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Holiday pictures and fun new languages ​​- how to manage the travel quarantine

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We are many who are at home at the moment and have plenty of time to resent canceled spring trips. That's why Sascha has found a number of travel-related things you can do from home.
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Holiday pictures and fun new languages ​​- how to manage the travel quarantine is written by Sascha Meineche

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Life in Corona quarantine 

It has by no means passed anyone's nose that the country - and the world for that matter - has been shut down Corona or Covid-19, as it is called in a slightly nicer medical language.

In other words, the hideous virus that causes us to be confined in small apartments must not hug our loved ones, and that our four spring trips have been canceled - here I am speaking of absurdly bitter experience. It hurts a lot of people, but it really hurts in the travel cells of us genuine travelers. 

Fortunately, we know that all good things come to the one who waits - and sends love out into the land of Corona - and here I have gathered a small number of travel-related things you can do while you wait. 

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Learn a new language 

We all have some kind of slightly wet dream that we can speak French in that real way, so you can order one chocolate bread i France without chopping into it or making a 'reverse Prince Henrik'. Lucky for you, because now is the time to fine tune your francophile.

And now yes, preserved, if you would rather learn Russian, Japanese or Italian, then you can also throw yourself over it. Your next trip can suitably be a guide for which language you should throw yourself over. And yes, if you have enough time, you can learn two. 

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Electronic cleanup in your holiday photos

When you are fluent in French or another foreign language, you can do an electronic clean-up of your holiday photos. 

I usually do it on flights. Well, I usually clear out about 300 vacation photos, but in a gigantic pile of something approaching 22.000 vacation photos, not much progress is being made. You can spend your time on that now. That way, you can also remember some of your amazing vacations, weekend trips, and whatever else you've been out on.

A little ingenious trick from here is to make some books with pictures from your holiday pictures. It adorns the bookshelf and you have your holiday memories closer. And well, then you support a little, here where the Corona crisis is scratching. 

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Use your vacation photos to find inspiration for your next trip

Fortunately, Corona goes over at some point, and when for good - okay not very good, but on the contrary completely horrible and terrible - reasons you can not travel right now, then you can with full focus plan next year's holidays.

How does it feel to be in mega good time with a vacation? I can barely remember it, but my intention is that I should find out again. So I can rejoice in unimaginable amounts of time. And with four canceled spring trips, there is something to be gained on the travel front.

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Dream away 

Watch travel programs and dream a little out into the world. You always have your dreams, thankfully. And it is now that they are to be used for full smash. Dream, dream, dream!

And you can easily do that by watching a lot of travel and nature shows from, for example, the Discovery Channel, which just makes you stay away. At least as long as the program lasts.

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Read all our travel articles (again) 

Maybe you missed a single or two travel items on this page? That can hardly be true, but now you have at least a completely unique opportunity to follow up on just about everything. 

You could also throw yourself into writing a travel article yourself and decorate it with your own holiday photos. It is the closest we will come to reliving the journey again and again.

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Become a homemaker in geography  

Of course, you have control over where you've been - and if not, then it's time. Then you can appropriately make some map where you scrape lands, put crayons in or draw on; the possibilities are many.

And if you have already done that, then you can learn them all African countries, US states, the capitals of the world or something like that by heart. It can also benefit you later when you have to meet your friends again and now can beat them in Bezzerwizzer. 

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Support a good cause

You can support us, for example, by buy our e-book and share the good news with others. Then you know that we are also with you after Corona and can help you out into the world again. Everything is appreciated - we would like to continue to bring you travel stories, cool holiday photos, tips and travel gold. Also after Corona. 

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Enjoy Mother Earth getting a little peace for the time being

One of the only good things about these times is that the Earth has got the CO2 respite it might need. It's a bit thoughtful, but not least worth enjoying as long as it lasts.

Then send a loving thought to Venice canals that have now become home to dolphins and fish that have not appeared for years. To China, where the sky is again visible over the million cities, because the smog is gone for the first time maybe ever - and to the rest of the world, where the bird whistle is louder than ever before, because car noise and noise are gone. 

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Dream, wish and send love with memories from your vacation photos

Dreams, hopes, desires and love are free and never forbidden - but always needed. During this time especially, dream a little more than usual. And travel in language and holiday photos.

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Hold on to this one Corona-time; we travel on the other side!

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About the author

Sascha Meineche

Sascha is a Jew with his legs planted firmly in the relatively green Frederiksberg soil. As a child, it was on camping trips in Denmark in the summer spiced with slightly more exotic winter destinations. Today, Sascha is bitten by a crazy trip, and can neither collect enough stamps in the passport nor have booked enough trips. There are always at least two trips planned.
Sascha's favorite places in the world count everything from Canada to New York, Botswana and Munich. To put it mildly, there are few places in the world that Sascha does not dream of going to.

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