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It's time for the Christmas market! Go on a Christmas adventure in Central Europe

Christmas markets are one of the friendliest Christmas traditions, and here we guide you to the most obvious in Central Europe.
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Sponsored post. This article was written in collaboration with the tourist organizations from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia og Hungary.

Christmas is also going to the Christmas market

One of the nicest things about Christmas is going to the Christmas market and having a little Christmas fun inside - both in solid and liquid form. In the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, they are not only good for culture, mad og spa stay. They are also European champions in markets, and of course this also applies to Christmas, when it is obvious to go to the Christmas market.

The cozy medieval towns become even cozier when the Christmas lights are turned on in the narrow streets and in the historic marketplaces. The delights of Christmas appear on the tables, and you get the warmth both from the Christmas mood and from the food - and not least the drinks.

There is no need to hold back, because there are lots of delicious Christmas snacks and Christmas treats in it Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia og Hungary.

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Feel the Christmas spirit spreading in Prague and Olomouc

The mood in Prague is very special and especially at Christmas time it is one of the most amazing cities in Europe. In December, Prague is wrapped in Christmas decorations with Christmas markets on every street corner.

In the old town and on Wenceslas Square you can buy local Christmas treats and lots of Christmas decorations for all tastes. Here we can recommend trying the winter version of the little one street food-inspired market with lots of wild flavors.

Another really nice city you should experience on your Christmas trip in Czech Republic, Olomouc is three hours east of Prague. Here you can feel how Christmas envelops the historic and still youthful university town. A quarter of the city's residents go to university, and they help to keep the otherwise old medieval city young and lively.

In the square in the middle of the city you can find countless Christmas market stalls, beautiful fountains and a definite local delicacy will definitely hit your sense of smell: 'Olomoucké tvarůžky', the world's most smelling cheese, named after the city of Olomouc. You do not have to try it, but it will surely be an experience!

Go to Christmas in Czech Republic and experience the seductive Christmas mood with all the senses.

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Taste the Slovak Christmas

In the month of December you can experience the Slovak cities in a magical and vivid way. The towns are decorated with Christmas lights, and at every Christmas market there are small stalls with various Slovak delicacies. It happens quite often that you can hear the local choirs singing Christmas carols in the markets.

The streets are full of Christmas shopping people and the mood and mood is high. Local artisans and artists sell handmade Christmas gifts and decorations. It is popular with visitors to taste various traditional dishes, such as fish and meat directly from the grill. On the whole, it is very traditional and hand-held.

Of course, there are plenty of sweet treats like baked potato pancakes, waffles and much, much more. If you love the sweet side of Christmas, you should definitely go to the Christmas market in Bratislava, or one of Slovakia's other cozy cities.

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Competing Christmas market in Budapest

Most in Budapest know about the Christmas market at St. Stephen's Cathedral, but do you know it too? “Budapest Christmas Fair” is one of the largest and most beautiful in Europe, and if you are into Christmas and Christmas markets it is an obvious place.

Take the family under your arm and experience the city in a fun, cozy and active way. If you are more into wine or mulled wine, you can enjoy it with Christmas treats from the traditional Hungarian kitchen. Let the Christmas lights show the way, and do not miss Europe's largest 3D light show.

The Christmas market at the Basilica in Budapest must be seen, felt and tasted. It's a little Christmas adventure in itself.

You can even go to the Christmas market with a clear conscience; after all, it is also one of the most eco-friendly Christmas markets you can find. The Christmas market at the cathedral is created on the basis of a strong local community. You can enjoy the many concerts that raise money for charity and take care of the environment with climate-friendly cups and cutlery. If you can not eat everything they have to offer in the market, then the leftovers will be recycled. 

Put Budapest on your wish list right now and become part of Europe's most beautiful Christmas market.

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Christmas lights light up Poland

A Christmas market is a big part of the holiday traditions in Poland. The lights on all the streets and trees, the Christmas balls and the scent of cinnamon all help to create an atmosphere of Christmas.

You can buy homemade ceramics, toys and Christmas decorations as well as a lot of other handicrafts, which are made in the good old fashioned way, and they are sold from hundreds of cozy wooden stalls.

Scents from the stalls are fantastic, and of course you have to taste the Polish delicacies: sausages, cabbage, mushrooms, soup and pirogi. In December you will find Christmas markets in almost all Polish cities. Most often in squares and the marketplace in the center. The largest Christmas markets are located in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Poznań.

In the capital Warsaw you can experience the annual Christmas light festival. The Christmas lights stretch through Warsaw's Old Town, and 20 km along the 'Royal Route' to the Royal Palace of Wilanów.

In the cultural city of Poznań you can experience the annual international ice sculpture festival, in which the most famous artists in the world participate. It is deeply impressive what they get out of a block of ice.

Christmas market in Poland is an obvious choice if you are both for traditional Christmas and would like to experience new cities during the Christmas season.

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