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Krakow, Brno, Bratislava and Budapest are full of culture

Slovakia - Bratislava - Travel
Explore four Central European countries that offer historical surroundings, modern art and plenty of food for the soul.
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Krakow, Brno, Bratislava and Budapest are full of culture is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs

Czech Republic - Prak - Cathedral - Travel - (krakow)

Filled with history: From young Bratislava to old Krakow

We take you on a trip to big cities in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic og Slovakia. The cities offer a lot of different and exciting experiences. In Krakow, for example, there are over 3000 historical monuments, and in Bratislava, events are held all year round in both culture and gastronomy.

You can start rejoicing! The cities also offer fantastic spa experiences, delicious gastronomy and some of Europe's coziest Christmas markets.

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Poland - Krakow - Travel

Art and culture in Krakow

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Poland The former capital Krakow is a city full of culture and art. Most characteristic of the city is the old town, which is surrounded by the 'green belt'. In the green area are the Planty Park, the Jagielloński University, the Royal Palace on the Wawel Hill and the Kazimierz Jewish Quarter.

In the middle of the old town is the medieval square Rynek Główny, which is Europe's largest square. On the square you will find the city's most famous landmark, namely St. Mary's Church, and the indoor market Sukiennice. The square is really the city center, and this is also where you can take a guided walk.

In the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz, a few steps from the old town, you will find bars, restaurants and an active nightlife. Today, the area is a district of Krakow, but in the past it was a separate city. Between the 14th and 19th centuries, the majority of the inhabitants were Jews. Orthodox Jews from all over the world still come to Kazimierz to commemorate the rabbis of the past, who are buried in the area's ancient Jewish cemetery, Remah.

There are over 3000 historical monuments in Krakow, which helps to make the old capital the most visited city in Poland. This is a real cultural city.

In addition, Krakow is a good base for trips to other beautiful places in the Małopolska region with the fine Danish name Little Poland. Around the city are obvious sights such as the Wieliczka salt mine, the Ojców National Park and the winter sports town of Zakopane in The Tatra Mountains, so there is also nature and active holidays on the program.

Hungary - Budapest - Travel - (krakow)

Budapest: Feel the story on your own body

As one of Europe's great cultural and historical centers, there are plenty of entertaining experiences in Hungary capital city Budapest. The story hangs in the air everywhere in Budapest, just as the cultural offerings are in line. A really obvious metropolitan destination all year round.

Due to the good infrastructure around Budapest, you can also get to many different cozy and interesting surrounding cities in just one hour. It is therefore obvious to spend the night in Budapest, and go on day trips around to the places nearby that are definitely worth a visit as well.

You can get around by car, train or boat. If you want the most relaxing trip and the best view along the way, it is recommended to take the boat. It is especially nice to sail on the Danube, which is Central Europe's longest river. There is something special about drifting off on the river and watching life unfold from the water side.

If you want to get to know the area around Budapest better, you can go on organized tours around the region. It always gives a little more insight to have a guide to open the doors to the place you are visiting.

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Slovakia - Bratislava - Travel - (krakow)

Dynamic Bratislava

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Slovakia The capital Bratislava has a rich history despite being one of the youngest capitals in the world - unlike Krakow. It is, among other things, the city where 18 kings and queens have been crowned, as the city's cathedral was the coronation church for the Hungarian kings for 300 years. Today is Bratislava, which is only an hour from Vienna Austria, the center of one of the most dynamic areas in Central Europe.

The most charming part of Bratislava is the old town, where you can find small narrow streets and historical monuments. The city center is full of beautiful places, cozy cafes and excellent restaurants. And then it's cheap.

Bratislava hosts various events in everything from culture to sports to gastronomy, all year round. The events are just a small one of the unique energy and atmosphere that characterizes the young capital.

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Czech Republic - Prague - Water - Travel

Czech Republic: Modern art and architecture

There is ample opportunity for beautiful views and romantic walks in Czech Republic capital Prague. However, the city also offers a lot of other experiences.

Do not deceive yourself to discover their modern art, design, hip cafes and unique gastronomy. Some of the hidden gems are the hipster neighborhood of Letná with the Museum of Modern Art, the finer neighborhood of Vinohrady and the paradise of all food lovers; Karlín. Just south of Charles Bridge on the west side of the river is the Kampa Art Museum, which is definitely worth a visit.

Prague is a beautiful city, but do not underestimate the Czech Republic's second largest city: Brno. The city is a perfect mix of history, modern architecture, culture and is lively nightlife with original cocktail bars. In Brno you will definitely see the modernist masterpiece Villa Tugendhat, St. Jacob's Church and Peter and Paul Cathedral.

If you take the train to Poland from the Czech Republic, do not deceive yourself for a stop in the towns of Olomouc and Ostrava on the way.

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The culture thrives in the best of times in Central Europe's exciting cities, so set your course Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia og Hungary, and get great cultural experiences for reasonable money.

Have a good trip to Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Budapest or Krakow.

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