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Travel under Corona - it can still be done

Get inspired to travel around Europe at a time when most people stay at home.
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Travel under Corona - it can still be done is a guide written by Eva Jørgensen.

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Spain - People - Traveling Under Corona

A new world - the art of traveling under Corona

In our everyday lives, we often hear from frustrated and travel-loving Danes who, due to Covid-19, have been forced to stay in Denmark. But it is actually still possible to travel under the Corona. If only one sets out to travel in a new world.

In April 2018, my husband and I swapped our house for a camper and started a life as nomads in Europe. The aim was to map out a lot of the amazing places in Europe that travel brochures do not write about. We stay away from big cities and enjoy the nature, the silence, the small towns in the countryside and the hospitality that is there.

But in the spring of 2020, the world was turned upside down due to Covid-19. For us, that meant we were trapped in 100% isolation on a closed campsite in Spain for 60 days. The only contact we had with the outside world outside the high fence was when our grocery store once a week came with the items we had ordered. At the same time, we were able to find out how the virus behaved outside the fence. Those were some weird months.

Despite the fact that there were not many infected people in our area, it still felt as if we were in one of the countless movies made about zombies and doomsday. As if the father was lurking just outside the fence. We could follow what was happening via the news on the internet, but we did not know in any way whether it would one day reach us as well.

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Meteora mountains - travel

On adventures without a plan

After 2 months the restrictions were relaxed and we were able to leave the area. Driving in empty streets was one of the strangest things we had experienced since we left, but it quickly dawned on us that our way of traveling had now also become a force.

We knew that nature in the form of beautiful mountains, large lakes and delicious sandy beaches did not have to include other people. That there are plenty of such places in Europe where you can be allowed to be at peace, and since then we have used that knowledge. We have traveled safely.

But can everyone do it? Is it possible for travel-loving Danes to go on holiday, even though the news calls almost the whole of Europe a 'red zone'? We should think that there is ample opportunity to travel under the Corona as well, but you have to do it differently than you usually do.

Have a packed suitcase or sports bag ready, as definite planning is impossible at the moment. Things evolve week by week or day by day, but traveling without a definite plan is also the kind of journey where the most wonderful adventures often occur. The most beautiful sunsets, the most pleasant conversations - because you have time - and the most relaxing walks. Pack it most casual clothes - the ones that fit nicely - because you will not need party clothes or six pairs of shoes.

It is even allowed to use the same clothes for several days and thus save space in the pack. Drop the hair dryer and the large toiletry bag and enjoy traveling primitively instead of once. Keep in mind that no one knows where you are coming from, so no one knows what you usually look like.

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Italy - Hera Temple - travels under Corona

Do not compromise on safety

Examine the areas you are interested in carefully and take the warnings seriously. All countries in Europe have a website where national conditions are updated daily and divided into areas. Refrain from going to the worst areas, even if you plan to stay away from other people.

The situation can develop rapidly and there is no reason to run the risk. Also be aware that your insurance company may not cover your travel activity and that you may need to be quarantined when you get home. Unfortunately, these are some of the considerations that one has to consider before leaving.

Observe the safety regulations of each country. Do not be 'Rasmus Opposite' and think that the rules do not apply to you. Respect the country you have come to, whether it is the use of masks or forbidden areas. In the vast majority of countries, fines are issued on the spot, and in several places the fine simply increases every time you 'complain'.

Bring a stock of masks, disposable gloves and rubbing alcohol and use them diligently. At least the places where it is required, but also preferably beyond that to show respect. Keep in mind that it is you who travels around and can bring infection from one place to another if you waste security.

As far as possible, do not travel by plane, bus and train. There are a lot of people in airport terminals and at stations. Choose instead to take the car, motorhome or caravan if you have one. In our optics, a motorhome is the best choice as such one allows for freecampe many places.

We even use an app called CamperContact, which maps all the places where it is allowed to stay overnight for free or for small money. Most often it is in stunningly beautiful and quiet surroundings.

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Spain - Trujillo - square - travel

Car or caravan? The safe journey under Corona

If you choose to take the caravan on a trip, you have to spend the night at campsites and thus research a bit along the way via the internet. Google Maps can tell you what accommodation options are available in your area. However, some campsites are closed and others have very reduced capacity. Choose the small local campsites as they do not have a large throughput of guests but also because they are really suffering financially right now.

Are you in a regular car, is bed & breakfasts, local hotels and hostels the best solution rather than the big hotels. However, you need to pay attention to cleaning and general hygiene. There is rarely a need for booking, so you can look around before you check in. Again, Google Maps is your friend in terms of seeing what options are in the area.

When we're at Google Maps, it's a good idea to turn on 'Location'. That feature saves your route, and should it happen that you are stopped by the police, who would like to hear where you have been, you can easily show the map. The same applies if you unexpectedly become infected with Covid-19. Then you know the point and point of your route and can most likely answer where and under what conditions you have been

In the same embrace, it is important to know that you need to bring as many personal papers as possible. By the way of course. Your own passport as well as papers on the vehicle, and in many countries it is also a good idea to store receipts you have received along the way. These can be used as proof that you are keeping to yourself should the police ask. Because yes, they check up on people and especially tourists.

There is nothing illegal in driving around the different countries - apart from any local bans - as long as you do not expose yourself and others to the risk of infection, but the police keep an eye on who is moving around where.

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Greece - Platia Ammos - beach - travel under Corona

The free form of travel

In addition to the above, just enjoy life. Put a point on the map and take things as they come along, turn off if you see something interesting and possibly use Google Maps to see if there are small local sights nearby. From experience, we know that it is actually most often these that are most exciting.

The excavation of the temples of Paestum in Italy, the columnar mountains of Meteora in Greece, the small beautiful towns of Erlangen and Öhringen in Germany, the cozy medieval town of Trujillo in Spain, Platia Ammos beach in Greece and many, many more. All places that we ourselves have discovered by chance, just as you can if you throw the reins and travel a little less organized.

As I set out to write, it's not really possible to plan that much due to Covid-19, but this new form of travel is also great, and maybe you will even be so happy with the freedom that it will be your favorite form of travel in the future. .

If you are careful and a 'proper' person, you certainly do not have to deprive yourself of the opportunity to travel. There are many small businesses out there that suffer from the lack of tourism, so it will be a bonus for both you and them.

As you can see, you can easily travel under the Corona - have a good trip!

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About the travel writer

Eva Jørgensen

In 2018, Eva and her husband Malthe sold their house in Copenhagen and exchanged it for a motorhome. Since then, they have lived out their dream and driven Europe thin as digital nomads full time. The main purpose of their new life is, in addition to waving goodbye to a stressful everyday life, to map Europe's unknown sights, fantastic natural areas, small beautiful restaurants and much more. In addition to writing articles, they also have their own blog and can be followed on Instagram og Facebook. In 2020, Eva published an e-book about their first two years as full-time travelers. The book is called Book of Dreams and is a narrative travel guide with lots of stories, tips & tricks, recommendations and beautiful pictures from their journey. If you think their story seems familiar, it may be because you saw them in Go'Morgen Denmark in the summer of 2020, where they told about breaking up with everyday life.