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Eastern Europe: Czech beer, crispy pirogy and fresh cheese

Join us on a gastronomic tour around Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and see what you will taste of the local specialties.
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Eastern Europe: Czech beer, crispy pirogy and fresh cheese is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs

Sponsored post. This article was written in collaboration with the tourist organizations from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia og Hungary.

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Good food makes the traveler happy in Eastern Europe

A country's cuisine is a great way to learn about a new country's culture, and holiday meals can have a huge impact on how one remembers the journey.

There are many countries' food cultures that deserve to be discovered and tasted - even more than those we already know.

Four countries that have delicious local dishes and drinks, and that deserve a little more gastronomic attention, are Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic og Slovakia. Therefore, here are tips on what to taste when you still visit the countries to experience their historical culture, popular spa baths and wonderful Christmas markets.

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Poland - Food - Travel - Eastern Europe

Exotic Polish menu served with a vodka shot - a must in Eastern Europe

The food scene in Poland is constantly evolving. Inspired by its neighbors, Poland is developing its own exotic food culture, with one of the recipes of Jewish origin.

Some of our favorite Polish dishes are pierogi (Polish dumplings), bigos (hunting stew), chopped schabowy (Polish schnitzel), gołąbki (cabbage dolmens) and rosół (chicken soup). Classic kitchen art that just tastes as it should and satisfies.

In Polish cuisine, of course, you can not get around vodka. Poland has long been known for producing quality vodka, and a glass of vodka goes well with festive meals in Poland. Reportedly, it helps in the digestion of food.

If you love vodka, it may be advisable to go on a 'vodka tour' in one of the major cities, all of which have vodka tours in the lead role. On the tour you will learn more about the Polish traditions and you will be introduced to the country's drinking culture. On the trip, of course, you also have to taste different Polish vodkas yourself.

If you're more into beer, then there's good news: Poland in Eastern Europe is a beer-loving country with a tradition of beer brewing. You can visit several local breweries, where you get an insight into beer production combined with beer tasting, and there are varieties with and without alcohol.

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Hungary - Food - Travel - Eastern Europe

Gastronomic revolution in Hungary

Hungary has in recent years advanced on the gastronomic scene.

I Budapest new restaurants, bistros and food markets have opened on most street corners. There is something for everyone in Hungary. You will find both casual dining in cozy surroundings with goulash on the menu and more upscale restaurants with gourmet menus.

In Budapest you will find, among other things, the six Michelin restaurants Onyx, Costes, Costes Downtown, Borkonyha, Babel and Stand. They are worth a trip in themselves.

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Slovakia - Food - Travel

Colorful gastronomy in Slovakia

Slovakia in Eastern Europe offers delicious food at great prices.

The dishes are colorful and closely related to the beautiful landscapes of Slovakia. In the mountain areas, the food is perfect for you who love cheese and dairy products. If you are more into strong food, then the low-lying areas are the place for you. Here you can also find delicious cabbage specialties, goose, the local flatbread lokše and trdelník - a kind of pastry baked on a skewer.

Also remember to taste Slovakia's national dish, which is called bryndzové halušky. It is made from potato, cheese and bacon so it tastes of something. For the Slovaks, the dish means just as much as pizza does for Italians, and you can find it in many different versions in the country.

Where neighboring the Czech Republic has plenty of Czech beer, Slovakia has wine. If you want to taste some good wine, we can recommend wine from the Carpathians or the Tokaj wine region, which covers both Slovakia and Hungary. Go out on one of the wine routes and find your favorite wine from the best wine cellars. It is not expensive and the selection is reasonably large.

Also, do not miss the many amazing markets and parties that focus on apples, cabbage or fish specialties. It is food culture that one can understand - although it may be difficult with the language in Bratislava, Eastern Europe.

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Czech - beer spa - Czech beer - Travel - Eastern Europe

Czech beer - good for the whole body

The Czech Republic in Eastern Europe is known for their wonderful beer, and Czech beer is also in a class of its own.

The tradition of beer brewing in the country is as much as 2000 years old. There are over 430 breweries around the Czech Republic, so explore the country and taste a lot of different delicious beers. In Prague you will find a strip of microbreweries that are definitely worth a visit.

The world-famous beer brewery Pilsner Urquell is located southwest of Prague in the city of Pilsen - or Pilsen in Danish - where you can also visit various microbreweries or skip a trip to the beer spa. You quickly notice that this is where the lager comes from.

We can also recommend visiting the region of South Bohemia, which offers a combination of local microbreweries and fantastic nature, where you can enjoy a Czech beer in the middle of nature. Here you can also see beautiful castles and visit small cozy historic towns such as Český Krumlov and the main town České Budějovice. The latter is called Budweis in German, and is known for giving its name to the American classic Budweiser.

There are lots of great food and drink experiences in our neighboring and neighboring countries to the southeast. Have a good trip, have fun in Eastern Europe and not least: Bon appetit!

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