everything worth knowing about New York City. Let him be your virtual guide.

If you are going on a city break, it pays to check if there is a specific app for exactly the city you are going to. There are often really good tips and details that are not covered by the broader travel apps.

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Have entertainment at your fingertips

Time can often go very slowly in either the plane, the car or the bus, and you may also need a good time relaxing in the hotel room. That's why it's always good to be covered in entertainment to pass the wait.

Books can be heavy and impractical to carry around, but luckily there are plenty of useful apps. Listen to audiobooks on Mofibo or podcasts and music on Spotify, where you can also download when you have good wifi.

You can also download movies and TV shows on streaming services like Netflix or download some catchy games.

Many of these entertainment services require a subscription fee, but it can be worth it when you have to spend 20 hours on a bus.

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Been - where have you been?

If you travel a lot and would like help keeping track of how many countries you have actually visited, then Been do it for you.

Or if you are on the big one roadtrip i USA, for example, the app also offers an overview of US states. Your travels are visualized in a gorgeous design on both map and globe - and you quickly realize that the world is not as small as many claim.

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Several good travel apps that help you on your way

  • HappyCow is an app where you can find worldwide vegan, vegetarian and sustainable restaurants near you
  • Ready to travel is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' own app with good advice, information and travel guides to countries around the world
  • With Yelp you can find the most popular places with reviews of restaurants and shops - especially popular in USA
  • Moovit is a popular transit app with information on the best and fastest transportation options in major cities in most of the world
  • V image gives you more editing options on your photos, so you can give them a little extra color
  • 80days helps you plan your tour of Europe

With these apps, you are so well dressed to get the most out of your journey as possible. And now that you're going to use all these different travel apps, it's a good idea to invest in a powerbank. Check out ours webshop for lots of travel gear. You can also pick up our very own e-book with 35 travel tips, which accompanies the newsletter.

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Good trip!

About the author

Christian Brauner

I love to travel and I travel as often as the opportunity presents itself. I got my passion for travel already as a child, where my parents took my sister and I out into the big world.

My travel experience ranges from the classic city breaks in Europe, over road trips in the US, to backpacking in Asia and Australia.

Experiencing new cultures, unique nature and different societies, where people live very differently from life in Denmark, is what drives my desire to travel.



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